Annabelle Rogers – Slutty Stepmom Seduces Stepson and Friend

I’m about to head out the door to my girls night until I get a text on my phone saying it’s been cancelled. I got all dressed up to indulge in some fun and now I have no plans. Since my husband is away on a business trip, I decided to ask my stepson and his friend if they would like to hang out with me. All they ever do is play video games when their together. After I see his friend staring at my cleavage, I admit to them that I had plans to go to a sex party with my girls. I realize there are two cocks there, sitting on the couch right in front of me to play with. I’m so horny and cock hungry, I seduce both of them to my bedroom where I take turns sucking their cocks. Even as I titty fuck my stepsons friend while my stepsons cock is in my mouth. I then take off my panties to get ready for both of them fucking me while I suck the others cock. I cum while my stepsons big cocked friend fucks me. I then decide I need both of them to stuff me at the same time so my stepson fucks my ass while his friend fucks my pussy. They both fuck me hard with some double pentation. I then get of my knees and beg for a facial from both of them. They both blow their load the same time all over my face.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mom Fucks Son After Funeral

We have both had a hard day after your step fathers funeral. I praise you for being there for me during it but soon realize that I will be all alone in this big house after you move out. That’s when I seduce you to stay with me forever. Through the mess of all the emotions I grab you by the bulge of your pants and give you a handjob. Mommy then sucks your cock which gets me so wet that I need to ride you.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Has What You Need At Home

It’s your birthday and I come into your room to break the news that I won’t allow you to go out with your friends tonight. I have heard that you’ve been having lots of sex while partying with your friends, which is not safe in a pandemic. I then reveal a tight latex outfit which I have on underneath to seduce you into staying home and getting your sexual fix with me. I suck your cock and talk dirty until you cum all over my face. Staying in quarantine with mom doesn’t sound so bad after all…

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Annabelle Rogers – Horny Mom Demands Attention

I ask what you think of my dress and want your thorough opinion. I begin to press you as I ask more inappropriate questions which are making you feel uncomfortable. But you see how badly I need the attention and reassurance so you try and make me feel good about myself. I then crawl to you on the bed and beg you to worship and suck my tits. I see that it makes you hard and I jump on your cock and ride you cowgirl until you fill up my wet cunt with all your jizz.

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Annabelle Rogers – Church Moms Sunday Service

It’s Sunday morning and Annabelle Rogers, a devoted churchgoer, is in a rush to get to service but her 19-year old son is stalling by secretly jacking off in his room. Annabelle asks him what’s taking so long and opens the door before he can cover up. Shocked and angry, Annabelle’s offended that he’s making them late for church for such a sinful act. He pleads with Annabelle to let him finish. When she refuses, he points out that he’ll be sporting a huge boner in his church pants and everyone will see and she’ll be embarrassed. She frets, realizing that he’s right, and ultimately agrees to let him finish. She reluctantly waits, but quickly starts getting impatient as he strokes in front of her. Soon he says coyly that he needs some help if she wants him to finish quickly. Although Annabelle’s prudish and reluctant, she eventually gives in and agrees. Oh, well…better late than never!

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Annabelle Rogers – Auntie Annabelle Fucks Her Virgin Nephew

We are at a family function and I pull you into your parents bedroom to ask you some questions. I peek in your pants and tell you that I’m going to teach my virgin nephew some things. As I tease you with my cleavage I then get down on my knees and suck your cock which leads to tit fucking. I ride your cock but we have to stay quiet because the family is the house. I suck your cock and tell you to cum in my mouth but you end up busting a huge virgin nut all over your aunt’s face which leaves me mad.

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AnnabelleRogers – Son Looses Virginity During Lockdown

You are my son and I tell you that I saw some texts between you and your girlfriend that you were planning to loose your virginity together. However, due to the pandemic lockdown you both are unable to have your sexual moment together. I feel bad so I offer for you to loose your virginity with me instead. I jerk you off, suck your cock, tit fuck you and you cum on my tits. I am not done with you yet though and you technically have not lost your V card yet so I let you fuck me. You don’t pull out in time though and creampie me which has me freak out. Accidents happen I guess…

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AnnabelleRogers – The Fertility Statue

A conservative, religious couple is having problems in the bedroom. The husband brings home a statue that is supposed to help. It upsets his wife for two reasons: it goes against her beliefs, and there is also something unnatural about the statue. The story takes place over a couple of weeks, as the statue slowly changes her son from a nice respectful young man into a dominant alpha male who wants to supplant his father as the man of the house and take his mother. This both frightens and arouses her: the more he humiliates his father and the more he comes on to her, the more turned on she gets, until she can’t take it anymore and gives in to become her son’s woman. She makes her husband move into the son’s bedroom from now on as he is no longer the man of the house and on top of that, the son and her are now trying to have a baby together.

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