Annabelle Rogers – Lonely Busty Redhead MILF Neighbor

I get a call and my husband is cancelling our anniversary dinner on me last minute because he promised his friends a poker night. The neighbors sent their son over to deliver some home baked cookies. The neighbor boy can tell I am not in a good mood and I end up venting to him about what a loser my husband is. In my state of vulnerability I seduce him as I notice just how strong and sexy he is. As I feel up his biceps I notice a boner…I suck his cock and jerk him off. I have a hard time fitting his cock in my mouth as it has been awhile for me and the tip of his cock triggers my gag reflex. I then let him fuck me with no condom, I haven’t been fucked in so long that I am tight and let his cock stretch me out. He creampies me and I clean off his cock with my mouth. My husband is neglecting me…but now that I get the neighbor boy’s huge cock I will be very satisfied.

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Download Annabelle Rogers - Lonely Busty Redhead MILF Neighbor.mp4
Download Annabelle Rogers - Lonely Busty Redhead MILF Neighbor.mp4

AnnabelleRogers – Daddy Left, Time to Play

Your father has left for a few days on a business trip. That means it’s time for you and I to have some special play time. I tease you in my tight low cut sweater and then I get your cock out and start to jerk you off. I shove your face into my cleavage and once you are nice and hard I lead you to the bedroom where we fuck missionary until you cream pie mommy.

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Annabelle Rogers – You Got Mommy Pregnant

Mommy is missing you ever since you left for college. You finally come home to visit and I sit you down to talk. I’ve noticed all the girls on your social media and I want to have a serious sex talk with you. I don’t want you getting some random college slut knocked up. The conversation gets awkward and I decide I want you to show me how you are having sex. You refuse but I threaten to pull you out of school. You fuck me missionary and then I ride you until you cream pie me. You come back months later for a visit telling me that you got your girlfriend pregnant. I reveal to you that I am pregnant as well and I make you come back to live with me or otherwise I will tell everyone what you did to me.

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AnnabelleRogers – Mommy Teaches You To Masturbate

You had to stay home from going on a trip with all your friends due to a major pain in your groin area that you have been having. I come into your room to wake you up from a nap and just got off the phone with the doctor who told me why you are having this pain. I feel awkward but I come into your room and tell you that the reason you are in pain is because you are “backed up”. Trying to find out what your “masturbating habits” are, I come to realize that it seems you are not masturbating at all. Which concerns me because this is the reason that you are in all this pain. I had just assumed that you were already doing this. I tell you that you need to start and you refuse but it’s the doctor’s orders and you need to listen to the medical advice given. You are refusing to do so which leaves me with no other choice then to make you. I grab your laptop and start trying to find something that you will be into. You don’t watch videos but you are into amateur girls on “Big Boobs Gone Wild” Reddit. We sit at the edge of the bed where I go through all the girls on there with you and tell you to take your pants off and start stroking so that we can drain your balls. I see your cock for the first time and I am shocked at how large it is. It seems as if you are not sure how to do the act of masturbating so I take your hand in mine and begin coaching you on how to stroke your cock. Once I think you get the hang of it I let go. It seems you are more interested in my boobs then the girls on the computer and seeing that you are throbbing and in so much pain, I decide to expose my breasts to you to help you cum. I tell you this is a one time occurrence and you have to learn how to do this by yourself eventually. So I suck my tits for you. But that is not enough for you to orgasm. So I let you suck on my tits. Which still isn’t making you cum. So I decide to let my tits hang and crawl to you where I turn into your dirty little slutty slave mom. I titfuck you until you release an enormous load all over my tits, face and hair.

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Annabelle Rogers – Better Than Masturbating

I am getting ready for a night to go out and get some young cock. As I am getting ready I hear some strange noises from my son’s bedroom. As I open the door I see his hand wrapped around his cock. I decide I want to stay at home and have him instead. I teach him how to please a woman and let him cream pie me.

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Annabelle Rogers – Taking Control Of Mommy

A POV custom video portraying the story of a prudish, grumpy, stern mother who is transformed by her son into a sex hungry, big breasted, air-headed bimbo through the use of nanobot technology. This story portrays the mother slowly, in stages, being transformed into the sexual play toy of her son’s wildest imagination. A prudish, stern mother is harshly reprimanding her son for spending way too much time locked in his room sitting in front of his laptop and tinkering with all that electronic gadgetry cluttering up his room. He has been neglecting help with any household chores. To make matters worse, she delivered folded laundry to his room this afternoon and took a quick look at his browser history. She was appalled to find that he is frequently visiting MILF porn sites with taboo themes! The mother is visibly disgusted, angry, and completely at a loss for how to deal with his perverse and negligent behavior. In exasperation, she send him to his room until she is able to cool down and figure out a way to address this awful behavior. It is later in the evening. The mother has changed into a comfortable bathrobe and slippers. She is still maintaining the “librarian” look. She still appears very tense and disturbed over the events of the day. The son hands her a cup of tea. Unbeknownst to her, he has placed nanobots in the tea (hundreds of microscopic, self reproducing nanoids capable of manipulating tissue structure and calibrating neurological pathways within the human brain). The mother comments on her son’s kind, but out of the ordinary gesture. While kind and considerate it doesn’t change the serious and deeply troubling behavior of her son. She begins to sip the tea and ingest the nanobots. It doesn’t take long for the nanobots to begin the work they have been programmed to perform. The mother begins to feel light-headed and finds it difficult to speak. She is fully alert to her surroundings but finds it difficult to move. The son grabs his smartphone app and adjusts his mother’s sexual desire by greatly increasing her libido and even the size of his mother’s breasts. The mother can now not stop playing with herself. The mother is wearing sexy, sheer lingerie and slutty, high heel shoes. This entire scene is the portrayal of the air-headed bimbo mother seducing her son into fucking her brains out. This scene will depict the mother covering her gorgeous body in massage oil as her desire for her own son increases at an ever intense rate. The mother is using intense, lewd, sexual, giggly, language to seduce her son with her shiny legs, tits and ass. She is masturbating feverishly. Her sexual impulses grow to an ahego uncontrollable orgasm, all along she desperately begs to be fucked by her son. As the scene comes to a conclusion a POV of being fucked by her son missionary is depicted. The scene ends with a huge cream pie pouring out of his mother’s shuttering cunt. She relaxes and coos with pleasure over the incestuous sex they enjoyed together. She express her pleasure and hunger for more!

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Annabelle Rogers – One Last Fuck For Mommy

You drop by my house unannounced to tell me that you just proposed to your girlfriend and she said yes. I am disappointed to hear this because I don’t like her. Ever since you have started dating her I have seen you less and our relationship has been different. I feel like I am loosing you. To make matters worse she is a tattoo artist and you guys are moving away so she can start her own. I feel she is a whore and will cheat on you because she touches other men all day while tattooing them. I want better for you. We used to have a special sexual relationship before she came along. I seduce you and beg you to give me your cock for one last time. I tell you I am on birth control and have no condoms. We fuck missionary and you cream pie me. I start laughing because you just fucked a baby into your mother and confess to you that I am not on birth control. You Fiance isn’t going to want you anymore. No one is, after they find out that you impregnated your own mother.

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Annabelle Rogers – Stepmom JOI Handjob

I am your soon to be Stepmom. As I am headed out the door for my meeting, you approach me saying you know that I am cheating on your father. I tell you that we can come to an arrangement. I blackmail you saying that I will tell your father that you watch me in the shower and steal my panties. I know you want me so I tell you to take your cock out and stroke it for me. You do and then I finish you off by giving you a hand job.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Cuckolds Son

I have a wonderful relationship with my husband and son, I’m a wonderful trophy suburban housewife, and the most caring and nurturing mother. What makes our family even more wonderful is how my lovely husband and son always cater to my sexual needs and always invite men over for me to play with.The one thing that they ask is if they can be with me when I enjoy myself with other men. This time my son gets to watch as I give a slow passionate blowjob and receive a big load all over my mouth.

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AnnabelleRogers – Mom And Teacher Big Boob Distraction

Your Teacher has called us in for a Parent – Teacher conference. You are failing your classes. Your teacher says that you have been distracted lately. We confront you to why that is. You say because we both have such big boobs you get an erection at school and home. So you are constantly hard from all this cleavage. Since you have a test tomorrow we decide to help you release a load before the test.

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