Brianna Beach – Moms Best Friend

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Alex, we need to talk. Stop it, you can finish watching that video later. I’m your mother’s best friend. I care about you. And I have another idea that I know will help you. Just promise you’ll try it.. My daughter wants to go on a date with you… Why not? You’ll have fun, just give it a shot…

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Brianna Beach – Satisfaction

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Do you have a minute to talk? I just need to tell you something your father and I have to decided to do.. Oh no sweetie, it’s nothing bad. We’re not getting divorced. We’ve just decided to have an open relationship. He just wants me to be fully satisfied. Well yes, that does mean I’ll have sex with other men. I just wanted you to hear it from me, before you saw something that confused you… I’m still your step mom, I don’t know how much more I should tell you…

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Brianna Beach – Sweet Dream

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Good morning sweetie… You know what? I’ll take off work today, and you can stay home too. You’ve been so good, you deserve it. And I’ll make whatever you want for breakfast… I’m just so lucky to be your step mom…

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Brianna Beach – Keeping Secrets

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What do you mean by that? That I don’t have to worry? Your father and I are just friends. He helps me around the house, just like you do. There’s nothing else going on between us…

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Penny Loren – Fucking Mommy at Family BBQ

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You are at a family BBQ and horny as fuck, perving at all the women and especially your mommy in her neon green bikini, she’s looking so damn hot. Your Mom calls you into the kitchen and scolds you for perving at everyone and is embarrassed what everyone will think of her son staring at his moms big tits and ass. You just cant stop looking at her juicy ass when she bends over and thats the final straw, she drags you upstairs to the bathroom and demands you stop it, She is so embarrassed. She realised you have a massive erection in your shorts and tells you to get rid of it, it gets bigger and harder at the sight of your hot angry mom and she realises she has to take matters in to her own hands. She strips for you showing you her perfect tits, spanking her ass for you. She then demands you fuck her over the sink to get rid of your erection for Mommy once and for all! Mommy starts enjoying herself and demands you fuck her hard and fast and cums all over your cock before returning to the BBQ before any of your family realise whats been going on in the next room.

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ScarletEllie – Watching Taboo Porn With Your Mom POV

Your mom notices you are watching something on your computer and comes to lay down next to you in your bed. She sees you are not only watching porn but you are watching ” taboo” porn and she starts to like it. You can tell mom is really turned on so of course you get turned on as well. Things escalate quickly where mommy is trying different positions from the porn and trying to show you she is just as good as them.

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Korina Kova – Cyber Hooker: A Twisted Taboo Tale

The year is 2727 i am android working for the worlds largest taboo fantasy agency making clients taboo dreams come true when i choose to accept the clients my mission is to satisfy there every dark and twisted fetishes. there are 3 taboo themes in this film, mom son, auntie nephew,and brother sister.

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Ms Price – Yoga Pant MILFs JOI

You are such a naughty boy, playing with yourself while watching your Stepmom and her friend working out! Just blatantly pumping your cock right there in front of us! At first, we are appalled, but then we give you more than you bargained for! Pulling our tits out of our sports bras, ripping our yoga pants, twerking, and spreading our pussies for your jerk off pleasure! Just don’t tell Dad, OK?

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