Ariel Anderssen – Getting In Your Headmistress Panties

It’s the end of term and everyone gets a private audience with the headmistress to discuss anything important to them. And you use your opportunity to tell me about the crush you’ve always had on me; how you’ve wanted to get into my panties all year! Well, that’s not something I’d normally allow, but even headmistresses need to let their hair down every so often! Slipping out of my white panties, I slide my skirt off, allowing you to see my gorgeous, soft, round bottom. Do you want to worship it? Show me exactly what you have in mind? And now, are you absolutely sure you want to fuck me? I’m a powerful woman and I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Well, since you’re sure, why don’t you just lie back and let me do the work? I’m a mature, sophisticated woman of the world, after all. And I’m sure I can ride you to the orgasm of your life!

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Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Gives You a Present

I am just sooo proud of you for getting a new job and a new place. I am going to miss you though and well, I wanted to give you a present. I’ve caught you staring at my ass so many times and recently, I’ve found a certain thong in your room. And I just happen to be wearing that thong right now. It’s my favorite and your dad’s, but I can just tell him it got lost. I’ve been preparing this pair just for you for a few days now. They’re nice and fragrant and dirty just for you. I want you to take out your cock and stroke while I show them off for you. When you’re jerking off into mommy’s panties, I want you to remember how good I looked in them. Are you imagining how good they smell and taste? Doesn’t my ass look amazing in them? I take my top off and continue to tease and edge you. I slowly slide my thong off. Do you think this is a good enough present? I drop them into your lap and tell you good luck with your new job while walking away.

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Ellie Rowyn – Fuck Mommys Fertile Ass

So you know that your dad and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. But can I tell you something? I really, really miss fucking you. It’s too much of a risk for you to fuck my pussy while I’m off birth control. However, I do have a butt plug in right now and thought maybe you might want to fuck my ass? I tease you for a bit while I strip out of my clothes. My pussy is so wet thinking about you fucking me…and also because I’m ovulating right now. What if…you fuck my pussy first? I want to feel you. You slide into my wet, fertile pussy and fuck me. My butt plug makes me even tighter than usual. You can’t cum yet though. I can’t wait for your dad to finally get me pregnant so we can fuck more often. Are you ready to fuck my ass? I pull my butt plug out and help you slowly slide inside of me. You feel amazing inside my ass. I don’t even let your dad fuck me like this. I ask you to fuck me from behind while I use my hitachi on my clit. Fuck me hard and deep. I get closer and closer to orgasming. I want you to fill my ass with all your cum. Cum in mommy’s ass.

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Ellie Rowyn – Catching Mommy Cumming

You somehow sneak in without me noticing and watch while I use my favorite vibrator. After a couple minutes, I orgasm intensely and then notice that you’re just sitting there watching me. What the fuck!? Did I wake you up? I’m so sorry, I had a couple needs to take care of. Do you have a boner right now?! Oh my god. That’s fine. Probably just a normal reaction to seeing a woman cum. Your dad and I just…haven’t had sex in a while. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a real dick inside of me. What if…you took your boxers off for me and…Fuck your dick looks so good. I bet it would feel amazing. I don’t think I’ve had a cock that big before…We can’t though. If your dad comes home and catches us fucking…we just can’t. As you start to walk away, I stop you. Maybe we can if we’re quick about it. Do you want to fuck me? Maybe you’ve been thinking about fucking me a bit more than you’re letting on? I tease you for a bit, going back and forth about fucking you or not. Finally I give in. I can’t wait anymore, tell you to put a condom on, and pull my lingerie to the side so you can slide your thick dick into me. You feel so good. Half way through, I stop you and tell you to take your condom off. I want to really feel you inside of me. I moan and tell you that I want you to cum inside of me. We cum at the same time. We can’t ever do this again. I can’t believe I had you take the condom off. I have no idea what I was thinking. Your dad can never know!

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Kitty – Jerk Off At The Command Of A MILF

You, the best friend of my son jerked off on my underwear, you rubbed your penis on it… I bet you even wore it and my son your friend has no idea… but I admit I get turned on by young cocks, so fresh… so rub your stiff penis on my skirt… Now let’s see if you are real man… I take off my dress and more… I know how to tease you… now rub your penis on my sheer pantyhose… from now on no touching anymore, just jerk your cock at the sight of a mature woman, who could be your mother! Seeing my bare breasts make your cock ooze… now its time to empty your balls… at the command of an older but a woman who is hungry for young cocks! Jerk hard for me as I count you down, to cum at zero, with a huge load of cum!

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Rae Knight xxx – Cake Baking For Nephew Turns Into Facial For Auntie

Ass Fetish, MILF, Taboo, Yoga Pants
You are my favorite nephew and it’s summer time and that’s so exciting because you get to spend 3 whole months with me!!! So I decided to bake my favorite nephew a delicious cake!! I start gathering the ingredients and silly me, I knock over the flour and it spills everywhere!!! You are trying to be helpful, you grab the broom and mop but I think I need to vacuum it first because the whole bag spilled! I begin bending and reaching in my yoga pants and tight gym top as I vacuum it up. You can’t help but stare are your hot aunt’s tight butt and huge tits hanging out of her gym top. You suddenly start feeling your youthful cock grow harder and harder in your pants. You can’t help it because her body makes you want to throw your cock deep inside your aunt!!! I finish cleaning it up and I notice you have been staring at my big ass and huge tits. I even notice your boner as much as you try hiding it!!! I am surprised that I turned you on so much!!! My young hot nephew gets that hard for me?! Omg sweetie, I can’t leave you standing there with such a hard on….Take your cock out and let me help you bring that young hard on, down!!! Let Auntie Rae tell you how to stroke it and maybe I’ll even help you!!!

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Taking Advantage Of Your Slutty Mother 4k – Xev Bellringer

You had never seen your mother act this way before. Dress this way. Or… speak this way. Like a slut. You watched her prepare for her date through the door, snapping a garter into place while she talked to the other man on the phone. He asked her to slip her hand down into her panties… no, the panties HE made her wear. She moaned like you had never heard, and began rubbing her pussy furiously. She barely said it through gasps of pleasure, but you could make it out. She was ‘his little cock sucking slut.’ And… did she just cum?? For him?! It made you furious… even jealous. She was YOUR mother, she belonged to you. Not him. Just as she hung up and tossed the phone aside, it slid off the bed behind the headboard. Your mother hurriedly reached through the wood slats to retrieve it and her lacy sleeve snagged and caught on a nail. She struggled to free herself, her massive ass bouncing in the air as she fretted about being late. Your mother realized she would need her son to come free her. She desperately pulled her tight skirt down around her round booty, attempting to hide the slutty lingerie. She had no idea you had been watching the entire time. Or that you were feeding the deep jealousy, letting it swell, and grow into… lust. You actually enjoyed watching her struggle in front of you, trying to understand why her own son wouldn’t help free her arm. But the more she wiggled on the bed, the higher up her skirt pulled up over her ass. You made her admit to everything… the real reason she was going out that night… the reason she was dressed like a slut… and what she wanted to DO with that man. Your mother was at your mercy. You could do ANYTHING you wanted to her curvy body. You pulled the skirt down around her wide hips, and pushed her blouse up over her juicy tits. Your mother gasped, shocked by her son’s behavior… and his desires. You grabbed and groped her creamy ass cheeks, and she protested. At first. But you knew what she was, what she wanted. A big, fat cock in her mouth to suck on. And you would be the one to give it to her.

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