Gwen Adora – Mommy Impregnation Creampie Mothers Day

You’ve come home from college for Mother’s Day, and I’m so excited to my baby boy home. You’ve really grown into a man during your time away and you’ve filled out so much. We need to talk about something though – I opened your package by accident and I found something I think might be my mothers day gift. It’s a pregnancy test – did you know me and your father have been trying to get pregnant? That’s so sweet of you, we’ve been having some troubles since your dad’s sperm count is so low. Oh, it’s not for me? Oh I’m sorry hunny, I didn’t know you were seeing someone? You drop the subject quickly and tell me that you’re not seeing someone and that your ordered it for private reasons. You let me have the pregnancy test as my mothers day gift, and we decide to let the subject rest. Later that night you come to say good night to me and admit the real reason you ordered the pregnancy – you have an impregnation fetish. We get to talking and soon I’m thinking about the idea of my young stud son impregnating me instead of your father. It’s so wrong but feels so right. Quickly, your mother is rubbing her belly and telling you to take your hard cock out for her.

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Gwen Adora – Taboo Titty Fuck Mommys Big Boobs

Your mom is working out naked when you come home early from school – she’s doing jumping jacks, stretching and running on the spot. Her big beautiful bbw body is moving with her, her ass shaking and her big boobs bouncing as she moves. You can’t help but get a boner watching her. When she notices that you’ve come home, your mommy milf tries to cover up, but your hard cock isn’t going away. She decides to help you out with it – oiling herself up and letting you take it out to stroke. She gives you an oily handjob, and lets you fuck her big tits, stroke against her belly, and, when you’re ready, lets you release a giant cumshot onto her giant jugs.

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Download Gwen Adora - Taboo Titty Fuck Mommys Big Boobs.mp4
Download Gwen Adora - Taboo Titty Fuck Mommys Big Boobs.mp4