Kelly Payne – Pool Party Boner

You and mommy are at your friends pool party for his birthday. Mom is enjoying sun bathing by the pool when she notices you sitting pretty close to her. She asks you why your not playing with your friends, you and her can enjoy some quality time later on… you show her your “problem” you have a massive boner. Mom thinks quickly and wraps you in a towel and makes an excuse to go inside and help you with your little problem. Mommy tells you how we have to be very careful and quick, because this is normally just a mommy house thing. Mommy starts stroking you, and you ask to fuck mommy. She tells you no, but she can tell you need something more to cum… she bends down and starts sucking you… but you continue asking her to fuck mommy… finally rather aroused herself she agrees, but you have to cum quickly. You climb on top of mommy and bring both of you to orgasm… mommy cleans you up with her mouth… accidentally getting carried away by pleasure and you get hard again…. she pulls you close and you fuck mommy again… almost getting caught when your friends mom comes to check in on us.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Teaches Sons Virgin Friends

Mommy allows you to have another blankover, this time with two of your closest friends. You’ve shared details about your previous blankovers with your new friend and decide to help mom clean up around the house in hopes of receiving a very special reward. One friend offers to help your mom with the dishes as you and your other friend continue to clean up around the house. Mom notices as he helps with the dishes he keeps checking her out, and then notices his boner. She talks to him about it for a little before offering to help him out. She kneels and starts stroking his hard peepee, sucking him, and telling him to stroke himself while playing with her tits, stopping right before he cums and telling him to finish the dishes and shell finish him later. She goes into her sons room and finds your other friend making the bed. She seduces him, asking him if he’s being good… or naughty thinking about all the naughty things from the previous blankovers. (Bunkbed troublemakers 1&2) She climbs up the bed and starts rubbing his hard peepee… playing with herself and then climbing on top of him and riding him until hes about to cum, stopping just before and again telling him to finish up what hes doing and shell take care of him later. A few hours later… she walks in with all the boys laying in the bunk beds and starts to tease and seduce them, striping down slowly to nothing… and then one by one fucking them and letting them cum deep inside her.

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Kelly Payne – Bunkedbed Trouble Makers 2 Fun With Mommy

Sleepover number two, and you and your friend are eagerly waiting for mommy to come and wake them up. Little does she know… not that she’s surprised you boys are expecting another super special and intimate morning wake up from mrs. payne. Mommy catches on pretty quickly what you two are up to, and she starts with your friend, climbing on top and rubbing his already hard peepee. She remembers last time how she promised something more…. and she pulls up her skirt and starts riding you, slowly pulling out her tits as she fucks your friend (POV friend) after you cum inside her she climbs down and asks her sweet baby boy if he’s jealous and how you would like to enjoy mommy. Mommy lays down and you climb on top and fuck her hard. watching your moms big tits bounce as you enjoy her wet cum filled pussy. You boys are so naughty. After she makes you cum, she tells you to get ready… we’re going to the beach! fun!

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Kelly Payne – BunkedBed Trouble Makers get it From Mom

Mommy Kelly comes into your room to wake you and your friend up, but neither of you are budging… Frustrated she continues to try to get you boys up but it isn’t working… Mommy has a better idea. Starting with your friend. She climbs on top of the bunked bed & on top of your friend. He wakes up and finds your mom straddling him and reaching for his peepee, which is hard. Mommy Kelly explains that he’s a special friend… and she’s going to help him wake up the way she sometimes wakes up her son when he wont wake up.. there’s only one rule, it’s our little secret. Mommy gives your friend a handjob & blowjob and let him cum in her mouth. She then tells him if he’s a really good boy maybe on the next sleepover she’ll let him stick his peepee inside of her. Mommy then climbs down and starts talking to you. Your not jealous are you? Of course your mommy’s sweet boy, and you get something extra special… Mommy strokes and sucks your cock while she talks to you a bit, and then tells you to climb on top of her and put your hard peepee inside her. Fucking mommy until you make a nice cummy inside of mommy.

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Kelly Payne – Bath Time With Mom

Mommy Kelly is taking a bath with you as she usually does, and mommy notices her little boys penis is hard. Mommy takes advantage of your hard on, and tells you how it’s perfectly normally for little boys to be excited by their mommys. Mommy Kelly suggests letting mommy make her sweet boy feel really good, and as shy as you are mommy notices your excited but nervous, so she suggests you nurse from her to relax and calm the nerves. After enjoying mommys sweet and warm breast milk, mommy tells her little boy to stand up because mommy wants to make you feel SO good. Mommy Talks to you while she sucks your little cock, (POV DILDO) until she gets so arroused and asks you to make mommy feel good to. Mommy guides your little cock inside her while your on top and you fuck your mommy hard till you cum.

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