AstroDomina – Mommy Distraction JOI

You’re hanging out with your Mom in her bedroom. It’s time for you to do your homework but Mommy looks pretty good in her lingerie. It’s pretty distracting. You’ve always enjoyed looking at her in her revealing outfits and today it looks like things might be taking a new course. She notices how “junior” is showing up in full force. She’s even encouraging you to touch him. Rub him back and forth. She’s instructing you how to jerk off? This is amazing! Better do what Mommy says!
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AstroDomina – How Andy Lost His Virginity

AstroDomina, AstroKittie – Babysitter dilemma – How Andy Lost His Virginity
What a sticky situation Little Andy is in. Confronting his babysitter about stealing money from his parents and blackmailing her unless she gets naked doesn’t quite help his situation. The babysitter is smart enough to handle Little Andy on her own. She made him take off his pajamas and told him to rub his young weiner for her. She slowly undressed and took Little Andy’s virginity. Win win for both parties!
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