Ariella Ferrera – Taken By Her Jealous Son

Part one: Ariella comes home from working late and is surprised by her son Nathan. He is acting so strange, almost like a jealous husband. He starts accusing her of sleeping around and Ariella realizes he is very serious and she has lost all power in the situation

Part two: Ariella is working late at her office. She is trying so hard to balance work with her demanding son, but then Nathan shows up at the office and demands she submit to him right then and there.

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Ariella Ferrera – Momma Knows Best

Things have different lately. Since the passing of Ariella’s sister and the adoption of her stepson, she has begun to understand that they have totally different lifestyles. You play sports and work with cameras while Ariella and her husband, the new Dad, are out all hours of the night. Ariella decides that they need to find something in common. Something that can bring this new family together. Finally she confronts you while you have your camera and the new Mom and Dad decide that they need to show you what their family is all about and the first lesson is Momma sucking cock!!! Ariella knows that every guy loves to get their cock sucked and she wants her new son’s cum all over her tits. The new Dad watches as his wife sucks the young hard sons meaty cock. She just gathers more and more spit as she confesses that she has been wanting to suck this cock for a long time. Momma takes care of the whole family as Dad joins in and Momma gets cookin on these cocks. She is a master cocksucker as she goes back and forth between the families cocks and put those huge cocks in between those perfect tits. She doesn’t forget those balls either as she leaves them covered in spit aching to cum all over her. She won’t stop until she gets all that family cum because a family that cums together stays together.

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Ariella Ferrera – Mom Wants Her Son

Part One: Your mom comes stumbling through the door early in the morning, her dress so tight that her tits are nearly popping out. She comes over to where you are, laying on the couch in the living room, telling you in grave detail how all the boys at the club were starring at her tits, practically drooling. She pauses for a moment, looking down, she’s noticed that you must be enjoying the show too.. and then she does something you’ve only ever dreamt of doing with your mom.

Part Two: Your mom tells you you need to hurry up with your work so you can get going to school. Realizing Her boy is hard, she tells you to stop thinking about last night, and take care of yourself so you can hurry up and leave. She finally gives in and strokes you so you can finish your report.

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Ariella Ferrera – Dating Mom

Part 1: Ariella has always been close with her son. They have even been going out on mother/som dates and she has more fun with Rion than on any other dates she goes on. One night after a great evening out together Ariella and Rion have a conversation that changes everything.
Part 2: Ariella is getting ready for a date, but Rion makes her realize, she doesn’t need anyone else.

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Ariella Ferrera – Quickie While Your Father is in the Shower

Mom can be such a tease around the house. She knows I want her, and I can tell she wants me back. I sneak into my parents bedroom and see mom, bent over, making the bed. While dad is in the shower, I walk up to her and lift her night gown! I push my mother onto the bed, grabbing all over her beautiful womanly body. Her tits are busting out of her bra, and panties are begging to be pulled to the side! I feel mom’s pussy pulsate as I play with her. Watch my big breasted mother grind on my cock like no girl has before! I love watching her, enjoying my long juicy cock, having orgasm after orgasm.. I had to see that ass up in the air, I flip mom over and slide my young thick cock deep into her mature cunt! I know my dad can’t fuck her like she needs, and I am more than happy to supply the dick she craves. I fill her mouth up with my cum, praying dad doesn’t catch us. He would not like having his wife taste another man’s juices, especially not his own son! Mom licks up every drop, and we make a promise to never tell anyone about this!

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Ariella Ferrera – You have a thing for cougars

Now I don’t want to embarrass you with what I am about to say but this is a topic that must be dealt with. My girlfriends told me that you have been overtly hitting on them. We are all much older than you so this is a little shocking for me to hear. Is it true you have a thing for cougars? I’ve been reading news regarding the new craze of college age guys being attracted to older women.
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