BuniBun – Sneaky Fuck With Your Bestfriends Mom

Your at your bestfriends house spending the night playing video games. It’s late and you go out into the kitchen by yourself to go get something to eat but instead come across your bestfriends mom in sexy lingerie. Shes busy in the kitchen and she turns around and notices you and it scares her as she asks why your out in the kitchen. She then realizes that shes dressed innapropriatly infront of you and apologizes as she thought you and her son were out for the night and she didnt think anyone would see her in the kitchen. She then notices you start to get a hard on infront of her from seeing her dressed up so sexy and she tells you that you should take care of your boner before going back to bed. She tells you since shes the one that gave you that boner that she will help you get rid of it as she also tells you she doesnt want to send you back to bed uncomfortable. She notices you keep looking at her tits so she starts teasing you with them leading to a tittyfuck. She then starts to ride your cock and promise you youll love cumming inside her and since this was supposed to be a quickie fuck to get rid of your hardon your friends mom enjoys your big perfect cock too much and the fucking goes on longer then expected. She turns around giving you a nice view of her huge ass bouncing up and down on your cock riding you. Once the two of you are close to cumming she tells you not to cum in her as she actually thinks thats too far since shes your bestfriends mom. The two of you cum together and she tell you that we should do that again next time you stay over.

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SweetheartMiaBBW – Mommy Takes Your Virginity

You come to mommy to tell her you got a new girlfriend but you are a bit scared and shy because you have never been with a girl before. So mommy decides to show you how it is to be with a woman. She will tease you with her boobs , suck your cock good and then let you fuck her creamy pussy till she cums hard all over your dick!

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Kelly Payne – Do You Like Mommys Ass

Mom is feeling a little insecure about her age and lack of attention she’s been getting from your father, so she went shopping and can’t decide which lingerie to wear for your dad… she comes into your room asking for help and she starts undressing and trying on different types of lingerie asking if you like it and what you think, does her ass look good? as she reaches the last outfit she notices how aroused you seem and eager for attention she teases you and entices you to fuck mommy from behind.

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Ashley Rider – Mummy’s Asking Sons Advice on Outfits

Your getting ready for a vacation away with the girl and want to look your best so you ask for your sons advice he glad assists you trying on all different sexy items you ask is this good your son is secretly watching you underdress even when you ask him to look away you turn around and his pants are down with his stiff cock out your embarrassed and shocked he trys to come closer your worried about the situation but can’t stop looking at your sons cock it’s so hard and you don’t care you push him onto the bed sucking his cock and say how did you know mummy was a whore then ride his cock till he cums deep inside you it’s a pleasant start to the vaccination.

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SweetheartMiaBBW – JOI Session With Mommy

I noticed how you look at me lately so i decide to call you in my bed room. I start to show off my body in this tight little dress while i encourage you to take your dick out and start rubbing it for me, i slowly take my dress off and make you cum for my naked body!

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Korina Kova – Fucking My Sons Friend

My sons friend comes over to meet my son but he is not home yet and i’ve just got home from yoga class so I decide to invite him in to wait, we strike up conversation about how long we known each other and how his new girlfriend is treating him. then one thing leads to another and we are having red hot sex. Suddenly I receive a call from my son in the middle of the action and might be busted or not?

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