Sloansmoans – Mommy’s Shiney Hiney

Watch as I gift you, my son, with something really special. Something really naughty.. it’s me, hehe! I seduce you and tease you with my body and I know exactly what you like, what you need… I rub my boobies and tushy in oil and use cute little words to describe my body: tushy-tush, naughty hiney, sugartushy, shiney hiney tushy tush and bouncy boobies. I know those words drive you wild as I show off my body just for you, sweetheart…

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Selena Ryan – Is Mommy’s Butt Too Big?

Your Mommy is feeling sad because your father told her she’s let herself go. Mommy’s feelings are hurt, is her ass really getting too big? You assure Mommy that there’s nothing wrong with her curvaceous figure, and even offer to help her show your father that her body is perfect the way it is! Mommy is hesitant but goes along with your plan. She gullibly bends over exposing her huge ass. You tell her this is what your father would want to see, but secretly it’s you who’s enjoying the show. Next, you have Mommy arch her back and stick her ass up high and she looks for things under the couch. You even have her pull her ass all the way out of her dress, exposing her skimpy white panties! As long as you think this will help convince your father that Mommy looks good, Mommy is willing to play along.. Next you have Mommy get on the couch to twerk. She is shy at first but you quickly find out that she’s a natural. You ask her to remove her panties and she hesitates, but ultimately agrees to follow your lead. Her pussy and asshole are now just inches from your face. You pass over some oil and tell Mommy to oil up. She does and she even admits that she’s starting to have a little too much fun playing with you. She jiggles her ass blissfully unaware that you’ve pulled your cock out (caramel dildo used) and are about to slap it right between her oiled cheeks. Mommy is shocked but is also turned on by the size of your hard on. She agrees to give you an assjob, but that’s it! After a minute though, Mommy quickly changes her mind and begs you to fuck her. You fuck her doggystyle and Mommy loves it. She talks dirty about how taboo your sex is and begs for more. After you beat her pussy up from the back, Mommy takes a turn in charge, riding you until you explode all over her ass with a giant cumshot between her cheeks! Right after you cum, your father walks in. Mommy lets him know that she’s finally found a man who appreciates her big ass just the way it is.

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Mixxxie – Let Mommy Help You

I just need to get this room cleaned up but you can keep studying. I didn’t even realize you were getting turned on by seeing down my dress and up my skirt until I realize you have a massive erection. You know you should ejaculate every day, sweetie. Here, I’ll help you. I can sit on the floor and show you my wet panties and rub my cunt while you stroke your cock for me. Then I’ll strip off my dress and panties so you can see my naked body while I cover my tits and ass in oil for you. I know you like it when I do that. I shake and bounce my ass and tell you to cum for me.

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Julia Jordan – Teachers Rewarding Cunt

Teacher invites her favorite student at home. She wants to show him how much she loves having him in her class. She wants to surprise him and is dressed so sexy – short black skirt, white blouse, heels. Her reward shocks him – she offers him a view to her gorgeous ass, her stunning MILF cunt, her fantastic legs! And the boy does not wasting his time – he starts licking, kissing and sucking her ass and cunt, making her so horny that soon she invites him in her bedroom and fucks him riding style very hard until the boy cums deep in her horny mature cunt!

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Ashley Alban – Getting Freaky With The Babysitter

Your babysitter comes over after school to watch you while your mom works late. She tells you that she is going to try on some new clothes upstairs, but she’ll start making you dinner after. You have a huge crush on her, and you want to see her change, so you sneak upstairs to spy on her. She slides off her plaid skirt, and you can’t believe she’s not wearing any panties underneath! She tries on a pair on nude pantyhose first, and her ass and pussy look so hot. Next, she tries on some leggings. As she is checking out the camel toe they give her, she notices you watching. She smiles and says that she’s not mad. She sees that you have a boner and asks if it is your first one. She tells you it is ok and to come into the bedroom with her. She tells you that it is ok to touch yourself if you get turned on; it’s perfectly natural. She asks if you have seen breasts in real life before. You say no, so she takes off her tank top and shows off her perky boobs. Then she stands and asks if you liked staring at her butt when she was changing. She removes her leggings and bends over and spreads her cheeks to show you her asshole and pussy. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She says that since you liked her pantyhose so much, she wants you to put a pair on. She shows you how to do it by putting on a black pair herself. She tells you to rub yourself through the pantyhose and she continues to tease you. Then, she rips open her tights from the back, freeing her ass, and she instructs you to do the same. She tells you to stroke your dick. As she bends over and spreads again, she tells you that it would be fun if you fingered your ass while you stroke. She shows you how to do it. Then, she gets on the bed and fingers herself as she tells you to continue to stroke and finger your asshole. It’s so hot and naughty, it isn’t long until you both cum.

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