Anastasia Pierce – Mommy Knows Best

Anastasia Pierce – Mommy Knows Best
Taboo, MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay
Did you have a nightmare sweetheart? Are you scared? Don’t worry. Climb in bed with mommy. Your daddy and I had a date tonight but he is stuck in another city for work so it will be just you and I tonight… Oh but sweetheart was is an exciting nightmare you had? I can see a boner under your pjs.. I know just what to do to put you back to bed and make you feel better.

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Anastasia Pierce – My Son’s Best Friend

Are you sure you were suppose to meet my son here today? He won’t be back for two hours, he is at practice today. But you can stay and keep me company. In fact my son told me that you have a bit of a crush on me… All you have to do is follow my lead, I want to help you. I am going to make you a man Son and take your virginity!

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Anastasia Pierce – Unexpected Visitor

You go to school with my son, you two are the same age. You come to my house even though you know he is not here. My son is a bully and I know you are often his target. I invite you in my house and immediately I start to notice your eyes wandering on my big breast, tight sweater and round ass. I tell you it’s normal to get attracted to older woman. And today is your lucky day, I will take you to my bedroom and show you what’s hiding under my sweater, a shiny satin bra. And my big natural bouncy titts. Then I will ask you to lay down on the bed so I can straddle you and ride you. You are under me and over me watching my big milf boobs bounce. So close to you. We go all the way…

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