Jane Cane – Mom Poses Nude For Son

Starting a photography business is always a hard thing to do, so I asked my mom if she would pose for me to fill my portfolio. What I didn’t realize was that she would come into the room with sexy lingerie. After some shots in the first outfit I ask her to go change to the next one. When she comes back in the room she has on even less clothing and that got me flustered and I didn’t realize my cock was rock hard. This turned my mom on and she then offered to help get the “butterflies” out so we could finish the shoot. My mind is blown right now as my mom sucks on my throbbing cock, then she got on top of me to ride me. Then she turns around to show me her nice ass, then I bend her over and fuck her wet ass pussy. I can feel it coming so I turn her over missionary and fuck her pussy till I cum all over it.

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VieraMayXXX – Waking Up With Mommy In Bed

I just woke up and notice you in my room. I invite you to get under the covers with me. I realize you might need help with that massive morning wood. I explain that it’s totally natural to get hard in the morning’s and that mommy is horny too. I give you a handjob and reach down to feel my wet pussy. Let’s play together son. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. You slide that big cock inside mommy’s pussy and beg to cum inside of me. I lean back and let you fuck my body like you own it. You cum inside of me and mommy helps get the last few drops out by grabbing the tip and watching the cum drip out. Good boy son! Mommy will help you anytime!

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VieraMayXXX – Mommy Found Your Viagra

I just discovered that you have been taking Viagra. I decide to confront you about it and let you know that you can play with Mommy instead of taking pills. You explain that it’s too late and you already took the Viagra just moments before I walked in. I tell you to take off those pants and show Mommy what the pills did to you. I will help you son. I give you jerk off instructions while I strip down and finger myself. I continue till you just can’t take it anymore. I give us both a cum countdown and we finish together. That was so much fun son. I love playing with you!

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Thedociledame – Son, It’s OK To Be Gay

Were you watching gay porn in your room when I walked in? I know you were. Let’s talk about this. It’s ok to be gay, or bi. If you don’t know, there are ways to figure it out, besides watching porn….let your Mom help you figure it out. Let me give you a handjob, suck your cock, and ride your dick to help you figure out whether you are gay or not.

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Jane Cane – Son Won’t Let Mom Reject Him

Son is failing school. Mom is sick of his bad attitude and new friends. She takes away his car keys and hides them in order to teach him a lesson, but he has an even bigger lesson to teach his mom. If she is going to ground him and not let him leave the house, he is going to take something from her too. He shoves his cock in her mouth, then her pussy, holding her down and fucking her until he cums all over her stomach.

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