Taboo Diaries – Mommy Loves You POV Vol 2

Scene 1. Alora Jaymes. Hey son, I know I was angry when you blackmailed me but I can’t stop thinking about it. To be honest, i really want to do it again. I can’t get the thought of your young hard cock out of my mind. And I see by the bulge in your shorts that you want to do it again too. You’re so hard in my mouth, my pussy is quivering in anticipation. Let Mommy ride that big cock of yours til you cum deep inside me. Remember it’s our little secret!

Scene 2. Dani Arcadia. Son, I really need a big favor. I’ve been trying to get pregnant again and your dad just isn’t getting the job done. I want you to give me all of your seed. All that young sperm is sure to do the trick and you get to cum inside me so both of us win! That’s mommy’s big boy, fill my pussy with that young cock. I’m cumming already, now it’s your turn baby, fill mommy’s fertile pussy with your seed and get me pregnant!

Scene 3. Janna Hicks. Son! Is that MY sex tape you’re watching? I bet it turns you on watching Mommy ride a hard cock! It’s ok son it has me pretty turned on too so maybe we can help each other. That hard cock of yours barely fits in my mouth so I can’t wait to get it in my pussy. Oh son I bet you wanna see moms big tits, don’t you? I can’t wait any longer son I need you inside me. That’s it son now fill Mommy with your young sperm just like that!

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Download Taboo Diaries - Mommy Loves You POV Vol 2.mp4
Download Taboo Diaries - Mommy Loves You POV Vol 2.mp4

Alora Jaymes – Morning Wood For Mommy

Good morning son, I’ve been waiting for you to open those eyes since your father left for work. I just couldn’t tear myself away once I saw your hardness under the sheets. Is that morning wood from thoughts of Mommy? Well let Mommy take care of you right now son. Mmmm your so hard already it won’t take much coaxing I bet. There you go son get all that built up sperm ready for mommys waiting mouth. Thank you baby boy that was the best way to start my day with you.

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Alora Jaymes – Mommy Wants More

Hey son, I’m glad you’re home, theres something I want to talk to you about. I know I reacted a little weird when you blackmailed me and I can’t stop thinking about it. To be honest I really want to do it again. I can’t get the thought of your young hard cock out of my mind. I know I told you it was wrong the other day and you’ve changed my mind. I can see by the bulge in your shorts you want to do it again too. Mmmm you’re so hard in Mommys mouth my pussy is quivering in anticipation. Thats it Let Mommy ride that big cock of yours til you cum deep inside my fertile womb. Thank you for filling me up with your seed. Just remember it’s our little secret.

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Alora Jaymes – You’re Blackmailing Mommy?

Hey son, how was your day? Looks like you’ve got something on your mind, can I help you with it? OMG WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?? You can’t tell anyone about it especially your dad. Why are you looking at me like that? You want me to do what to keep you quiet? Thats just wrong for you to blackmail your Mommy. Ok fine I’ll do it this once but you have to destroy that picture. I’m so embarrassed taking my clothes off in front of you. Are you getting hard from just making Mommy squirm? Ok lets get this over with please. You’re already precumming and I barely put it in my mouth. You’re enjoying this way too much. Fine I’ll stand up so you can fuck mommys pussy you just better not tell. Oh that is so wrong but it feels so good. Wait did you just cum in Mommys pussy? You better hope I don’t get pregnant!!

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Alora Jaymes – Aunt Gives Nephew Private Lessons

My grades haven’t been that great and my mom had enough, her sister/my aunt was a private tutor who specialized in working with boys to get there grades up. she told me that she had hired her and sent me over to her place. my aunt Alora greeted me at the door and seemed a little nervous, she invited me in and explained her technique which was a real shock to me. she made me promise not to tell and then dropped a bomb on me, her way of motivating her students was with sexual favors! i became nervous and excited at the same time. she said it would be a little weird using the techniques on me but i was her nephew and she loved me, i always had a little crush on my aunt so i was down. she said the best way to start was to give me a taste, she had me drop my pants and then she proceeded to give me the most amazing HJ ever! when we were finshed she said if i did good in school this week my rewards would be even better next time!

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Alora Jaymes – Moms Business Retreat With Son

My moms been working hard at her job and she just found out today that she got a promotion. she told me the big news in the kitchen and then dropped a bomb on me, she told me that there was a big company retreat this weekend and that family were invited. she said i was gonna have to go, i told her i didn’t want to go, i said i had plans this weekend. she said i would have to cancel my plans this weekend, i told her i couldn’t. there was a hot collage girl down the street that i convinced to go on a date with me, i told mom i had a real thing for older women so i couldn’t go on her retreat. she offered me a compromise, she said since i was into older women she would model sexy bikinis for me on the trip. we ended up staying in a small bed and breakfast that her company paid for, me and mom were gonna have to share one bed. i was kinda upset about everything so i told mom i was ready for the bikini show, she went and changed in the bathroom. when she came out she modeled for me then i told her i wanted to go to bed since we hand been traveling all day but first i needed to jerk off. she said she would give me my privacy, i told her to stay and be my stimulation. she said no way,but i told her if she did this for me i would make sure i behave myself the whole retreat. she agreed and kept assuming different poses until i busted a huge nut! this is gonna be an awesome retreat.

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Alora Jaymes – My Friends Mom Needs Money

I just got out of school and went to Mrs Jaymes house for my next lesson. her and i had made a deal, she was recently divorced and was also the mother of my best friend. she wasn’t able to keep up with her bills and since i was going into the military i wouldn’t really need the money i saved up for collage. so i offered her a deal, if she would teach me the ways of a women’s body then i would pay her for the service and she could pay her bills. she was reluctant but eventually agreed, her first lesson was to strip to her bra and panties and make me jerk off but not let me cum until she said. when i got to her house Mrs Jaymes met me at the door in a bathrobe, she welcomed me inside and told me to follow her to her bed room. when we got into her room she told me to take my pants off and get on her bed. when i was naked and laying on her bed Mrs Jaymes told me today’s lesson would involve a Handjob, she said that was a far as she could go since she had a boyfriend. she started jerking my dick and seemed like she really enjoyed it, she kept reminding me not to cum until she said so, she say girls liked guys who could last so i wasn’t gonna let her down. i cant wait for our next lesson!

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