Blondie Fesser – Hot Mommy Teaching Son How To Fuck

You are my Son and I love you so much. I´ve been looking through your computer and I saw you were watching porn and you had a preference for mature women. It’s ok to watch porn, but I just wanna teach you how you need to please women the right way and who is gonna be better than mommy? We have a lil chat before you go to bed, now that your father isn’t here. I don’t need to tease you too much, I know your dick is already hard by looking at me. You love these porn looking mommas with huge tits and big ass. I start sucking your hard dick softly, i ride you cowgirl so you can see my boobs bouncing. Finally I stroke your dick with my big mommy boobs and suck you off till you cum on mommy’s face.

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BuniBun – Fucking Your Hot Mom

Your mom call’s you into her room while she’s doing laundry, she wants to talk to you about something. She sits you down and explains your not in trouble, infact just the opposite. Shes noticed youve been a really good boy lately doing all your chores, being home on time with your curfew etc and wants to treat you to something special, also because your going off to college soon and she wants to give you something. She asks you what you want but your hesitant to tell her something youve really been wanting. You go back and forth with your mom as she pesters you to tell her what you want but you are too shy to tell her. She then notices you have a major hard on and asks you if you were having naughty thoughts about mommy. Your mom realizes now what she can give you….what you REALLY want. She gets you to come abit closer and she starts touching your cock all over, jerking you off and being a naughty tease for you. Do you want mommys slutty lips around your cock? she starts sucking you off telling you “mommys gunna take care of you sweetie” as she sucks your raging hardon for your hot mom. Do you want to fuck mommy now? first she has to take off her panties and show you her tight holes. She shows you her pussy and tells you she wants you to fuck her and she isnt going to take no for an answer. She rides your cock giving you a nice view of her ass, then a front view of her riding your dick. Then on the floor and finishing off in doggy as she tells you “its ok you can cum inside mommy” as you blow a load inside her. After cumming inside and fucking your mom she hears your dad pull up in the car outside and you both scatter to put your clothes back on like nothing happend. Mommy then tell you maybe later tonight when your dads napping she’ll sneak in your bedroom for another fuck session.

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Penny Barber – Mile High Club with Mom

You’re pretty nervous about flying, aren’t you? I thought that this slutty flight attendant outfit would help to take your mind off of it, but apparently not. I suppose we’ll have to do…more. It’s a good think that our seats face each other. We have to be discreet so that no one sees us, but I start pulling my tits out of my top, hike up my skirt, and take your lovely cock out of your pants. Mom knows just how to get you to relax, don’t I? I start sucking your cock, which helps my ears pop, but I want you to pass out. There’s nothing like a powerful orgasm inside of Mom’s pussy to put you right out, hopefully for the whole flight!

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Penny Barber – Mommy Motivates You to Work Out

Ready to work out with Mommy? You promised to be my workout buddy! We were going to post pics and eat right. Don’t you want to get all ripped for the new year? Of course I think that you’re very attractive already, but aren’t there one or two girls at your school that you want to impress? You don’t want to just sit inside playing video games and on your phone all day, do you? I slide my hands over my body, showing off my curvaceous ass in my leggings. I invite you to put your face right against them and see if that makes you feel like working up a sweat with me. My ass is just so full and round! I’m sure that you love it when I jiggle and shake it in your face. They’re tight against my pussy, too. I show you how little my leggings conceal before I start teasing you with my sports bra, too. I went out and got it just for working out with you. I thought I might get hot and take my top off. I flash you my pink sports bra, pulling off my shirt and showing you my cleavage. There’s nothing under my leggings but my bare pussy. I show you that, too! I’m so horny to convince you to come work out with me that I start grinding on the floor. If we do hit the gym, you’re going to have nothing but my thinly clad pussy and ass in your face. I’m not dressing like this to be slutty, though. I just don’t want my tits bouncing everywhere. See what happens when Mommy pulls her sports bra up and bounces up and down? My breasts are just so big and heavy! Maybe you would like to start picking out my workout outfits. You’re so stubborn, but I’m sure there are other ways to motivate you to work out. I want you to look at my tits while I say this so that you’ll know that I’m serious: What if Mommy sucks your cock after every single workout? Of course until you come! This is just how Mommies motivate their sons just ask your friends, especially the more successful ones. After you meet your goal, I’ll even let you fuck my pussy. And if you keep that goad for a year, you get to fuck the grand prize: your Mom’s voluptuous ass. I’m so horny thinking about having my son’s dick in my mouth, knowing that you’ve been looking at me. I just have to suck your cock right now. I want to prove to you that I’ll really do it. I can see that you’ve been hard the whole time that I’ve been teasing you. Are you glad that I can see your hard cock? Does it help that you can’t deny how turned on you are? Now take your cock out and come here. I take my sports bra all the way off and, wearing only my slutty leggings, I suck and stroke your big, pretty dick until you explode in my mouth, giving us both what we really want: your hot cum down my throat. Guess that can count as my protein shake?

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Mom Cures Sons MILF Porn Addiction – Amber Chase

Amber is tired of her son’s obsession with older women and chronic masturbation. She decides to try something new to help her son grow out of this bad habit…

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Bea York – Naughty Night At Your Aunts House

Yay! You finally get to hang out at your favourite aunt’s house. We’re going to have so much fun! I have board gam… Hey! Are you checking me out? It’s fine. I kinda like it. I let you tit fuck me, suck you off, let you fuck me from behind, ride you, and then finally use my Hitachi to cum while you continue to fuck me in missionary.

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Sinn Sage – Aunt You Glad I Came Over

You’ve been tormenting yourself for years. Staying up late at night, unable to catch any zzz’s because of your thoughts of me: your aunt. Struggling with your attraction to me. You’ve tried ignoring it, you’ve tried jerking off to me, once, twice a day. You’ve tried talking to a therapist about it. It wasn’t helpful. None of it was. Finally, you’ve decided the only way you can ever stop fantasizing about your aunt is to just come and confess your feelings to me. I’m surprised to see you at my door, but I let you in and ask if there’s something you want to talk to me about. I’m dressed in my normal frumpy clothes. You know i’m extremely shy and nervous about everything. But you take a deep breath and let it spill: you’re attracted to me, you always have been, and though you try, you simply can’t stop thinking about me. It’s becoming an obsession. Wow, i’m a little shocked at first. You’re definitely not supposed to be having these feelings about me! Your mom is my sister! I’ve helped raise you since you were much younger. . .it’s just weird. But, I don’t want to make you feel badly for things you simply can’t help. I’m not sure how to help you with your problem though. . .we can’t do anything about it, that would be wrong! You suggest what if we just spooned, cuddled a little? Okay, I can agree to that. We begin to snuggle up, but I very quickly feel your hands on my body, and your boner pressing into my ass. I can’t help myself. . .you are an attractive young man, and my body is having reactions to you as well. . .suddenly i’m feeling desire creeping into me as well. “i shouldn’t be having these feelings. . .” I say to you, but I roll over and touch your hard on through your jeans. I reach back and rip a hole in my tight gray leggings. I push you back and slowly unzip you. As long as you don’t tell anyone else. . .i hesitate and look up at you, before grabbing your big dick and pulling it out. It’s so hard, and it’s been so long since i’ve had any cock. I pull you into my mouth and begin sucking your dick, getting it so wet, enjoying the feeling of your stiffness in my mouth. Oh my god. . .i never would have guessed your dick was so good! I stroke it before I make the decision. . .sucking your cock is making me so wet, and I feel the desire building inside my pussy. I want you. It’ll be fine as long as we don’t tell anyone! I crawl back onto the bed and get back in that spoon position that felt so safe. I guide your cock into me and it feels so amazing. I slide back into you and it is incredible. The fact that i’m fucking my sister’s son really just makes it hotter. I climb on top of you and though i’m nervous at first, riding you slowly, I soon begin really enjoying bouncing up and down on your cock. I grab my tits and feel your stiffness inside of me. But now i’m all in, and I want to feel you fucking me. I lean back so you can stand at the edge of the bed, and really slid yourself into me. Oh god, now i’m really feeling it! It feels amazing, but you keep asking me if everything is okay? YES! It’s okay, it’s better than okay! It’s been so long since i’ve been fucked this good, and soon i’m rubbing my clit until I cum all over your cock. I bend over and present my big, huge ass to you so you can fuck me in doggy until you can’t hold yourself anymore and you pull out and blow your load all over my ass! Good for you, nephew, but i’m not done with you yet! I throw you back on the bed and climb on you in reverse, fucking your cock in me one more time until we both cum again! And you know what? I don’t care if it’s wrong, I loved it!

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