Jane Cane – Mom And Son Fuck For Survival

Mom has been having a really hard time. The power has been turned off because she couldn’t pay the bill. It’s winter time and their camper is freezing. Wade tells his mom that basic survival training says to take off their clothes and use one another’s body heat to get warm. As they snuggle together, Wade’s cock gets rock hard. At first, he is embarrassed, but he also knows that sex is a great way to generate heat. He tells his mom this who is so desperate to get warm that she actually agrees to have sex with her own son! They fuck until mom begs her son to shoot his warm, creamy load all over her ass.

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Ashley Alban – Quarantine Makes Step Mom Crazy

It’s April 2020 and the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You have been sent home from college, and the remainder of your semester is being spent with your step-mom since your dad is at work at an essential job. You’re hanging out playing a video game, when your step-mom comes wandering over to see what you’re doing. You can tell that she’s buzzed (again) and she stands right in front of the TV, and starts ranting about how you only play video games all day and she’s so bored stuck at home with you. She even takes off her top and bends over asking if the squats are making a difference. While she is hot, you’re so annoyed that she interrupted you, plus she’s being such a mess. You can’t deal with it so you get up and go to your room. You barely get a minute of respite before she comes barging into your room. You try to just ignore her in hopes that she goes away. She explains that she’s just so bored cooped up at home. She can’t leave. Dad is gone pretty much all day every day and he’s exhausted when he is home. She still has need, and she knows you do too. She suggests a little arrangement since the two of you are home all day together. She takes off her tube top, and says that she knows you’re attracted to her. She turns and bounces her ass, saying that she has seen you trying to catch peeks of her coming out of the shower before. She pulls her leggings down and you can’t help but get hard when you see that juicy ass. She sees the tent you’re starting to pitch, so she tells you to get up and pull your dick out. She starts to suck, lick and gag on your dick. She loves it; she says this will definitely have to be a regular thing. She needs you in her pussy though, so she gets on all fours on the bed and pulls her thong down. You slide your cock inside her velvety, warm pussy. You fuck her and make her booty bounce until she cums. She says she’s too sensitive after she cums, so you pull out and jizz all over her ass.

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Carmita Bonita – Mommy Is Your Valentine

Mommy knows you’re lonely because you have no Valentine this year. But guess what? Mommy is here for you and loves you so much! Let your thick, sexy Mom make you feel better. No one can take care of you better than me. Mommy shows off her curvy body then starts sucking and spitting on your cock. I know you’ve always wondered what Mommy’s phat juicy pussy feels like too. I ride my good boy spreading my big ass while taking your cock. What a perfect Valentine’s Day spent with family that loves you!

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KimberleyJenner – Stepmom Fuck

You’ve always fantasised about your hot milf step mum.. ever since your dad married her. Shes so sexy and such an obvious slut, always flirting with you. What would happen if you guys finally got to be alone together? Would it be just a harmless flirt? Or would you end up fucking mummy hard on the floor while everyone was out?

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Blondie Fesser – Hot Mommy Teaching Son How To Fuck

You are my Son and I love you so much. I´ve been looking through your computer and I saw you were watching porn and you had a preference for mature women. It’s ok to watch porn, but I just wanna teach you how you need to please women the right way and who is gonna be better than mommy? We have a lil chat before you go to bed, now that your father isn’t here. I don’t need to tease you too much, I know your dick is already hard by looking at me. You love these porn looking mommas with huge tits and big ass. I start sucking your hard dick softly, i ride you cowgirl so you can see my boobs bouncing. Finally I stroke your dick with my big mommy boobs and suck you off till you cum on mommy’s face.

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BuniBun – Fucking Your Hot Mom

Your mom call’s you into her room while she’s doing laundry, she wants to talk to you about something. She sits you down and explains your not in trouble, infact just the opposite. Shes noticed youve been a really good boy lately doing all your chores, being home on time with your curfew etc and wants to treat you to something special, also because your going off to college soon and she wants to give you something. She asks you what you want but your hesitant to tell her something youve really been wanting. You go back and forth with your mom as she pesters you to tell her what you want but you are too shy to tell her. She then notices you have a major hard on and asks you if you were having naughty thoughts about mommy. Your mom realizes now what she can give you….what you REALLY want. She gets you to come abit closer and she starts touching your cock all over, jerking you off and being a naughty tease for you. Do you want mommys slutty lips around your cock? she starts sucking you off telling you “mommys gunna take care of you sweetie” as she sucks your raging hardon for your hot mom. Do you want to fuck mommy now? first she has to take off her panties and show you her tight holes. She shows you her pussy and tells you she wants you to fuck her and she isnt going to take no for an answer. She rides your cock giving you a nice view of her ass, then a front view of her riding your dick. Then on the floor and finishing off in doggy as she tells you “its ok you can cum inside mommy” as you blow a load inside her. After cumming inside and fucking your mom she hears your dad pull up in the car outside and you both scatter to put your clothes back on like nothing happend. Mommy then tell you maybe later tonight when your dads napping she’ll sneak in your bedroom for another fuck session.

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