Ami Mercury – Breed Me, Son

Breeding, Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, Pregnant, Taboo
Honey, I know the divorce has been hard on you. It’s not an easy thing to go through. But now that you are 18, I think it’s time I told you the real reason your father and I separated. You see, I wanted to have another baby, but he didn’t. So we decided it was best we go our separate ways. But that’s okay, now that you have grown into such a strong, handsome young man I think you’d be the perfect candidate to give me what I want… That’s right, son, Mommy wants you to get her pregnant. I strip for you and tease you with my breasts and big, round ass. You try to deny your attraction, but the thick bulge between your legs gives you away. Don’t be shy, honey, Mommy knows you check her out sometimes. I’m your mother, after all, I know EVERYTHING. I notice you gawking at my ass whenever I bend over. Is that what you think about when you touch yourself at night? Oh, of course I know about that too. Who else would clean up all of those dirty socks under your bed? So what are you waiting for? Isn’t this your wet dream come true? Come over here and get Mommy knocked up! I want to feel your long, hard cock up inside my dripping wet pussy. I know for a fact you’re bigger than your father, so you’d probably be a lot better at it than him. Your father was shooting half-blanks, if you know what I mean. It’s a wonder I was able to ever get pregnant at all! But you… I’ll bet you’re ripe with juicy sperm that could put a nice, fresh bun in my oven. Oh please, son, get Mommy pregnant. I want to have a baby so bad. I promise I’m so much better in bed than some of those immature girls you’ve been dating. I’ll do crazy things they’ve never even dreamed of. I’m a confident woman who knows what she wants. We’ve got a whole summer alone together before you go off to college, why don’t you give Mommy a little bundle of joy before you go away? I promise I won’t tell anyone that it’s yours. It’ll be our little secret. I’ll just tell everyone that I got knocked up with some guy I met a bar. It doesn’t matter to me, I just want to be turned into a little breeder slut.

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Ami Mercury – Getting Mommy Pregnant

You wake up one morning to your hot Mom sucking your cock and getting it hard. I’ve called your school and told them you won’t be showing up today, because you’re “not feeling well.” But the truth is I just want to have some Mother and son time with you today… some naughty Mother and son time. You see, I’m really wanting to have another baby, and you’ve grown into such a handsome man that I want YOU to do the job. We’re going to spend all day in bed fucking so that I can get pregnant. First I ride your cock, getting so wet and turned on. Then you lay me down and fuck me hard. I beg you to fill me with your hot cum. I want you to get me knocked up like the filthy breeder slut I am. You explode inside me, and I love the huge cream pie you leave in my tight pussy.
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Ami Mercury – Mom Catches You Masturbating JOI

What? I caught you masturbating again? What a dirty young man you are. You should be studying and doing your homework -not fapping- and you’re not even doing that right. Here, let Mommy show you the right way to jerk your cock. Start out slowly. That’s right, just grip it at the base and give it a nice tug. I know your dick isn’t very big, but I know it can take a lot more than you’re giving it. Yeah, that’s right -grip it like a real man. Now look at Mommy’s titties while you do it. Imagine your cock sliding between them. Does that feel nice, baby boy? What if I take all of it in my mouth? I’ll tease it with my tongue, and slide it down my throat until you get off. Are you about to cum, baby? Then be a good boy and cum all over Mommy’s face and titties.
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