Mona Wales – Jerk Off To Mommys Butthole

Your mommy is worried that you are too anal-retentive and need to move on to your phallic stage. She tells you to pull down your pants and jerk off to mommy’s perfect butthole like she tells you to. If you want to be a good boy. Mommy wants to help you develop into a healthy young person and the only way to do that is to get you to cum very hard to her pink little asshole.

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BunnyMonrow – Mom Caught Me

I walk in on you smelling a bunch of your sisters panties!! What is wrong with you? This is so wrong and taboo.. I sit down trying to get to the bottom of this fetish. When did this start? I notice the boner in your pants.. are you kidding me?! Are you seriously hard as I’m talking to you about this.. Now I feel like a bad mother because I’m getting turned on.. I demand you take your cock out now and start stroking.. leading us to do the most taboo thing of all.

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