Amanda Verhooks – A Mothers Fantasy Come True

Amanda’s perfect little boy, Conor, is all grown up and has become a rockstar. Before leaving for tonight’s gig, Conor makes sure to invite his sexy mom to the show. She’s flattered to be invited, but when she tells him she’s way too old to be in a place with a bunch of screaming girls, Conor tells his mom that with her body, she’ll be the hottest one there! “You really think so?”, asks Amanda, a bit surprised by the confidence-boosting comment from her son. Conor instantly replies, “I think about that body of yours everyday, Mom.” He then tells her that he bought something for her to wear and that its in her bedroom and that he wants to see her in it at the show. Conor gives his mother a quick kiss, which suddenly turns into a few minutes of intense making out. Amanda is pleasingly surprised by this, and tells her son that she’s wanted that for a long time…

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Amanda Verhooks – Mommy Needs Therapy

Amanda is a naughty mom & seeks therapy for fucking her son! She confesses to her shrink! “Is there something wrong with me Dr.?” Amanda is shown sucking & fucking her son til he cums on moms slut body & mom shoots her cunt squirt. Her recount of her escapades is making Dr. hard & ready to make this slut pay her fee with her mouth. Amanda is happy to be the eager cum eating whore!
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Amanda Verhooks – Mommy alone time

Amanda shows you what mommy does when you are not home! Mommy fantasizes about her sons hard cock and gets her rocks off! Hot solo milf pussy play! Amanda is so horny she has to make it rain hot wet mommy squirt! “See what you make your mother do you naughty boy” -“I love fantasizing about young hard forbidden cock!”
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