BellaBates – Don’t Do This To Your Own Mommy

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You didn’t know what your mom was doing for a living until you ended up in a local brothel. Your mom is working there. You had unknowingly paid for the evening with her. You had paid a lot for that evening. Your “package” included ordinary pussy fucking, handcuffs, ass fucking, blowjob and of course sex without a condom. Your mommy gets scared when you go to her room. “What are you doing in a place like this?” she asks. When you see your mommy on the bed, wearing a sexy outfit and her bare pussy, something happens in you and you feel an irresistible desire to fuck her. You say to your mom that you want to try it, having sex with her. Your mommy thinks it’s so wrong, you can’t do that, you’re her son. You said you paid a lot. Your mommy is worried because her boss will get angry if she doesn’t do her job. But you want to get what you came to get from the brothel… The whole package you paid for. “Son, how can you do this for your own mommy?” Your mom will ask you that many times during the evening… But dear son, do not feel guilty, even that you ruined your own mommy. Your mommy still loves you.

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BellaBates – Son Mommy Can Be Your Ahegao Cum Slut

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You have been in your room for days. Something is depressing you. I want to know what it is, what’s wrong with you. I ask how I would make you happy, but you don’t answer me anything. I am really worried, what’s wrong with my son? I look around your room as I talk to you and I get curious: you have a lot of posters about cartoon girls and I’ve seen in your browsing history how much you watch cartoons, or do you call it anime (sorry, I am mommy)?, where the girls are dressed sexy and they show that “silly face”. What does that mean? That face? Then I’ll show you the face I mean, and then.. there it is: your smile for a long time! If mommy can make you smile and happy for a long time, mom will do anything to keep you happy.

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BellaBates – A One-Night Stand With Mommy

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You are going with your mommy to your cousin’s wedding, but your bags get lost on the flight. You have to spend one night in a hotel where there was only one room left, with one double bed. Your mommy doesn’t have a change of clothes and she wants to wash her clothes, she offers to wash yours too, but asks you to borrow your undershirt for the night. You tend to masturbate every night before going to bed so you can s-leep. But now you didn’t dare. Because of this, you have a big boner all night. Your mom wakes up to your hard cock between her thighs. You tell her the reason why you can’t s-leep and why your cock is so hard. Your mom wants you to be able to s-leep, so she suggests you rub your cock between her thighs. “There’s probably nothing wrong with it if it doesn’t go in?” she guesses. In the morning you have a big boner again… Your mom lets you fuck between the thighs again… and maybe a couple of times in one other place as well. As long as this happens just once, in this hotel room and will remain a secret between you and your mommy only.

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BellaBates – Your Step-Mommy’s Wet Pussy

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I made this video mostly in my native language because I wanted to give the best side of myself. I speak a lot of Finnish in the video. I am your Nordic stepmother, we have had a sexual relationship for a long time (your father knows nothing about it). When I first met you.. my own step-son, I knew you had a big cock. I wanted you right away and I knew I could lure you into bed with me… Every time we fuck, I speak you dirty foreign language. Now you finally want to understand what I’m talking to you and you’ve learned my language for me. You don’t know how horny it makes me… Do you love my wet whore-mommy-pussy? I’m your whore, I’m your cumslut mommy.

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BellaBates – The Widow MILF Hard Fuck

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She is your best friend’s mommy. The mommy you always wanted to fuck… Now she is a widow. You spend the night at your friend’s house and his mommy has been on a date for the first time since her husband passed away. She comes home after a date and she’s wearing a sexy dress… You follow her into her bedroom and you intend to fuck her finally.. You are a naughty horny boy…

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BellaBates – Son, Breed Mommy

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You have come to visit home from university. In the morning you come to the bathroom at the same time as I am naked on the toilet, but I tell you that you are free to take care of your morning activities. I notice that you are bothered by something. I ask you and you tell me about your girl problems. I know you are still a virgin and have no experience with women. As we talk, I notice that you are starting to take an interest in my naked body. I say you can come take a closer look… In the bathroom, you did something to mom that I want to pay you back at night. Fortunately, you were still awake.

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BellaBates – Free Use Mommy’s Pussy

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It’s always available, you can use it whenever you want, anytime: Mom’s pussy. And you use it so much that your mom’s pussy is always full of your warm cum, it leaks all the time from her pussy. Well.. Mothers never get tired of satisfying their sons ’needs.

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BellaBates – Movie Night With Mommy

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You watch a movie with your mom, it’s one of her favorite movies. In the middle of the movie, your mom starts rubbing herself. You’re a little confused and she tells that she can’t resist touching herself because the certain scene in the movie always makes her so horny. She can do nothing about it, she just feels an irresistible desire to touch herself. She strokes her pussy throughout the scene. She shows you how wet she got. You can see how her jeans have a wet spot. She sees that you too are horny because your cock is hard in your pants. She thinks the movie got you horny too (really your cock is hard after seeing a wet spot). She suggests something to you because she really wants something inside her, she can’t resist her lusts. You end up fucking her doggystyle on the couch and shoot big cum on her face.

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