Skyebaeby – Mommy the Masseuse Taboo

You go to the massage studio, you booked a ‘happy ending’ session with the top masseuse there. You’re surprised when it turns out that your MOM is the masseuse!? Turns out she’s been having this secret job for a while! You already paid and no one else is working, so after some awkwardness you and mommy agree on remaining professional and going for a normal massage. One thing leads to another, and mommy fucks you, sucks your cock in 69, on the oily massage table! You love the taste of Moms pussy, and how tight and wet she is for your huge BBC!

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Kelly Payne – Mom Loves Her Step Sons BBC

Mommy knows all about your fantasy, she’s heard you in your dreams. She’s seen your history on your laptop, she knows you’ve been waiting her, fantasizing about her. Mom climbs ontop of you in your bedroom and starts stroking and riding your already hard bbc. Thinking its just another dream, you fuck her thursting hard inside her as she rides your cock. Feeling close to orgasm and mommy talking to you so dirty… you start to wake up a bit and realize this isn’t a dream. Startled you try to resist and pull away but mommy comforts her pushes you down and continues to ride you, letting you know its all okay… and she’s been wanting you to you cum inside her, but mommy wants more and so do you. Continuing to enjoy one another, switching positions as mommy continues to entice, encourage you, and talking naughty to you and how much she is loving your bbc you cum again deep inside mommy, filling her pussy up so much she cums lots of it out. making quite the mess mommy suggests a shower together to clean off.

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Rae Knight xxx – Mommy’s Dripping Cunt

You stayed up waiting to hear all about my date with a hot black guy. You’re such a loser and have no life, so you try to live it through your mother! I begin telling you just how incredibly huge he was. Mommy could only fit 1/4 of his BBC in my mouth!!!!! His cock was a long as my forearm and so girthy! Unlike your puny little shrimp dick! I still have flash backs of my hot night!!! But you’re in luck loser, mommy saved some of his alpha jizz just for you. It’s been dripping out of my cunt and you can lick it up!!! Like a good sissy son that you are!

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Download Butt3rflyforu - Mommys Dripping Cunt.mp4

Rae Knight xxx – Freshly Fucked Pussy

You’re still up? You waiting to hear all the juicy details of my night with your school bully? You are waiting to clean your mother up after my hot night with the school bully? Mother’s pussy is full of BBC nut! It was so refreshing to feel a real hot alpha boy fuck my pussy! I am so over little beta boys. You’re an embarrassment to me!! Now I have quite the reputation at your school! They all know your mother loves huge black cock! I’m so over beta bitches. I got rid of your pathetic dad, now I have you to remind me what a loser you and him both are! Clean me up like a good beta bitch. I know you want to taste his nut out of my pussy!

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Download Butt3rflyforu - Freshly Fucked Pussy.mp4

XxNaughtyGirlxX – Step Mommy Worships Your BBC

A Custom Video: well it’s a bit weird like. I would like it if you played the role of a mom who has a white son and daughter plus a black step son (all of age if you like). I would like it if in the video you saw your black step sons massive black cock and couldnt help but fall on your knees for him. You say about how now understand why so many white girls come home with him, He fucks your face and pussy. You beg him to be your master, beg him to turn his mommy into a submissive slut for black cock. You ask him what he can do for you. He tells you he wants your son and daughter. As he fucks you and dominates you, you tell him all the filthy things the 3 of you will do to him, how you will turn your daughter into a black cock sucking whore like yourself and sissyfy your son into sucking and fucking black dick as well. You say humiliating things about your sons white cock and how all white men and women should kneel for superior black seed. You tell him you want his baby, you want to breed a superior race.

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Download XxNaughtyGirlxX - Step Mommy Worships Your BBC.mp4

Katie71 – Stepson Gets It Again

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, MILF, Virtual Sex, BBC
His father left us alone again and I have weak knees when I am alone with this young man. His cock is amazing and he has the stamina I need. So I was cleaning the backyard and there he was sitting down looking sexy as always. I started hitting on him and seen his cock was rising up in his shorts so I grabbed it and started stroking his amazing BBC. I sucked it for a bit then slid down that pole like I haven’t had cock in years. I was cock hungry. I told him to follow me into the pool room where I rode him real good. We both had great orgasms.

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