Alyssa Reece – Mommy Says You Can’t Cum

We need to talk. When did you become such a pervert? What am I talking about? I found a pair of My panties in your bedroom! You jerked off into them didn’t you? What kind of a son takes a pair of his mother’s panties from the dirty laundry hamper? You’re sick! Do you think your friends steal their mother’s panties to jerk off to? Of course not! What is the matter with you? I am your MOTHER! How long have you had this sick fantasy about Me? I am going to have to punish you. Drop your pants and take your cock out. I am serious. I am going to make you jerk off in front of Me, right here, right now.Are you shy in front of mommy all of a sudden? You weren’t too shy to steal My panties. You’re rock hard, even though I’m calling you out for being a pervert. Start stroking that cock for me.Show me what you do with My panties.

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Alyssa Reece – Son Finds Mommy’s Webcam

Hi honey. I think you know why I wanted to talk to you. Oh come on, you really have no idea what this could be about? I know you were watching me just now. Oh sweetie, give it up! You found I know you’ve been in my chat room. You’ve been watching mommy’s webcam. It’s ok honey, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Mommy has this part time job and it’s really no big deal. Everyone has sex and it’s a natural part of life. I know you must have been shocked to see your mother doing these things but the truth is that everyobody get horny. I know that boys your age get REALLY horny. It’s ok, you can talk to me. If you’re not going to talk to your mother, then who are you going to talk to? See, that wasn’t so hard. What about if mommy put on a private show for you right here in my room? It’s not weird, I’m your mother and I care about you. Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this why you kept coming back to mommy’s chat room? Sex is really no big deal. Does mommy turn you on baby? Why don’t you show mommy what you have under those pants? Oh wow,it’s a lot bigger than I remember. Do you want mommy to teach you how to use it? Oh I know honey, I know this is your first time. That’s ok, we’ll go nice and slow baby…
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Alyssa Reece – Mom Finds Son’s Dick Pics

Hi honey! Mommy here. I just wanted to send you a little video while you’re away to let you know that miss you, and I love you, and I can’t wait to have you back at home with me. I hope camp is everything you wanted it to be and when you’re back you can show me all the manly stuff you learned! Maybe you can build a fire in the backyard and we can roast marshmallows and wieners. Wouldn’t that be fun?What? Is mommy embarrassing you? Well, good. I don’t want you to watch this with anyone else around, understand? This is for your eyes only honey. You see,I haven’t been completely honest with you. Today is Sunday and you haven’t even left for camp yet. I wanted to save you the humiliation if a face to face talk about what I found…on your phone. You left it behind this morning and I couldn’t help but take a peek at your photos…You can imagine my surprise when I found your dick pics…but then I was even more surprised to find photos of my underwear! How long have you been taking my panties out of the laundry hamper for? At first I was shocked but then I started thinking that I could have fun with this. Mommy wants you to do something for me, I want you to stroke yourself while you watch this. Come on, everyone masturbates, it’s only natural. Do you want mommy to do it with you? I bet you’d like to see mommy’s breasts. What about mommy’s ass? This is so naughty isn’t it? Making my own son jerk off for me. Do you want to see mommy’s pussy? You know women hit their sexual prime when they’re older and I definitely feel like I’ve hit mine. Mommy is just so horny all the time. Do you want to see mommy cum? I want to cum so badly baby. I want you to give mommy all your cum.
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Alyssa Reece – Busted Peeping At Mommy

Mom is in her bedroom drying herself off with a towel. You knock on her door and she says that she is getting dressed and that she will be right there. Without thinking further you just walk to see your mother nude and trying to cover herself with a towel. “What are you doing?! I said I was getting dressed! I know boys your age are horny but you shouldn’t be trying to spy on your own mother! Do you think your friends fantasize about fucking their mothers?! Of course not! It’s sick!” she yells. You quickly turn around and start to walk towards the door. “Wait,” your mother stops you. “I think you did that on purpose, you were trying to see your mother naked and then go jerk off in your bedroom, weren’t you?” You try to leave again, but your mother stops you once again. “If it’s true then stay here so we can talk about this, and if it’s not then you can go.” You start to think about it and then slowly stop yourself. ” I knew you were a little pervert! How long have you had these fantasies about your mother?” You confess that it’s been going on for as long as you can remember. “That long? I had no idea. Maybe it’s my fault, all that naked cuddling when you were little, but I thought it was innocent. But you’re allowed to get fantasies, I think it’s hot actually. It’s so fucking dirty. The thought of fucking my own son, or even watching him jerk off in front of me while your father is downstairs.” Mom is rubbing her breasts together and lifting her towel up to reveal her pussy. She reaches out for your throbbing hard on, “it’s so hard, a girl could have a lot of fun with this,” she smiles. “Show mommy what you do with it, it’s ok sweetheart, go ahead. Start jerking it for mommy.”
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Alyssa Reece – Skype With Mommy

Hi honey, can you hear me ok? Oh good, I know it’s late but I’m sill up and your father is downstairs watching TV. What are you doing up so late? Looking at porn? Haha I’m serious. It’s ok, everyone does it. Why don’t you show me what you do when you watch it? I’m not kidding. Oh come on sweetheart, it’s not a big deal. Mommy wants to see your cock. Do you want to see mommy? Oh wow it’s so big, I haven’t seen it since you were a little boy. What do you think of your mother? Are you turned on by mommy? I can’t be too loud, we have to make sure your father doesn’t hear us. I want to watch you stroke it for me. Do you want mommy to bend over so you can see my ass? Mommy wants you to stroke it baby, I want you to cum for me. Do you like jerking off for your mother? Mommy loves watching you stroking your hard cock for me, it’s so hot. I want all of your cum baby. In this clip your mother calls you late at night on Skype with your father downstairs. She talks about her day and then asks you if you were up late watching porn. You start to deny it but your mom surprises you by saying it’s no big deal. Then she asks you to show her your cock as she undresses for you. She tells you she wants to watch you jerk off for her.
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Alyssa Reece – Dirty Loads With Mom

Mom is doing laundry as son approaches. She is surprised to see him right behind her.Oh hi sweetheart, I didn’t see you there. I’m just putting another load in before I start dinner she says.She turns back to the washing machine and son grabs ahold of mom’s ass. Hey! Mom turns to face him.What do you think you’re doing?Son reaches for her boobs but she slaps his hand when he touches her. Stop that! I’m your mother for god sakes! You can’t touch me like that. Don’t laugh. This isn’t a joke.She turns around to fold the clothes on the dryer. Son grabs her from behind and pushes her down on the clothes she’s folding. He starts aggressively rubbing her pussy over top of her pants with his hand. What are you…? Let go of me! Do you hear me? Son pulls down her shorts and panties to reveal her hot pussy. No! Honey, I’m your mother! You can’t…He spits on his hand and rubs her little pussy. Please!
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Alyssa Reece – Fucking Mommy For The First Time

The date was a complete waste of time, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I don’t know if this online dating thing is for me. I wish I could meet somebody normal and nice..and handsome. I wish I could meet someone like YOU. Is it strange to hear your mom say that? Well I mean it, I’m so proud of you. Maybe I should give up on the whole dating thing. I mean everyone needs attention, intimacy, to feel wanted. To be touched. Do you think I’m still attractive? I mean if you were on a date with me would you want me? I mean I know it sounds strange because I’m you mother. But if we just met and were on a date, would you want to have sex with me?
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Alyssa Reece – Mommy Gives You A Lapdance

Mom is in the kitchen about to make dinner. Her son walks in.I know today is a big day for you -you’re finally eighteen! I can’t tell you what a proud mom I am! It feels like just yesterday I caught you peeking at me in the shower, do you remember? Oh don’t be embarrassed, all boys do that. Anyway I’ve been feeling a bit bad that you haven’t had a dad around all these years to throw a baseball with, or have a beer with. He should be here to take you to your first strip club, and get you drunk. It’s your big day, right?
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Alyssa Reece – Beaten Up By A Girl

You are laying flat on your back on the ground , looking up at your mom as she leans over you. She just watched you get your ass kicked. You tried to confront your bully and she crushed you. Your mom is disappointed in you. You’re eighteen now, technically a man. Nicole is the girl who beat you up and she is only 15. A who man got beaten up by a girl who is a ch*ld, Your mom tells you to get up, but you can’t. You’ve been beaten up so badly that you’re just lying sobbing on the ground.
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