Tara Tainton – Hands Off Sis Hes My Son

THAT SLUT!! I KNEW IT! There’s not a single thing my slutty sister can keep her hands off — especially when it’s MINE! I can’t believe she’s done this. Gone so far. MY BOY!! She’s gone after him with her slutty bitchy witchy wiles and thinks she can take MY BOY away from me?! I know it’s not his fault… it’s just not. He’s completely innocent, my perfect boy. He’s just… confused. That must be it. He just needs to have his attention directed elsewhere. He needs to realize what he has RIGHT HERE. In his own home. Right before his eyes. At his fingertips. Day and night. There’s not a thing that slut has or can do that I’m not ten times better at. And I’m going to love shoving that in her face!! And my son’s…

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Tara Tainton – Any Time You Want Even When Uncle’s in the Room

How exciting… my husband actually interested in phone sex?? But NOW?? In the middle of our New Year’s Eve party — that he can’t even attend?? I think he’s been inspired. But oh, gosh, our boy is… well, he WANTS IT now. And I’ll always uphold my promise, the subject of our little talk when he became an adult. “Fucking your mother is as natural as saying hello in this house!” I have to oblige… even while working up his father on the phone… grabbing one delicious cock while talking dirty to the other. I’m getting so mixed up… so HOT!!!! I don’t even know who came first. I just know that I’ve never been this turned on, this excited, this high on orgasms! And… oh, no, he’s ready AGAIN. And he wants it. NOW. Even with Uncle Larry in the room! Any time you want, my beautiful boy. Any time at all…

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Tara Tainton – Auntie Is Going to Teach You Both How to Masturbate

I’m SO excited about having both of you stay with me all weekend! We’re going to have so much FUN! I haven’t seen my darling nephews in so long, and you’re both so GROWN UP! Now, who would like to spend time out by the pool to start with? And after that, we’ll be due for a nice afternoon snack, after we dry off. Now, I hope you won’t give me any trouble, but if one or both of you gets a bit curious… well, you know your Auntie is always here for you to answer your questions… even whatever LESSONS you may need… about being BIG BOYS. I know you’ll do everything Auntie asks of you, and you know I’ll be sure to make it as fun and memorable as possible. Now, let’s all go get WET!

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Tara Tainton – Aunties Super Special Bedtime Technique

Poor nephew. I heard you were up here, tucked into bed but unable to find sweet sleep. So, I came to help you. I’m always here for my favorite nephew! Do you trust your auntie? Then, I’m going to treat you to my super special bedtime technique… it starts with a relaxing bedtime voice, soft and soothing, a nice sensual massage, and the very best thing for bedtime of all: auntie’s special pillows. Just lie back, relax, listen to my soft voice, and… let’s get you out of these pajamas. I’ll keep you nice and warm…

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Tara Tainton – Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Nephew

It’s your birthday. And your mother, my sister, well… she means well. She can’t help but think of you as still being her sweet little boy. She’s thrown you a party that’s… well, a bit below your age. By a lot! She doesn’t realize what a handsome young MAN you’re growing into. But… your auntie has. And, well, I have a special present for you. Something to make your party a bit better. Just… promise me one thing. No hands, okay? You’re not allowed to touch. Just sit back and relax. And enjoy the show…

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Tara Tainton – I Know What You Really Want Nephew

Do you really think no one knows? Really? You aren’t so sly you know. You’re clever, but… you’re a man. You can’t help but give yourself away. It’s so obvious…. to me. I see how you look at your own mother, how your mind wanders, what you’re THINKING… DREAMING… FANTASIZING. And the thing is… you can HAVE all of that. You can have the woman that gave birth to you and raised you… essentially. I’m practically… her. So, show me how badly you want her, nephew. Get your cock out.

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AprilSkyz – Naughty Auntie Roleplay

Your naughty step aunt comes over, she wants to get to know her nephew! And that means suck fuck and let you creampie her! I suck your cock POV and then let you titty fuck me, I lay back to feel your cock enter me then ride you till you cum inside me, showing off of my leaking creampie pussy after.

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Julie Snow – Your Aunts Sweet Blowjob

We are in lockdown for protection against Covid-19 and your Mom had you stay at my place since she is a nurse and she could risk exposing you – she wants to keep you safe. You come into my room late at night, and I am in a revealing nightgown…I didn’t expect you to enter, but come in, you need to talk? What are you upset about? You tell me that you are worried of catching Covid and dying, and you are afraid to die a virgin. You ask if I can give you a blowjob, since I am the naughty aunt….everyone in the family talks about it! Okay, I agree, and I stroke your cock and blow you.

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Bea York – Naughty Night At Your Aunts House

Yay! You finally get to hang out at your favourite aunt’s house. We’re going to have so much fun! I have board gam… Hey! Are you checking me out? It’s fine. I kinda like it. I let you tit fuck me, suck you off, let you fuck me from behind, ride you, and then finally use my Hitachi to cum while you continue to fuck me in missionary.

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Download BeaYork - Naughty Night at Your Aunts.mp4

Naughty Auntie Gangbang – Little Puck

Fuck, what I have made you into! You’re such a bad boy…bad like me, we’re definitely the black sheep of the family. Wow, ok, so you’re demanding my pussy right away? You’re such a needy nephew aren’t you?! But I’ll give it up for you good boy, you deserve it. Oh, you wanna punish me for being a bad auntie? You’re right I’m such a naughty lil slut, do whatever you want with me.” You write Fuck Toy and Cum Slut on your aunt’s body to prep her for what’s to come….you have big plans for her slutty fuckholes tonight…you tell her you’ve brought over a bunch of your high school friends and you’re gonna pimp her out for cash to save up for a car. She protests at first but she can’t help but touch herself at the thought and she wants to please you desperately…she craves your dick above all else and if it’ll make you hard to see her used and pimped out to your friends…then she’ll do anything to make you happy. She takes the first cock POV doggystyle and lets the filthy fucked up dirty talk spew out of her mouth for you and all the horny boys you brought over. Then she mounts the second boy, riding him and moaning loud until another guy cums all over her tits while she’s bouncing on cock. The thick cumshot gets her dripping wet and she cums so hard! All the guys shower her in tips and it makes her so horny to be used like this! She wants to save up enough money so you can get a car and drive over to her house and fuck her whenever you want! She gets on her knees and strokes off two cocks on both sides of her while sucking on your nephew dick (POV), she begs for her your cum and you shoot a huge load all over her glasses, giving her a nasty fat facial. But your aunt isn’t full of cum yet, she needs more! She mounts another guy, a virgin, in reverse cowgirl and takes his virgin cock with her fat ass bouncing in his face. She talks so dirty and cums so hard while another guy shoots his load all over ass!

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Download Little Puck - Naughty Auntie Gangbang.mp4