Ashley Alban – Moms Eggs And Hams

Your step-mom is making you breakfast while she explains that even though your dad is out of town, she has a lot to get done, and she wants you to focus on your own tasks. As she rambles on about what she needs to do, you can’t help but stare at her ass showing through her see-through leggings. She chides you for not listening and responding to her. After she gives you toast and scrambled eggs, she starts loading the dishwasher. You can’t even eat as you watch her bend over. She catches you staring and says that she doesn’t understand why you’re so obsessed with her butt (she knows why). Eventually she gets frustrated and gives you a full view of her booty, she even pulls down her leggings, and tells you to get an eye-full so you can focus for the rest of the day. She mentions that she made a mistake showing off her ass to you previously, and just because she let you fuck, doesn’t mean it can happen again. After, she walks into another room and you pull out your hard dick to start stroking to the memory of that ass. She walks back in and catches you. She decides that something needs to be done, and she tells you to meet her in her bedroom after you finish eating. When you go into her room, she’s now wearing lingerie and a lace robe. She tells you that you’re not in trouble. She explains that since you are obsessed, she’ll fulfill your little fantasy one more time. She tells you to pull your dick out again, and she shows off her body. She mentions that she has a surprise, and when she bends over, you find out that she has a buttplug in. She says that she’s getting her ass ready so you can fuck it again and get everrrrryyyything out. You’re rock hard by now, so she gets on her knees and sucks your dick. Once your dick is lubed with her spit, she gets up, bends over the bed, removes the buttplug and tells you to slide your cock in. She gets into it and starts begging you to fuck her ass hard and drain your balls. You oblige and fill her asshole up with cum.

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Ashley Alban – Gambling Step Mom Ep III

Your wife arrives home late after a long day, and begins to vent to you about how tired and stressed she is after work. As she talks to you, your son comes over and says that he needs help with something in his room. Your wife tries to get you to help him since she is so exhausted, but your son insists that he needs her help, so she walks off to his room. You know that they have been fucking ever since you came home and walked in on them in the act. You have a feeling that “homework help” is a euphemism for your son shoving his dick balls deep in your wife, so you decide to spy on them a bit. Sure enough, your wife is getting pounded by your son doggie style. You’re not even mad; you love your slutty wife.

After they finish up their dirty deed, your wife comes over to the bedroom door and realizes that you have been watching them. She is embarrassed at first and asks how long you were standing at the door. But the two of you are well aware of the situation between your wife and son. You know they’ve been having sex and you honestly find it to be pretty hot. Your wife sees how much you’re into it based on the raging boner you have going on in your pants. She says that she can make you cum as well, so she pulls off her shirt and gets down on her knees.

Your wife begins to suck on your dick. She tells you about how often she has been fucking your son and how well he dicks her down. He has so much more stamina and he fucks her so much better than you. You kind of like getting your son’s sloppy seconds. Before you know it, you’re ready to cum in your wife’s mouth. After she swallows your load, she mentions that she has been considering trying anal for the first time with your son. Giggling, she says maybe she’ll let you watch, before going back into the bedroom for round two with your son.

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Ashley Alban – Training Mommy Part 2

Back at home, your step-mom is free from the min-control device. She paces back and forth and says she doesn’t know what came over her back at the office, but it definitely cannot happen again. She loves your father very much and she thinks you are the most disgusting—you turn the device on again—the most wonderful man in the world! She confesses her love for you. She asks what would make you happy. She wants to take care of you. She has an idea, and gets up and leaves the room. She returns wearing a slave Leia costume. She tells you that she will be your sex slave and make you cum hard. She sucks you and then rides you cowgirl until you both cum. After, she starts to suck your dick to clean it off. She gets a call from your dad and answers while still sucking you. She tells him that she is just spending some quality time with his perfect son. You dad must be surprised because she asserts that she always cared about you. She then tells your dad that if he is horny tonight he can just take care of himself and hangs up. She tells you that she could never have sex with your dad again now that she has her wonderful son to fuck. She asks want you want to do now and you suggest watching some porn. She can’t believe you would want to watch porn now that you have her. You turn the device up. She is now very excited to watch porn together. Maybe she should even invite some friends over to take care of you too.

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Ashley Alban – Dominating Your Mom

Your mom is in her room getting dressed for a dinner party. She is wearing lacy black lingerie with a garter belt and thigh-high stockings. You want to fuck her like you have in the past. When you tell her, she becomes embarrassed and covers herself up with her robe. She tells you that the two of you can’t do that anymore. It’s wrong. You remind her about the last time and she smiles. She admits that she does enjoy being dominated by you. She says the two of you can play, but it needs to be fast and she asks you not to mess up her makeup. You tell her to show off her lingerie so she gets on the bed and removes her robe. She shakes her ass for you and spanks herself hard when you tell her to. You then demand that she get down on her knees and suck your cock. She obeys, and gives you hard sloppy blowjob with lots of spit and gagging. When you’re hard, you tell her to bend over the bed so you can fuck her. You start pounding her pussy doggystyle as she talks dirty for you. When you’re ready to switch it up, you tell her to get on the bed and ride you. She gets on top, and says that she shouldn’t be doing this…as she slides her panties to the side. She slowly take your dick inside of her and rides you cowgirl. When you want to watch her ass bounce some more, you have her turn around and ride you reverse. Your about ready to blow and you tell her to get back on her knees to give her a facial. She tries to protest a bit about not ruining her makeup, but she submits to you. She sucks you a bit more and then take your load all over her face.

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Ashley Alban – Gambling Step-Mom: Ep II

Your hot step-mom has a bit of a problem gambling at the casino, and she does not want your dad to find out. You help cover for her, and in return, she reluctantly let’s you fuck her. Today, you’re in the living room playing a video game, and she comes in and gives you a bit of a hard time about it. She says that you should really sign up for some sport or club to get some more physical activity in after-school. You tell her that you already get plenty of physical activity and remind her of your arrangement. She laughs and tells you that doesn’t count. You ask where your dad is, and since he’s out, if the two of you can follow up with your arrangement. She agrees—but it has to be fast. She tells you to pull out your dick and start to stroke as she teases you with her butt. She is wearing tight jeans that hug her ass perfectly. She pulls them down to reveal a tiny thong. She jokes about how you must love to have such a hot mom. Once you’re hard, she pulls her thong down, gets on all fours on the sofa, and tells you to hurry up and fuck her. At first she is like she normally is: completely business-like about the whole thing. But her phone rings, and she answers while you’re still inside of her. It’s your dad; he is on his way home. She tells you to hurry up and cum, and she even talks dirty to you to help you along. She clearly gets into it, and completely misses the door closing as she begs for you to cum inside her. You dad is home, and he has to clear his throat loudly to get your attention. Your step-mom is flustered. She explains that you had questions about girls, so she was giving you a little sex education. To both of your surprise, your dad isn’t angry. He is actually very turned on by the whole thing and asks if you two can fuck again while he watches. She turns to you to make sure you’re cool with it, before pulling her jeans back down and backing up into you.

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Ashley Alban – Step-Mom Shows You Her New Bikinis

Your step-mom asks you to come to her room when you have a chance. She says that since she is going to the Bahamas with her girlfriends next week, she bought some new swimsuits, but she would a second (aka. male) opinion. You agree because why wouldn’t you watch your hot step-mom try on bikinis. She goes into her closet to change and shows you a couple of bikinis. Her ass looks so good that you can’t help but pitch a tent. She eventual notices, and becomes embarrassed. She says that since it’s her fault, you can take care of your boner. You pull your dick out and start to stroke. She turns around and shows off her ass some more. After teasing you for a little while, she expresses impatience that you haven’t cum already. She suggests doing a bit more to get you off—but no sex since that would be incredibly inappropriate.The two of you get on the bed. She grabs a bottle of baby oil and squirts the oil over her bare ass. After rubbing it all over and getting lubed up, she straddles you and slides your dick between her ass cheeks. She jerks you off with her booty. It feels amazing! Although she didn’t want to do anything more, feeling your hard cock against her becomes too much to resist. She says she can’t take it anymore and shoves your dick in her ass. She rides you hard and talks dirty about how you’re fucking mommy. After you cum in her ass, she says that although fucking you was a lot of fun, it’s probably better if it remains a secret.

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Ashley Alban – Step-Mom has a Gambling Problem

You come into the kitchen and find your step-mom having a meltdown. You have a feeling what it’s about. You ask her how last night went. As usual, she launches into a story about how she was winning at the casino and thought she could make up for all of her losses, but she ended up losing everything. She tells you that you can’t tell your dad. She even asks you to cover for her since she withdrew more money at the casino and lost it too. She asks if you can say it was you, and says that you can fuck her again if you do. Just as she says that, your dad walks in. She immediately changes her tone and tells him she’s going to cook some food, and he leaves to take a shower. Your step-mom turns back to you and asks if you want to continue the arrangement. You say yes, and say that you want to fuck her right now, in the kitchen, while your dad is showering. She is exasperated because she knows there isn’t much time, but since she is desperate for your help she agrees. She tells you to get your dick out and start stroking to speed up the process. You ask her to show off her ass while you do it. She leans over the counter and starts to shake her ass. Her legging are so see-through that you can see exactly what panties she is wearing underneath. After teasing you for a bit, she pulls her leggings and panties down and tells you to come get your payment. You slide your dick in a fuck her doggystyle. You ask if she likes it, and she tells you that this is just an arrangement to get your help. But, as you pound away, she begins to moan. She can’t help but get into it and she is soon begging for you to cum inside of her. After, she quickly pulls up her leggings and fixes herself up so it looks like nothing happened.

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Ashley Alban – Fooling Around with Step-Mom

You’re sitting in the kitchen watching your step-mom prepare dinner. She is wearing a loose blue dress and you’re just watching her ass jiggle underneath it as she moves around. The two of you are basically the same age, and whenever you come home to visit you can’t help but wish you were the one fucking her. She tries to act like she’s older but it’s such bullshit. She catches you staring so you decide to go for it and compliment her ass. She smiles, says that it’s flattering, but it’s completely inappropriate for you to flirt with her like that. You decide to keep pressing. You mention how your dad isn’t around and that she should be with a younger man who will appreciate and fuck her more. She starts thinking and agrees that your dad should be here. She decides that you two can’t actually do anything together since she doesn’t want to cheat, but if you two both strip and masturbate, it’s more like watching porn…very naughty porn. She starts to strip and tease you by finally lifting up her dress so you can see the ass you have been dreaming about. She says that you should take out your dick and stroke it for her. She slips out of her dress and begins to remove her bra as well. She says that since she’s your step-mom, you should call her mommy. She laughs saying that she knows it’s fucked up, but it kind of makes this even hotter. Your dick agrees. She strips down to completely nude and shakes her fat ass right in your face. She bends over the counter and rubs her pussy while telling you to stroke harder. You blow a massive load as she cums hard. She says that you have to keep this a secret, but maybe you guys can fool around again in the future.

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Ashley Alban – Mom’s Pussy

You’re depressed because your girlfriend broke up with you and you refuse to get out of bed. Your step-mom comes in to check on you to see how you’re doing. She tells you that you shouldn’t worry about your ex. Girls just don’t know what they want at that age. You say that you’re never going to get laid now, and that’s why you’re so upset. Your mom sighs and says she wishes she could make you feel better. She thinks for a moment and then comments on how you’ve grown and look much more like a man now. Perhaps she could help give you inspiration to jack off. It won’t be the same as sex, but it’ll be better than nothing. She begins to strip and both of you are clearly turned on by this. She tells you that you need a real woman to show you attention. Mom begins to rub her pussy as she straddles you while you stroke your dick. You two cum together and it feels amazing! She looks embarrassed though, and tells you to promise to keep this a secret.
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Ashley Alban – Getting Naughty With Step-mom

You come home from school a bit earlier than you usually do and you hear noise coming from your parent’s room. You’re dad has been away on business for a while, and you’re surprised to hear those particular noises, so you sneak upstairs to see what’s going on. You see your step-mom getting pounded by a random guy. You spy on her getting fucked doggie for a little while until they finish up so you quickly leave and go to your room. You can’t stop thinking about seeing your hot step-mom naked and getting fucked. You decide that you want to see if you can sleep with her tonight and maybe grab her ass while she’s sleeping. You go into her room and tell her that you had a nightmare and you want to sleep with her tonight. She laughs and says that you’re getting a little too old for that. You persist, so she agrees to let you sleep with her. But, she says that she needs to get changed first and tells you to close your eyes. You close them momentarily but peek them open when she gets up and you see that she is completely naked. You watch her put on her nightgown, and she eventually catches you staring at her. She decides to put on a robe since you clearly cannot be trusted.
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