Tara Tainton – Aunties Super Special Bedtime Technique

Poor nephew. I heard you were up here, tucked into bed but unable to find sweet sleep. So, I came to help you. I’m always here for my favorite nephew! Do you trust your auntie? Then, I’m going to treat you to my super special bedtime technique… it starts with a relaxing bedtime voice, soft and soothing, a nice sensual massage, and the very best thing for bedtime of all: auntie’s special pillows. Just lie back, relax, listen to my soft voice, and… let’s get you out of these pajamas. I’ll keep you nice and warm…

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Penny Barber – ASMR Orgasm With Mom

I know that you’ve been really stressed out with finals. I also know how important it is for you to relax. I found a list of words that are supposed to trigger ASMR, but most of them seem dirty? I’m not sure that I should be reading them to my son. I want to be a good mom, though, so I read them anyway. You hear my soft voice in your ear reading a list of increasingly sexual words as I run my hands over my body and encourage you to do anything that makes you feel good, too! I love you so much. All I want to do is help you cum I mean, relax!

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Rae Knight xxx – Mommy’s Dripping Cunt

You stayed up waiting to hear all about my date with a hot black guy. You’re such a loser and have no life, so you try to live it through your mother! I begin telling you just how incredibly huge he was. Mommy could only fit 1/4 of his BBC in my mouth!!!!! His cock was a long as my forearm and so girthy! Unlike your puny little shrimp dick! I still have flash backs of my hot night!!! But you’re in luck loser, mommy saved some of his alpha jizz just for you. It’s been dripping out of my cunt and you can lick it up!!! Like a good sissy son that you are!

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Download Butt3rflyforu - Mommys Dripping Cunt.mp4