Selena Ryan – You Better Get Mommy Pregnant

Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Breeding, Ass Eating

Selena is your Mommy with whom you share a dark, forbidden love. Your relationship with Mommy is so taboo in fact, that you’ve already knocked her up before! The clip opens with you home early from school, you got suspended for getting a blowjob in the bathroom. Mommy is furious, but not because of your suspension, she’s angry because you’re cheating on her! Isn’t Mommy your girlfriend? As punishment, Mommy makes you eat her ass, twerking gleefully all over your face as you tongue her juicy dumper. Mommy rubs her clit hard and cums all over your face while you lick her beautiful butthole. After plenty of twerking and ass spreading, Mommy is ready to ride your cock. For the next part of your punishment, Mommy demands that you get her pregnant again. She rides you reverse cowgirl, twerking on your dick, and dishing up plenty of sick, twisted taboo dirty talk until she milks you for a thick creampie. She pushes the cum out in her hand and rubs it all over her pussy. Mommy isn’t done yet, she wants another load to be sure you knock her up! You fuck Mommy in missionary, her pussy glazed in your first load. Mommy’s dirty talk is the raunchiest, most taboo dirty talk you can imagine! Mommy is the only woman for you and she makes sure to remind you, taking another messy load and rubbing it all over her beautiful body as you cum together. Nothing makes your nasty Mommy happier than getting pregnant by her own son!

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Indulges

I’m laying in bed one day alone- I have the house all to myself tonight. But then there’s a knock on my door, son is that you? It is. I’m surprised to see you because you’re supposed to be out on a date. I notice you’re upset and I ask you what’s wrong. You don’t want to tell me at first but eventually you admit to me that you can only get hard for one person, and one person only. And that’s… me. I’m shocked at first, but then I slowly begin to share that I too have fantasized about you. As soon as I admit this I get cold feet and tell you to leave, this is so wrong, I shouldn’t have told you this. Instead you push me back towards the bed. Now that you know we have the same forbidden feelings for each other, you need to have me. I’m reluctant though. I tell you that it’s wrong, we could get in trouble for this. Yet my body is responding differently. I put my hand on your cock and feel how hard you are and begin to unravel. I admit to you that I know what you want and I know what you need. While you love every part of me, there’s one thing you want the most: my tight, virgin asshole. I strip for you and put my ass in your face. You want to eat it all up. That’s it honey, fuck my ass with your tongue. I’ve not allowed anyone to have a taste, perhaps I’ve been saving myself for you… I grind my ass on your face and talk dirty until I’m satisfied and need your cock deep in my pussy. I straddle you bounce on your dick until we both explode. From now on, my ass belongs to YOU.

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CuteJayne – Caught Spying on Your Busty BBW Mom

Uh oh! You snuck into mommy’s closet again, but this time she catches you…She is mad at first…but then decides she should have some fun with you, her pervert son… Your busty BBW mommy sucks you then wants you to lick her asshole for her. Finally, she fucks you and begs for your cum in her pussy…this is what you get for spying on your mommy.

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