Andrea Rosu – Mommy Needs A Cool Down

Oh hi honey! Have you been waiting for your mommy to get home from the gym? You’re alway so attentive and sweet…my sweet boy! My workout was great. I feel great, totally energized! You really think you’re seeing a difference in my body from all the exercising I’ve been doing? You’re so sweet to say so. You definitely pay more attention to me than your daddy. You want to see just how tight my body is becoming?! Oh my! My sweet boy has a little naughty side huh?! I don’t know what to say…I’m blushing! Oh, alright! Maybe just a little peek. But make sure you don’t tell daddy. I don’t think he’ll understand. He already thinks I pay too much attention to you. I can’t believe I’m taking my clothes off for my boy! It’s just…you’re so appreciative. You make mommy feel so good. Does mommy make you feel good? Let me see. Let me see how good mommy makes you feel. Oh my!! My little boy is definitely not so little anymore!! They grow up so quickly! You’re becoming quite the big man huh?! Your cock is so so big and yummy!! I want you touch it…touch yourself as you look at me. I want to see how good mommy makes you feel. How much my body makes you horny and excited. That’s a good boy. Keep stroking and look at mommy’s curvy body: big tits and firm ass. That’s it. Give it to me…give your big load to mommy.

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Goddess Stella Sol – Perverted Confrontation Feat Andrea Rosu

Hello son. You’ve been busted spying on our neighbor and it’s time you are confronted by us both because it’s gotten out of hand. Not only have you been spying on Andrea through her windows, but you’ve also been stealing her panties, and this type of behavior must be addressed. Humiliating you comes so naturally to both of us, and while we banter, we command you to strip, and jerk off just so we can laugh at your sad excuse for a dick. You cum so quickly and so little we hardly notice, and as your step-Mom I am truly embarressed for you. What a perverted, loser you’ve turned out to be after all.

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Andrea Rosu, Annabelle Pync – Virtual Sex With Mom And Your Sis

When everyone becomes of age and hits puberty, it’s mom and dad’s job to teach their about Sex. That’s right, it’s the sex talk with mom. You know you have always been a virgin but curious what it’s like to have sex. But you would have never thought that mom would make you have sex with your own sister and your own mother. I mean you never have thought about it, but mommy is very serious about this talk. You have always thought naughty stuff about your sister and your mom but you didn’t think that mom would make sis suck your dick at the same time as mom. You get super hard as they both go down on you after stripping slowly. Your sister is so shy because she’s still a virgin, but you can see her getting so hot and horny that they both fuck you without a Condom?! You have never had sex before, so fucking for the first time you didn’t last long, especially fucking your sister for the first time and your mom. Mom and sis both insisted on you cumming in sis. You can’t hold back and you release your load. Mommy is so proud of you both. You passed the sex talk

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Andrea Rosu – Honey, You Treat Mommy So Much Better Than Daddy

Sweetie, thank you for helping Mommy out with clearing out her closet. Why do I need to do this, you ask? You see, Daddy thinks I’m far too old and fat to wear some of these things. And truth be told, he’s right. I would look ridiculous now in these tight cut off jeans. What was that, sweetie? Oh, you’re so wonderful! But I don’t think you’re right on this one…I don’t think I’ll look good in this stuff anymore. Oh wait…what’s this? Oh my god! I can’t believe I still have this little tiny string bikini and stiletto heels!! Oh wow, this brings me back! Did Mommy ever tell you the story of how Daddy fell in love with me?! Well…I was in a bikini dancing contest over spring break and this is exactly what I wore. Your father couldn’t take his eyes of me!! I looked so good in this!! I even won that contest…that’s how good I looked!!! What…oh honey, I would look ridiculous in this now!! I should’ve gotten rid of it a long time ago!! You want me to try it on for you? I couldn’t do that. I would totally make a fool out of myself. Ok ok…maybe for a moment…it could be fun!!! So…what do you think?! I can’t believe I’m actually wearing this!! Sweetheart, you’re making me feel so sexy. Your Daddy never says things like this to me anymore. You want me to dance for you…like when I was younger? Ok…maybe for a moment!! Oh honey…is that you pressing yourself against me??! Wow, when did you become such a big boy?! Sigh…moan…it’s been so long since I’ve felt this good. My baby makes me feel soooooo GOOD!!!

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Andrea Rosu – Sniffing Mommy

Honey, I saw you sniffing my panties and socks the other day and I wanted to let you know that it is ok. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and it is natural that you want to smell a girl’s special scent. I thought it would be helpful to teach you that women don’t always smell clean and fresh. So I made sure to let my private parts get extra stinky and have not bathed in a week. Do you want to sniff them?
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Andrea Rosu – Mommy Lets You Cum Only After You Massage Her Sore Feet

Mommy had such a long day at work. She always loves it when you’re waiting for her at home to make her feel better. Only a good sweet son knows how to make Mommy feel special. To show Mommy how much you care, you take my tired aching feet in your cute little hands and massage my soreness away. You love how I just close my eyes, lose myself in your care, and moan in pleasure. Not only do you love Mommy, but she obviously loves you. Once I’m totally relaxed, I turn my attention to your needs. I know how much my pleasure excites you. I want you to show me how excited you are. Take out that sweet little cock of yours and show Mommy how you like to play with yourself. Since I’m a grown woman, I can teach you a thing or two on pleasure. Take heed, Mommy will make sure you have the strongest orgasm of your life!
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Andrea Rosu – It’s About Time Mommy Teaches You About the Birds and the Bees

I hear your friends talking about where babies come from, and they are so misinformed! No smart son of mine is going to be misinformed. I think it’s time I teach you about the Birds and the Bees, and there’s no better way to learn than a “hands on” experience. Honey, just lie back and watch Mommy undress. You remember how much you loved to suck on Mommy’s boobies?! Well, they’re not only meant to feed you, but it also feels good for Mommy when you suck on them. Go ahead, I know you miss them; place your sweet little mouth on Mommy’s nipples. Now, take you pants off for Mommy. I’m going to show you how babies are made. Oh…well…that’s it?! I thought you’d be bigger by now. Your little pee pee is so small. I guess you’ll grow into it; at least I hope so! I’ll have to make do. Now, lay back and Mommy will show you how it’s done. Sigh…you keep on slipping out of me. You’re that small!! Well, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep you in place. What…you came…already?! And on Mommy’s stomach?! You should be ashamed of yourself. This won’t do. No son of mine is going to lack this much control. Go clean yourself off and think about what you just did!!
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Andrea Rosu – Auntie Andrea teaches you how to properly cum

Auntie Andrea walks into her bedroom to find her naughty little nephew jerking off to her used panties. What’s a good proper Auntie to do? Of course I use my wise knowledge of sex to teach my eager little student. I grab a large adult sized (squirting) cock/dildo to go over how to stroke it, how fast, where, how tight. I make it clear that you are to follow my every instruction.
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Andrea Rosu – Baby knows how to make mommy feel better

Why is Mommy Crying? You’re so sweet to be concerned. I’m so sorry that you have to see me like this. I really shouldn’t be burdening you…but…it’s my anniversary with Daddy, and as you can see I made a really special dinner. And as usual, he called to say he was coming home late…something about having to stay late at work. You want to make Mommy feel better?
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