Ashley Mason – Mommies Lil Helper

I was decorating the tree and getting ready for Christmas when my son came home. He was watching me decorate and I noticed that he was getting excited. I told him to come into the back room and help me wrap presents. I couldn’t help but relieve him. I gave him a nice sloppy blowjob until he shot off all over my huge tits.

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Ashley Mason – Mommy and Auntie Creampie And Facials

My Sister has always been jealous. She has always thought she was better than me at everything. We got horney one night and she thought she was a better cock sucker than me. We called out my son and took turns sucking his cock in a blowjob contest. After we got him nice and hard Mom and Auntie both wanted to share his come. He blew his load all over our faces. What a yummy treat. We were still hungry for some so we had him fuck us both doggie and give us BOTH creampies. He was tired after that day.

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Ashley Mason – Mommies Pregnant

Well it’s all my fault. After a year of fucking and sucking my son and letting him drain his balls in me, it finally happened. I am pregnant. No worries, I can convince his loser Dad that it’s his baby. In this video my son and i reminisce about the past years events. It all started with a simple hand job and escalated into multiple creampies. I let him pump my pussy full of cum way too many times to NOT be pregnant. I am now starting to show but it’s ok, I love my baby boy. This video is 18+ minutes and has 8 Cumshots. One handjob, one facial, one cum in my mouth and 5 creampies!

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Ashley Mason – Mommies Lil Boy

I was reading a magazine the other day when my son came home from school. He walked in and started complimenting my feet. He asked if he could rub my feet for me and I said sure. He started rubbing my feet and the next thing I knew he had his cock out and was jerking off. I was kinda mad but turned on at the same time. I started blowing him and then I took him to my bedroom and let him fuck me doggy until he was about to blow. Next I sucked his cock dry and spit his cum all over his cock, just the way he likes it!

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Ashley Mason – Mommy Blows Best

I walked in on my son by accident this morning. He was playing with his little cock again. He apologized at breakfast and explained to me the reason he started masturbating. He said all of his friends were doing it and that most of his friends were getting “Fellatio”. He asked me what it meant and when I explained it to him he was very anxious to try it. He asked me to perform fellatio on him and I refused. After further thought I decided that my boy should not fall behind his friends and that I would give him the best blowjob he ever had as long as he did not tell anyone. I even allowed him to come in my face when he asked.

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Ashley Mason – Mommies horny

I went through my sons laptop and noticed that he had a huge porn collection. Instead of making me mad, it turned me on. I confronted him and let him know that it was ok to look at porn and asked him if he would like me to do some of the things in the videos with him. He was hesitant at first but then he wanted to. I had to pee first but then I gave him a sloppy blowjob and made him cum in my hand. Next I took him into the bedroom and fucked the shit out of him until he pumped my pussy full of cum!

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Ashley Mason – Mommy is lonley

I have been so lonely since my son moved in with his whore girlfriend. I coerce my sweet boy to come over and “fix” the oven that well…..wasnt broken in the first place. He caught onto my scheme and I had to seduce him to get him to stay. I pulled his shorts down in the kitchen and gave him the sloppiest blowjob ever, I could even taste his girlfriends pussy juice on his cock. I couldn’t take it anymore so I begged him to fuck me doggy style on the couch until he was ready to shoot a big load, I sucked off his cock until he sprayed his cum all over me

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Ashley Mason – Mommie’s son schools out

So my son got home from school early the other day. I caught him spying on me when I was getting some sun. I walked in and he had his cock in his hand. At first I was upset but then I was kinda turned on so I decided to help him out. As soon as I grabbed his cock, he shot a load all over my tits and bathing suit top. The next morning I went to get him for school and I decided to please him with my mouth. I began to suck his cock, then I took my top off and sucked him until he shot a massive load in my mouth.

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Ashley Mason – My son the panty thief

I noticed that my panties had been disappearing for the last few weeks. I did not really think much about it until last night. I was in my lingerie waiting for my husband to come home when my son walked in and startled me. He was holding a pair of my panties. At first I was upset but the more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I demanded that he hand them over to me. I made sure they were nice and dirty for him when I gave them back.

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