Sydney Harwin – Mommys Dirty Holes

Whats up, boy? You don’t wanna taste Mommy today? Why not? You used to love licking Mommys cunt when you were younger. You think you are a big boy? You ain’t no big boy, your still Mommys lil boy. Don’t tell me you’ve got a girlfriend? How fucking ridiculous is that! You only need Mommy… now get over here and lick Mommys dirty holes clean… Put that tongue to work inside Mommy, thats it. Good boy for Mommy. Had enough yet? Why don’t you play with your stiffy as you suck Mommys clit, go on, make that willy squirt all in your hand.

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Bettie Bondage – Smell Mommys Dirty Hole

Oh, you think you can just waltz into your sister’s room and steal her dirty panties?! It’s time someone taught you a lesson. A strong lesson about boundaries. You can’t just cum all over panties. You can’t just lick, and sniff, and suck her dirty thong. Oh my god, are you hard while I yell at you? Jesus, you’re such a pervert! Well, it doesn’t surprise me. No, not at all. You must have inherited my dirty streak. But that’s no excuse! Now, you’re going to prove what a little pervert you are…

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