Tara Tainton – Auntie Is Going to Teach You Both How to Masturbate

I’m SO excited about having both of you stay with me all weekend! We’re going to have so much FUN! I haven’t seen my darling nephews in so long, and you’re both so GROWN UP! Now, who would like to spend time out by the pool to start with? And after that, we’ll be due for a nice afternoon snack, after we dry off. Now, I hope you won’t give me any trouble, but if one or both of you gets a bit curious… well, you know your Auntie is always here for you to answer your questions… even whatever LESSONS you may need… about being BIG BOYS. I know you’ll do everything Auntie asks of you, and you know I’ll be sure to make it as fun and memorable as possible. Now, let’s all go get WET!

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Jane Cane – My Aunts A Cum Slut

My nephew Jeremy left his laptop in my car when I picked him up last week. I went through his laptop and found out that he has been watching nasty porn about fucking aunts and stepmoms so I confront him about it. I let him know that it is normal to have these fantasies. I want to know if he ever thinks about me when he is jacking off. He starts to get a bulge in his pants. I ask him if I can see his cock. OMG! It’s HUGE! I want to touch it and suck on it. I get on my knees in front of him and take that big cock in my mouth. I turn into such a whore for his cock. I can’t get enough. I suck Jeremy off until he shoots a one man bukkake all over my face and glasses then I keep telling him that he has turned me into his whore and that I have to have his cock every single day. I want to be his personal cum dumpster.

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Sydney Harwin – Bad Auntie

Your Auntie needs your advice on some new underwear she has purchased, and would like your honest opinion. She doesn’t think anything of changing her panties in front of you and showing them off without a care in the world. She doesn’t worry that she’s flashing you her ass and pussy as she takes one pair off and slips another on. But when she spots your rock hard erection in your trousers, she is apologetic and extremely embarrassed. She asks if you’d like her to stop and you say no, which fuels your Auntie to tease you further. It isn’t long before she’s bending over in front of you, showing you her asshole and encouraging you to jack off to her body. She thinks you might need a helping hand, so wraps a pair of panties around your dick and jerks you off until you cum all over the crotch in your Aunties leopard print panties.

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Nikki Brooks, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Take Sons Virginity

Mom & aunt explain a new family tradition to a very young son, they explain that their father took their virginities at this age & it was time for him to experience it, mom & aunt comfort him – they don’t want him to be uncomfortable or embarrassed, they remind him that they love him, mom starts off by touching his pee-pee while auntie undresses.

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Nikki Brooks, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Play Doctor With Young Son

Mom finally bought son the doctor play set he’s been wanting, mom & aunt teach him how to use it, they have an ulterior motive but the son is so naive & innocent that he wants to do anything they tell him to do, they tell him to strip down, they teach him how to check someone’s heartbeat all over their body, they check his temperature & then examine his little wee-wee, virtual handjob, they pull on his cock to examine it, they check his temperature by putting his pee-pee in their mouths, virtual blowjob from mom & aunt, they teach him to examine their special spots.

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Whitney Morgan, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Catch Son Masturbating

Mom & aunt accidentally walk in on son masturbating to his adult magazine & mom’s bra, son is embarrassed but mom reassures him that it’s natural & that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, mom & aunt begin flipping through his dirty magazine to see what was so intriguing to him, they discover he likes older women, mom doesn’t want her son to have blue balls so she helps him.

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Ivy Secret, Sydney Paige – Moms Reward System

Mom started a new reward system a while ago to help motivate her son to do better in school, she has upped the rewards each time he’s done better – showing him her body, letting him touch her, letting him lick her, fuck her, etc., he has gotten straight A’s this time so she wants to do something big for him, she rewards him with her & his aunt, aunt is very supportive of the new reward system & will do anything to help her nephew stay motivated.

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Ivy Secret, Sydney Paige – Mom And Aunt Make Love To Son

Mom & aunt have been in a secret love affair for a while now, mom wants to spice things up – she suggests that they start to include her son, son is shocked to see his mom & aunt being so intimate with one another, mom tells son that she’s in a relationship with his aunt & that they’re in love, they are lovers, mom wants son to share their love & to be accepting of it – she wants to include him, mom & aunt kiss passionately and caress one another, making out, mom wants son to kiss his aunt.

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SydneyHarwin – Auntie Shows You A Thing Or Two

You ask your auntie for some advice. You have never watched porn so you have no idea whether your penis is average or not. You like a girl that you want to make a move on, but you don’t want her to laugh at your manhood. Your auntie tells you that it’s really not her job to look, but considering your mom is out then she takes the challenge and helps you out. You show her your penis and she tells you it looks very normal to her… although, she says, she can’t really tell unless it’s fully erect…

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Nikki Brooks – Good Moms Go To Heaven Bad Moms Cum Everywhere

Scene One: New House Tour
Mom Finally did it, she left my Dad and today was a special day, the new home tour. I had no idea the type of house she would buy but today I would see the one she chose. This was an amazing new house with brand new everything. New Kitchen, bathroom…everything…There was only one thing that was off…There was only one bed…Mom said it was okay and we could share the bed and have fun whenever we wanted. As she explained the situation, he clothes also began to fall off. I was still a bit memorized by the new house as she pulled out my cock and began to suck it. Everything would be fine, Mom promised and I let her do her thing. Mom also mentioned there would be some paperwork to sign later with Aunt Cory…I was barely paying attention as I unloaded into Mom’s mouth…Can’t wait for our new beginning and so much more!

Scene Two: No Regret
My mom is standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, having a conversation with herself. She isn’t sure what to do about the situation that she has put me in. She wants to keep me all for herself, but she isn’t sure if that would make her a bad person or a bad mother. She knows that she is being selfish by not allowing me to ever get a girlfriend or ever touch another woman besides mommy. She wants to be selfish though! She wants to keep me all for herself. She decides to ask me what I want to do about this. I walk in to the bathroom and interrupt her conversation with herself. She tells me that she would never break my heart, like the slutty girls at school would end up doing! She also tells me that if I don’t choose her, then she will start dating other men and I would be forced to deal with these random men. I pull my cock out and start to fuck mommy against the sink countertop. I am pretty sure that I would be perfectly happy if I only fucked my mom’s pussy for the rest of my life! I keep fucking mommy’s pussy from behind as we have this conversation. I cum deep inside my mom’s pussy this time, and she loves it…

Scene Three: Fresh Start
My mom is sitting on our bed, finishing up her last glass of red wine. She starts telling me some stories about my aunt Cory and my grandma Andi. Mom accidentally starts to mention a game she used to play with my Aunt Cory where they would kiss… but then she changes the story and says that they used to kick each other, not kiss! She tries to change the subject and she tells me that she just had a little too much to drink. She tells me that she is a little horny now, so she leans back on the bed for me to stick my cock inside of her. As I fuck her, she starts to tell me how hard it is keeping a secret this big from aunt Cory. She gets distracted from her thoughts, as I fuck her harder. “Make mommy cum on your cock!” she moans. She jumps on top of my cock and bounces up and down on it. “You get to touch mommy whenever you want and we don’t ever have to worry about your father walking in on us!!” she reminds me. She says that she is going to cum on my cock again, so I tell her to please do it! She keeps bouncing up and down, moaning “I’m fucking my son’s cock! You’re such a good boy!” I ask her if I can cum in her mouth this time and she says yes. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk it off all over her face… Now it is time for bed!

Scene Four: Sharing Aunt
Mommy is sitting with aunt Cory in our new kitchen. Mom is signing the rest of the paperwork for the house. Mom admits to aunt Cory that she almost accidentally told me about how the two of them used to fuck… and still do fuck sometimes! “I did notice that you only have one bed!” Cory tells my mom, as the two of them start to kiss. “Where am I going to sleep if I ever sleep over?!” aunt Cory questions her. “Well… you’ll just have to sleep in the middle of us!” my mom exclaims. The two sisters start to kiss each other more, and my aunt Cory gets down on her knees to eat my mom’s pussy out as she sits on the edge of the kitchen counter. I just happen to come home at this exact moment, and I caught my aunt eating my mom’s pussy out! “Mom! That’s aunt Cory! What are you doing?! Why are you naked?!” I question them. They try to lie to me at first, but then they slowly start to admit the truth. I tell my mom that I am a little uncomfortable with this because she promised that it would be just the two of us! “I did say no other men… and aunt Cory’s not a man…” she tells me. They try to convince me to fuck the both of them and keep it all in the family. My mom pulls aunt Cory’s bra and panties off so I can see how good she looks naked. Then the two sisters get on the bed and let me watch the two of them make out with each other and eat each other’s pussies. I start to get really turned on by this, so I take my cock out and I stick it inside of my mommy’s pussy. My mom eats my aunt’s pussy while I fuck my mom in the doggy style position. I ask them if I’m allowed to put my cock inside of aunt Cory’s pussy next, and they say yes! “Look at you! You’re such a good boy, fucking two women in your family at the same time! And, this is for the rest of your life!” my mom tells me. I start to fuck my mom’s pussy again, while aunt Cory sits on top of my mom’s face. After my mom cums on my cock, I decide to fuck aunt Cory again so she can cum on my cock too! “Not even a fully grown man, and you’re already making two women cum!” my mom compliments me. I fuck my aunt Cory’s pussy until I get close to cumming, and then I pull out to cum all over my aunt’s face and in her mouth. Then she kisses my mom so the two of them can share my cum…

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