Thelochnesscumslut – Seducing Teacher

I’ve noticed you in class sometimes trying to get a peek at your teacher’s tits and ass. Lucky for you, I love younger guys, maybe I’m in the wrong profession! Well, let me strip down, show off and encourage you to stroke for an older woman like me.

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Brooke Woods – Gold Digging Stepmom Sucks Dad And Son Off

The story – You, me and your son are at the company Halloween party and I am PISSED after finding out you are giving your son a fat bonus and not me. I decide to get revenge, I seduce you both and start sucking both your cocks, comparing the two. Son is smaller than dad, I start humilating you for your small cock and comparing you to your dads much bigger cock. I tell you that I know you and your girlfriend have been going to the sperm clinic to try and get pregnant, but I snuck into the clinic and switched your cum out for someone else’s. This is turning both of you on so much, daddy cums on my face and tits and then I keep sucking his son off until he blows a huge load all over my already cummed on face and tits.

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Desiwoods420 – Babysitter Takes Care Of You

Your hot b*bysitter takes care of the cut you show her while also making you blush like crazy. She knows you have a thing for her, and she’s enjoying making you squirm. Before you know it, your wildest fantasies about her are coming true.

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Goldie Blair – Mummy Caught You

Goldie Your Mom walks in on You masturbating, She isn’t phased though and looking such a sexy Milf She offers to help You get rid of Your morning wood, dirty talking and cock teasing You She pulls down Her dress showing off Her pink lingerie before crawling up onto the bed starts stroking and sucking Your cock for You, then removing Her bra showing off Her big sexy tits She gives You a little titty fucking too finishing You off with a hand and blow job combo until You squirt Your load for Her…

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SweetheartMiaBBW – Mommy Takes Your Virginity

You come to mommy to tell her you got a new girlfriend but you are a bit scared and shy because you have never been with a girl before. So mommy decides to show you how it is to be with a woman. She will tease you with her boobs , suck your cock good and then let you fuck her creamy pussy till she cums hard all over your dick!

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silverxomunat – Impregnate Your Mommy

While you’re going to bed I ask if I can lay with you tonight. Mommy is so lonely. I start talking with you about what Mommy likes and I love taboo. I start kissing you and ask you to suck Mommy’s huge tits as I give you a hand job. I guide you on top of me and tell you how to thrust. Mommy loves your cock inside of her. Mommy wants you to impregnate her. Blow your huge load inside Mommy.

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