AnnabelleRogers – Breakfast With Mommy

It is breakfast time and we are eating at the table. I notice you acting odd and ask why. You confess it’s because of me being in my bra at the table. My clothes are in the drying which is why I am dressed so inappropriate. You are hard and I decide to play with my tits for you as long as you don’t touch or tell anyone. You then instruct mommy to drop and smash the corn flake cereal with my big heavy tits. You end up cumming a big messy load under the breakfast table for mommy.

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CuteJayne – Mommy Fucks Ryan For His Birthday

It’s Ryan’s birthday and he’s in for a treat beyond his wildest fantasies. Mommy Jayne appears in her tight black dress and blows his mind, and his cock of course, and then rides his face and fucks him. Ryan is a lucky boy and gets lots of close-ups of Jayne’s tits and pussy. He also gets a healthy dose of dirty talk for his birthday, too. Mommy Jayne’s tits look amazing bouncing as she fucks him.

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AuroraXoxo – Blackmailing Cheating Mom

You caught your mom cheating and you filmed the whole thing. Now you get to blackmail her into fulfilling your fantasy of watching her touch herself. She’s disgusted the entire time, but eventually cums, and you finish by cumming on her pussy!

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BellaBaeTaboo – Mom The Internet Is Broken

Son you have been up my ass all day about the internet. I cannot help you… Someone will be out in a couple of days to fix it and that is all I know. Look I just got up and trying to enjoy my coffee and I know you are super horny from not having the internet to whack off too so If mommy shows you her tits will you be happy and let me be? You know what mommy is horny too.. follow me.

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AnnabelleRogers – The Fertility Statue

A conservative, religious couple is having problems in the bedroom. The husband brings home a statue that is supposed to help. It upsets his wife for two reasons: it goes against her beliefs, and there is also something unnatural about the statue. The story takes place over a couple of weeks, as the statue slowly changes her son from a nice respectful young man into a dominant alpha male who wants to supplant his father as the man of the house and take his mother. This both frightens and arouses her: the more he humiliates his father and the more he comes on to her, the more turned on she gets, until she can’t take it anymore and gives in to become her son’s woman. She makes her husband move into the son’s bedroom from now on as he is no longer the man of the house and on top of that, the son and her are now trying to have a baby together.

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