Blair Blackheart – Your Pervert Babysitter

Since your parents both work the night shift, they hire Blair to be your overnight babysitter. When bedtime rolls around Blair puts you to bed but you just can’t rest. You come out into the living room and catch Blair in her panties, making herself at home stretched out on the sofa playing video games. You ask your much older babysitter if you can stay up a little longer and watch some TV with her. Blair checks the clock, sees your parents won’t be home soon, and agrees. Only Blair being the dirty pervert that she is suggests you both watch a XXX movie. When you admit you’ve never seen dirty movies because you’re too young she decides to teach you everything you’ll need to know in the future. Blair makes you promise you won’t tell your parents and right after you say “I promise” Blair tells you to pull out your private parts because she’s going to take your virginity!

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Tara Tainton – The Return Of Jerky Boy

Oh, gosh… MUST Jerk Boy return tonight?? Just before bedtime?? Okay, okay… and I have to play Evil Nanny?? Yes, yes, of course, I’m evil. Whatever you say… Jerky Boy. Now, what does Evil Nanny have to do to get you into bed AND put an end to your… exhibitionist jerking??? I’ll do whatever it takes!

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Siena Rose – Taboo Babysitter Takes Your Virginity

Your parents have to stay out of town for the night due to some bad weather and I am going to stay over since they don’t trust a young teenage boy alone at home. I talk to you a bit while wearing a low cut top and oops, just a tiny nip slip. I quickly decide to go make dinner since I am so embarrassed. I come back later from taking a shower with my hair still wet and I have a towel around me…which accidentally drops while I am talking to you. I talk to you for a second, full frontal nude and slowly pick my towel back up to walk away showing my ass. Later I come to your bedroom to talk about that crazy nip slip and the towel drop. I confess that I noticed your grown up now and that you have been checking me out. I tell you we reached a crossed a line and now we can’t go back. I tell you we can take it further if you promise not to tell anyone. I tease you and crawl on top of you, talking seductively and rubbing my body on you. My tits are in your face and I grind your cock until I pull back those covers. I tell you I want to take your young virginity. I ease my pussy down on your cock and tell you that I popped your cherry. I suck your cock but don’t let you cum. I ride you cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until I cum REALLY loud and hard and then I crawl down and suck that virgin cum loud out swallowing every hot drop.

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Download Siena Rose - Taboo Babysitter Takes Your Virginity.mp4

Lissie Belle – Slutty Babysitter

I love babysitting! he’s such a fun and mature teen! I love how he listens to me! today I’m babysitting him while his mother is home getting some work done, he’s so sweet I just couldn’t resist seducing him and teaching him a thing or two, I let him fuck me with his big teenage cock hard, while his mother was just a few feet away! we manage to get away with it, I thought his mom almost caught me as I was leaving and I had a bit of cum on my face, but I got out of it by saying it was a yogurt I brought for her son!

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Download Lissie Belle - Slutty Babysitter.mp4

Siena Rose – Babysitting The Monster Cock

Custom: You babysit him and we start off with some sweet babytalk and then baby starts to cry and you talk to him like “what’s wrong sweetie?” and so on “are you hungry? I just gave you the bottle” etc. You then see how he is bulging up down there, the diaper getting more and more strained. You look more and more shocked and kinda freak out a bit. You then ask if that’s why he’s crying, you then think to yourself “omg what is happening down there?! It keeps growing, this is not normal”. You then proceed to open up the diaper saying “Is it because of that your crying?” You then shockingly discover his monster dick. You look at it horrified and think to yourself “Oh my fucking god that thing is enormous, this so fucked up” You then ask him “What do you want me to do? Is there some thing mommy does to make you feel better?” You then notice him start thrusting it towards you and then you realize what you have to do… You then move on to feeling the cock, saying how massive and thick it is; some comparing it with your arm and trying to wrap your hand around it. You then move in to stroking it and saying like “Does that feel good, baby?” in babytalk. You then quickly move on to licking it – sucking it – deepthroat it (lots of deepthroating!! really sloppy and deep) You can throw in some lines during about how nicely huge and thick it is and how im such a “big baby boy!” and maybe “who’s a good monster cock baby!” This is the basic script! I’ll give you some freedom to add stuff if you’d like, come up with your own lines and stuff like that!

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Tina Kay – Your Babysitter

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen your old babysitter tina kay… She was just passing by and thought she’d call in to catch up! She can’t believe you’re at college now and all grown up! Tina remembers how you had a crush on her years ago and thinks now you’re an adult the two of you should have a bit of kinky fun! She starts by teasing you with her sexy body and encouraging you to get your cock out and wank!… One thing leads to another and before you know it… You’re getting a footjob from your slutty babysitter! How far will things go?
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Meana Wolf – Bad Baby Sitter

Hey! Your mom and dad said we could watch a movie tonight! What do you think we should watch? haha Cool…so…where do your mom and dad keep the booze? You don’t know? That’s alright, I’ll just keep looking for it. Don’t be such a boyscout! Your mom always says I can have whatever I want when I come over here. So I’m pretty sure that counts. Ooooh nice! She has an open bottle of wine in the fridge. haha MMMM it’s good! You wanna try some? You’ll like it. hah See now you can’t tell on me cuz you had some too. Wanna play a drinking game with me? Come on, it’ll be fun. You’re grown up enough to play a drinking game with your favourite babysitter. Here’s the game, I take a sip and I tell you what I want you to do. Then you take a sip and you tell me what you want me to do. Sound like fun? hahah My turn first! MMMmmm wow this wine is going to my head already…k ready? I want… you to take off your underwear. hahah Come on you have to do it! Now you take a sip and tell me what you want me to do. You want me to take off my underwear too? hehe Okay…mmm see how wet it is? Have you ever seen an older girls pussy before? haha K now it’s my turn!
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Princess Leia – Babysitter Puts You To Bed

Hey Buddy, my boyfriend is coming over and he’s going to be here very soon. I know you’re probably not tired yet… It’s still a little early, but we do need our privacy! I promise you will get a very special treat if you go to sleep for me right now. ….Oh, what my boyfriend and I are going to do is just between him and I! –but hey, that gives me an idea. I know something I can do for you that will really help you fall asleep. It’s a lot like a treat! Do you wanna try?
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Xev Bellringer – Babysitters Busty Bribe

I tried everything from letting you stay up past your bedtime to buying video games, but nothing would convince you to keep what you saw a secret. You knew my friend wasn’t tickling me… and that we weren’t just wrestling. His penis was sliding into my body over and over again. You saw it all through the crack of the door… and under your parents’ roof. But this boy I babysit has a curious mind. And a very curious young cock… Already old enough to start touching your penis… It feels really good sometimes, especially when the white stuff comes out. Do you ever think about putting your penis inside things? Well, like a girl’s mouth… or even in between her boobies. It feels so much better than using your hand… warm, soft, and sometimes really wet. My boobies are really nice aren’t they? Don’t be shy, that other boy likes them too. You know, I could show you how good it feels to smoosh your penis between my breasts… as long as you promise not to tell your Mommy and Daddy that your babysitter had that other boy over. Deal?
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Goldie Blair – Sexy Teacher POV

Sexy teacher Goldie is house sitting/babysitting a friend’s 19 year old POV son he is shy and geeky and doesn’t really need looking after but Goldie decides to try and cock tease him out of his shell…as he is doing his home work Goldie comes up to him in her tiny red bikini and starts oiling herself up slow and sexy..noticing he is getting flushed at seeing her this way she teasing him even more saying her AC doesn’t work too well that’s why it’s getting hot in here..she then takes a long drink of ice water pulling ice out to rub on her hot body…The POV student gets so hot and flustered she tells him maybe he should go lay down and maybe get some relief and maybe change his pants as he has a wet patch…
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