Joslyn Jane – Sensual Massage Of My Sons Best Friend Part 5

My son’s best friend and teammate has really done a number on his hip adductors (groin)! He keeps coming over every day before practice to have me work on it with my hands, but he’s still complaining of pain and discomfort. The last time he came over, I gave him a blowjob so I wouldn’t be late for my next client. I’m nervous about what he’s going to ask me during this session, but I have an inkling this is going to escalate! We start the massage off like we normally do, except he uses our little secret against me to have sex with me! I sit on top of him and bounce my big fat ass on his young cock. Then, he bends me over the massage table and he finishes inside of me.

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Erin Electra – Your Best Friends Mom Wants To Have Sex

Your best friend’s mom was hot and now she is telling you her husband had just cheated on her and she wanted t get back at him….was this really happening?! Yes, she was pulling down your pants and now sucking your dick…..omg, she putting it in her pussy now, sliding it in and moving up and down on it, shoving your hard throbbing dick deep into her wet MILF pussy… never realized just how big her natural tits were until they were bobbing in your face as she bounces her ample booty on your cock!

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HornyLily – Mom Sucking Her Sons Friend

Son and his friend come in to see mom resting after a long swim outback. Her titty is hanging out and it turns on the friend. When asked to leave the mom tells the son’s friend to stay in the room, and that she needed to talk to him and he’ll catch up in a few mins! The big ass indian mom then proceeds to seduce the young man, with her big indian ass and her wet milf lips. She blows him until the son comes back and knocks at the door, the son’s friend must now hurry and bust a load into his friends hot indian mom before they are caught!

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Bettie Bondage – MILF Teaches You Her Anatomy

Your best friend’s mom is peeing in the bathroom when you decide to get a little peek. She’s so pretty, it’s hard not to want to look at her, even when she’s doing something like that…problem is, she caught you! Still, you couldn’t stop watching. She told you to leave, even, but you were rooted to the linoleum, watching her cover her privates and repeat that you couldn’t be in there…but you’re just curious, you just want to know what’s going on! And when she realizes that’s the basis for your ongoing stare, she decides to teach you something. She leans back, pulling her jeans down to her ankles and gives you an in-depth anatomy lesson. She’s shocked that you haven’t had this in school yet, and she goes to work informing you as best she can, working from her clitoris down, touching and rubbing herself while your young cock begins to stiffen. She works two fingers into her vagina and starts to move them in and out, rubbing her clit while she asks if you’re starting to get excited. There’s no hiding it, of course, and she tells you to take your penis out and touch it. “It’s ok, sweetie, just take it out and touch it like you do when you’re alone in your bedroom,” she tells you, “just promise not to tell anyone about our little lesson, ok?” You agree, taking out your rock-hard erection as she instructs you to stroke it, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit while you masturbate for her, your best friend’s mom! She pulls up her blouse and opens her legs, giving you a gorgeous view of her body as she leans forward and asks if you’ve ever had someone else touch you like that. You tell her no and she grins, reaching forward to stroke you, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm as she tells you more and more about sex and sexual slang, telling you that you’re going to “cum” for her. You get that tingly feeling and she quickly grabs a piece of toilet paper, jerking you to orgasm onto it. She tells you to go wash up, and you leave the bathroom to her panting and trying to compose herself. …behind closed doors, Bettie takes the toilet paper, covered in young cum, and sniffs it. She brings it to her mouth and rubs the young sperm all over her face before rubbing the remains across her pussy, fingering herself with the virile jizz of her son’s best friend! She fucks herself to an intense orgasm before wiping the sperm off her face and flushing all the evidence!

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