Atomic_MILF – Hurry up and stroke it son

Mommy is late for her cocktail event this evening, thanks to you…and your needs! Always wanting to peek at mommy and watch her change….Well; here’s the deal. Mommy is leaving in 5mins…You better stroke it fast and get all those little teenage spermies out…I’m not going to be late! You can sit and watch as mommy gets changed into the proper outfit…But no touching! Stroke it fast and hard.

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Atomic_MILF – Mommy the car whore

Mommy just arrived home with her mischevious son and she has a bone to pick. After receiving an email from his teacher, Julie is shocked at his outrageous before. Apparently, he’s been jacking off in class and telling tall tales to his friends about me. I decide to confront this horny youngster with the true…but this time the truth might just get me into some sticky icky trouble! He’s been edging a lot and boy does he know how to push my sexual button.

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Atomic_MILF – Mom’s high school Bukkake

The state championship has just finished and Mom wants to congratulate the team for the win. She stumbles into the locker just as the boys finishing showering..One thing leads to another and we have a full blown bukkake. Mom was a little hesitant at first but after seeing all the hanging meat..She can’t keep her hands or mouth away.

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