Lovely Lilith – Older Woman Craves Your Virginity

Hey, is there anyone in here? OHMYGOSH!! I’m so sorry! Oh my! Are you masturbating! WOW! Okay.. please cover that up… I’m so sorry… I did NOT mean to barge in on you like this. You must be so confused right now why a strange woman is in your bedroom. Your aunt asked me to come by and check on you. She’s busy at work. Your parents are out of town, right? Yeah… that’s… why I’m here… interrupting you. I knocked, but… I guess you were busy. Well, I can see you’re fine, so I’ll just be going… What? Do I want to watch? Watch…what? You mean… OH! I couldn’t do that! That would be wrong. You just go ahead and do that with your girlfriend. You don’t have a girlfriend? Well… go play with whoever it is you play with… You’re… a virgin? I see… Well, this is interesting. I’m going to be honest with you. It’s always kind of been my secret fantasy– taking someone’s V-card. I know I really shouldn’t entertain any of this, but you’ve got me really curious now. Why don’t you pull your cock out for me. Let’s see what we’re working with…

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Ashley Rider – Mummy’s Asking Sons Advice on Outfits

Your getting ready for a vacation away with the girl and want to look your best so you ask for your sons advice he glad assists you trying on all different sexy items you ask is this good your son is secretly watching you underdress even when you ask him to look away you turn around and his pants are down with his stiff cock out your embarrassed and shocked he trys to come closer your worried about the situation but can’t stop looking at your sons cock it’s so hard and you don’t care you push him onto the bed sucking his cock and say how did you know mummy was a whore then ride his cock till he cums deep inside you it’s a pleasant start to the vaccination.

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Goldie Blair – Little Boy Hunter

Cougar Goldie is a little boy cock hunter and is ready to teach you how a Cougar loves to cock tease her young pray , showing off her big tits and dirty talking you and your friend POV before getting you to take out your little cocks and stroke them JOI then not being able to hold herself she pounces on your cock stroking and sucking your cock before getting you to fuck her Cougar pussy with you little boy cock missionary and doggy style then countdown for you both to cum all over her big tits in a big pop shot!

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Goldie Blair – Taboo Kitchen Sex

Milf Goldie is in Her vintage lingerie heals and robe getting ready for the day in the kitchen after breakfast She starts washing the dishes , You can’t stop staring at Your Milf Mom looking so sexy and soon She notices You staring not taking much notice until You lift up Her robe to take a look up at Her stocking legs and perfect ass framed by garter belt, She is shocked and even more so When You spank Her ass and say You want Her in the bedroom! Goldie argues You aren’t right in the head if You think You can fuck Your Mom! You can’t help Yourself with a raging hard-on You push Her against The countertop pulling Her robe open and exposing Her breasts groping Her big milf tits as She is laying across the countertop, Next You spin Her around so She has Her but against Hour hard cock and enter her tight wet pussy! Goldie goes from protests to praises as You fuck Her hard doggy across the countertop before She comes down onto Her knees on all fours doggy for You to fuck Her harder then rolling Her onto Her back with Her stocking legs in the air until You both cum hard ! Now Goldie is happy to go into the bedroom with Her new toy boy Son any time!

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SweetheartMiaBBW – JOI Session With Mommy

I noticed how you look at me lately so i decide to call you in my bed room. I start to show off my body in this tight little dress while i encourage you to take your dick out and start rubbing it for me, i slowly take my dress off and make you cum for my naked body!

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Nina Nightbloom – Hot Mommy Sucks Sons Cock

I overheard my son talking to his friends, he told everyone what a hot milf he has for a mother. How sexy I look when I come out of the shower and how he would suck my big tits if he would ever had the chance. He had no idea that I had heard everything and now I am calling him into my bedroom to discus the things he said about me. I am wearing a very seductive mesh print top my big natural breasts are showing in a sheer black bra and my ass is looking fine in a tight jeans. I ask him why he said all those naughty things about his mommy and warn him how people could get the wrong idea about us. As I look at his shy face I want to show him something to fantasize about more privately. I strip in front of him, this will be our very dirty secret together. I tell him he must never talk about this with anyone ever, as he promises me he will I slowly undress myself more and my mouth is craving his juicy young cock. I suck him and taste his delicious flavor into my mouth, I suck him hard and fast until I swallow all of his dirty boy cum. I am not sure what he will tell his friends about his mommy next time.

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