AnnabelleRogers – Squirting Soccer Mom

I am a tired soccer mom dropping my son off at practice. It is a hot day outside and my son takes his shirt off during practice. Between that and the junk moving around in his athletic shorts it’s getting me quite hot and bothered. Even though it feels so wrong touching myself from being turned on my my own son I can’t help but pleasure myself. My book isn’t doing a good job of distracting me. Eventually, I move to the backseat where I first use a makeup brush and then a bullet vibrator to get myself off. I surprise myself by squirting all over the backseat. My son then opens the car door to find me…

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AnnabelleRogers – Mommy Loves Big Cock

Your mom is a cock sucking whore for your big cock. I get on my knees as I worship and suck your cock until you nut all over my face and tits.

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AnnabelleRogers – Breakfast With Mommy

It is breakfast time and we are eating at the table. I notice you acting odd and ask why. You confess it’s because of me being in my bra at the table. My clothes are in the drying which is why I am dressed so inappropriate. You are hard and I decide to play with my tits for you as long as you don’t touch or tell anyone. You then instruct mommy to drop and smash the corn flake cereal with my big heavy tits. You end up cumming a big messy load under the breakfast table for mommy.

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AnnabelleRogers – Son Looses Virginity During Lockdown

You are my son and I tell you that I saw some texts between you and your girlfriend that you were planning to loose your virginity together. However, due to the pandemic lockdown you both are unable to have your sexual moment together. I feel bad so I offer for you to loose your virginity with me instead. I jerk you off, suck your cock, tit fuck you and you cum on my tits. I am not done with you yet though and you technically have not lost your V card yet so I let you fuck me. You don’t pull out in time though and creampie me which has me freak out. Accidents happen I guess…

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AnnabelleRogers – The Fertility Statue

A conservative, religious couple is having problems in the bedroom. The husband brings home a statue that is supposed to help. It upsets his wife for two reasons: it goes against her beliefs, and there is also something unnatural about the statue. The story takes place over a couple of weeks, as the statue slowly changes her son from a nice respectful young man into a dominant alpha male who wants to supplant his father as the man of the house and take his mother. This both frightens and arouses her: the more he humiliates his father and the more he comes on to her, the more turned on she gets, until she can’t take it anymore and gives in to become her son’s woman. She makes her husband move into the son’s bedroom from now on as he is no longer the man of the house and on top of that, the son and her are now trying to have a baby together.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mommys Morning Facial

I come in to talk with you before I head out. While I talk to you my robe keeps slipping and exposing my breasts to you. I get so embarrassed and try to leave a few times. Then I notice it has gotten you hard. It turns me on and I become lustful for your cock. I suck it and then beg for you to give me a facial.

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Download AnnabelleRogers - Mommys Morning Facial.mp4

Annabelle Rogers – Mrs. Rogers

The cutest, sweetest teacher a student can have. Barely contained beneath that sugar sweet exterior is the most perverse, debauched, and depraved predatory woman ever, with a lustful craving for young cock and cum. In class she dresses just on the perverted side of professional; she’s often wearing the sexiest lingerie, garter belts, and stockings. Her skirts are usually short enough to give a peek of her porcelain white thighs above the tops of her stockings and, if she bends over to pick something up, shows off her lacy panties, if she bothered to wear any that day. Her shirts struggle to contain her large, gorgeous breasts which tends to show off a cleavage deep enough to fall into. After school Mrs Rogers (dressed almost professionally if she wasn’t wearing a skirt so short that it exposes her thighs above her stockings and a button up shirt whose buttons strain to hold in her breasts and exposing far too much cleavage to be appropriate in public, much less for a teacher) finds one of her students waiting for a ride alone on the sidewalk. She talks to him and finds out his mom’s running late so he’ll be waiting a long time. Out of concern Mrs. Rogers calls his mom and lets her know that she’ll take him to her home and take care of him until she picks him up. At home Mrs. Rogers talks to him until she notices his boner which he is embarrassed about. He is not used to such a mature woman with large breasts giving him so much attention. Since he is a virgin Mrs. Rogers is trying to discover his naughty fantasies and what really turns him on. She brings his sister into their fantasy. Mrs. Rogers begins to suck and fuck him with her tits until he explodes an enormous load all over her tits. Which just turns her on even more. Since he is younger he has more energy and bigger loads than her husband. From there, Mrs Rogers fucks him in various positions while dirty talking. Eventually, Mrs. Rogers gets a call from his mother which she answers while continuing to fuck and motioning him to stay quiet. The mom says she’ll be home soon. The two keep fucking until Mrs. Rogers gets a huge cream pie with cum running down her thighs. There’s a knock at the door and Mrs. Rogers gets hurriedly and messily dressed (her shirt not buttoned properly and not hiding the cum on her tits nor the cum on her thighs). She answers the door and welcomes the mother and daughter.

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Download Annabelle Rogers - Mrs Rogers.mp4.mp4

Annabelle Rogers – Stepmom JOI Handjob

I am your soon to be Stepmom. As I am headed out the door for my meeting, you approach me saying you know that I am cheating on your father. I tell you that we can come to an arrangement. I blackmail you saying that I will tell your father that you watch me in the shower and steal my panties. I know you want me so I tell you to take your cock out and stroke it for me. You do and then I finish you off by giving you a hand job.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Cuckolds Son

I have a wonderful relationship with my husband and son, I’m a wonderful trophy suburban housewife, and the most caring and nurturing mother. What makes our family even more wonderful is how my lovely husband and son always cater to my sexual needs and always invite men over for me to play with.The one thing that they ask is if they can be with me when I enjoy myself with other men. This time my son gets to watch as I give a slow passionate blowjob and receive a big load all over my mouth.

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