silverxomunat – Sleepover Mommy Wont Forget

I can’t believe this is happening….You were just having a sleepover with your friends and before I knew it I was riding your cock and your friends are jerking off watching me fuck you…I can’t help it…Your cock is just too good to stop you anymore. I know this is so very wrong, but your cock is just too amazing and I love riding you. I love that your friends are standing here watching me ride you, and cum all over your hard cock. This is definitely a sleepover you and your friends will never forget. I know I won’t! We have to keep this our little secret. Be a good boy and make your mommy happy.

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LanaWolf – Help Mommy Oil Her Huge Boobs

Your new step-mom has just come home from the gym and she sees you and realises your father is out. She likes to tease you and flirt when you’re alone. She tells you she needs a hand to oil her body after the gym… as your father usually does this but he is out. You get to rub Babyoil into her sexy thighs and legs, her arse and pussy and finally her big natural Mommy tits. You get so hard that your Step-Mom helps you to wank… Cum for Mommy, you can do it!

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Penny Barber – Rainy Day Fuck Fest with Mom

I’m so glad that you’re home, sweetie, but I can’t entertain you every minute. Your dad and sister should be home soon. Just wait and I’m sure they’ll hang out with you. Or you can go grab a card out of your old Rainy Day Jar and do an activity like, say, fucking Mommy! Taking your big, hard cock is way more fun that reading this boring old book anyway. I just hope that we don’t get caught!

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PennyTrait – Stroked By Your Stepmom

You are on a ski trip with your family when your stepmom Penny Trait begins to tease you. She’s asking you naughty questions and flaunting her sexy milf body to you. She offers to show you her tits, I mean, you are bonding after all. Next thing you know she has her gorgeous pink pussy out and she’s stroking your huge cock!

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