AniErotika – Vid Message From Mom

You and your mom always had the tension, and a few weeks before you left the house for college you fucked for the first time. It was intense, and crazy… but the best either of you had. It began a few week stint of constantly banging each other in a whirlwind spree of pure and heavenly ‘cest sin. You both could not get enough, but dammit all you had to go off to college. You both yearn for the other now, and you quench your thirst best you can while at school with calls and video chats etc. Your mom also sends you special sexy video messages masturbating and talking nasty. This is the latest video message from her, short sweet and succulent.

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AniErotika – Milf And Sons Lucky Friend Story

After a long day caring for the youngsters at her house for her son’s buddies staying the night, it is time for bed. After waiting a bit she figures she is in the clear and takes a bath. Right as she begins to melt away her son’s friend walk in on her trying to take a piss! OOPS. Instead of telling him to gtfo out, she calms him down and goes down a whole different route.

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Anierotika – Mom and Son 1st Gangbang

Michelle Cox is back for another round of confession, and it is even nastier than ever. This is part 2 to Michelle Cox’s confession series… now that you have seen part one and know how she and her son began fucking she feels the need to disclose even more secrets to you. After a year of fucking like rabbits, sex kind of calms down you know… Not that it gets bad, it just fizzles a bit… Tones down… This was happening to Michelle and her son, so they decide to spice things up! What better way to get it poppin’ again than a good ol’ fashioned gang bang?

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AniErotika – Milf Reflects On Fucking Son And Friends

Another installment to the ‘Keep It In The Family’ Series. Milf mom comes home after a filthy feverish fuck session with her son and two lifelong best friends. It started off innocent. Bringing the boys to the amusement park for a day of fun. Things seemed a bit suspect, like her skirt flying up in the wind riding a roller coaster and the friend sitting next to her copped a feel. At the time she thought he just did that on accident since the ride was so jerky. Later she realizes… no it was not. After a steamy hot karaoke session she realizes the boys have been hitting on her… and that she kinda likes it. To remain appropriate she goes to the car for the rest of the outing and takes a nap in the back seat. What she wakes up to was a sworded surprise too wrong for words.

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AniErotika – Camp Trip Disaster MILF Fucks Virgin Son

Mom wants to be a bad ass single mommy, and prove to her and her son alike that moms can be ass bitchin as dads, so she brings her son on a camping trip deep into the wilderness in Montana. The weather predicted perfect dry camping conditions, but a hardcore freak storm rolled in almost before they could even blink. Their modest (and pretty weak) campsite just falls apart completely, and this is life threatening. Her son had been putzing about earlier while she was setting up camp and found a little overhang in a cliff side not far from them, and they end up hurrying to it to find some refuge. Freezing & soaked with no fire & minimal shelter, the things they resort to to stay warm in the night are nothing short of the kind of filth that sends folks to hell, if one exists of course.

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