Alura Jenson – Son’s Morning Wood

Sonny is crashed, late on a Saturday morning, like young boys tend to do. Sonny’s Mom is going through the house, collecting dirty clothes….as Saturday morning is when she does the Laundry. When his Mom comes into his bedroom…she notices that Sonny has a Massive erection!!! Mom knows that the best Hard-On in the World is…..Morning Wood!!! She has been enjoying Sonny’s Dad’s Morning Wood for years….and Son or not…..Mom doesn’t want to let this magnificent Morning Erection go to waste!! Being careful not to wake him….Sonny’s Mom pulls down the covers and begins to masturbate him. The site of his big, hard, young cock in her hands makes Mom very horny….and she begins to strip her clothes off as she continues to masturbate Sonny. When she senses that her Son is going to make a “Nocturnal Emission”…..Mom leans in and takes Sonny’s load onto her Gigantic Tits!!! Mom cleans Sonny up…and goes back to doing the Laundry, as Sonny remains out of it…never the wiser. We can only imagine what he may be dreaming about

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Alura Jenson – Fuck Mommi Hard

Now that you are 18 Mommi needs to teach you how to be a real man that knows how to please a woman. She has you strip down and get your cock hard for her. She is so turned on by your big cock she cant resist stroking it and playing with your balls. She teaches you how to touch and kiss a woman and has you do it to her. When she finally cant stand it she has you fuck her. As you fuck her she begs you to cum inside of her.
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Alura Jenson – Mom’s Fantasy

Alura and her son, Rion, are staying in a hotel room together while Alura visits him at college. The only problem is the room only has one bed. When Rion falls asleep, Alura decides she wants more than just a son’s love for his mother.. but much much more. Rion can’t get the night he had with his mom off of his mind. He comes home from school to visit her and immediately tries to kiss her. While she tries to push him away, she says the hotel room was a one time thing, but Rion needs his mom. And he’s going to have her.
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Alura Jenson – Best delivery tip ever from ultra-horny milf

You are not the regular delivery boy, and Alura is wondering what you are doing at her home. You are actually in loss prevention, so each time Alura enters the store, you follow her around with the overhead cameras in the store. You are a little embarrassed when she asks why you do that. You are so attracted to MILFy Alura that you just cannot control your urges. Since you have been watching her in the store all this time, she figures that she can show you a little gratitude for delivering her groceries. She spreads her legs and touches herself.
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Alura Jenson – You should touch yourself

Are you as surprised as I am that I got stuck in this ridiculously small office? It’s all your mothers fault. She is so jealous of my tits your father bought me that she insisted I have to work on the other side of the building. I knew when I married your dad and started working for him that I would have to also deal with his partner, your mother.
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Alura Jenson – You should know my fantasy

It really was big of you to come pick me up from the police station tonight. I want to tell you what really went down because I know you are truly the only one who could understand. You do want to hear this story right? Ok, so it all started at this bar when I pulled my tits out and there happened to be an off duty cop…
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