Nicole Nabors – Mommies Bra And Panty Try On

Your mom told you to wait in her room. She needs your opinion on something. She comes in in her robe. She tells you she wants your opinion on her new bra and pantie sets. She shows off her body and her beautiful breats to you, her good boy. She tries on several more and notices you have a boner. She sees that her boobs are turning you on. Your such a dirty boy! She decides to seduce you into stroking for her. Stroke you big cock for your mommy. She tries on more bra and panty sets, showing off her boobs until you cum for mommy. She tells you she’s not done yet. She shows you more outfits which turns you on again. She helps you by jerking your cock for you until you cum again for you mommy! Mommies gonna drain you! But she still isn’t done! She shows you more sets which is turning you on again. She climbs on top of you to drain your cock with her pussy.

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Thelochnesscumslut – Slutty Mommy Stories

Mommy has a secret that I’ve been keeping from you, sweetie. You see… Mommy is a huge slut and you just never knew until now! Mommy wants to tell you all about the fun, exciting things I’ve done in my life, I’ve even cheated on Dad. There is an added surprise thought, sweetie. Mommy has decided that it’s now your turn to be Mommy’s toy and satisfy all of my urges!

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Kylee Nash – Mommy is Your Birthday Present

Your birthday is approaching, and I have an embarrassing confession to make. I can’t afford to buy you a present this year. I’m very upset and ashamed but want to make it up by doing something together….just the two of us….but it has to be something free…any ideas? What?! Not THAT! That’s not what I had in mind at all! Well, if that’s really what you want…anything to make my boy happy. I’m reluctant and shy at first as I slowly strip and show you my big boobies and my special hole, but once I start stroking you I get into it, wanting nothing more than to my special boy feel good. I invite you to feed from my breasts the way you used to before getting on top and riding you to completion.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Solves Plumbing Issues

I have a talk with you right after the guys working on our plumbing leave. The reason none of the plumbing in our house hasn’t been working is because you have been flushing jerk off socks which clog everything up. You are of course embarrassed about the situation but I comfort you and assure you that it is all natural. I hint at how dating has been going and I feel these women intimidate you because of all their sexual experience and your lack thereof. I get you to try out some date roleplay scenarios with me. I soon find out just how innocent you are with everything sexual because I discover that you’re a virgin. I teach you everything you need to know from talking, foreplay, kissing, oral, boob play to even fucking. I then demand you cream pie me as I ride you so that you know what it feels like and will be better prepared for your next date.

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Annabelle Rogers – Horny Mom Demands Attention

I ask what you think of my dress and want your thorough opinion. I begin to press you as I ask more inappropriate questions which are making you feel uncomfortable. But you see how badly I need the attention and reassurance so you try and make me feel good about myself. I then crawl to you on the bed and beg you to worship and suck my tits. I see that it makes you hard and I jump on your cock and ride you cowgirl until you fill up my wet cunt with all your jizz.

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Roxee Robinson – Mommy Gives You Her Panties

Taboo Mommy gives you her Panties. Mommy dressed all sexy in a corset. Just for you. She is going to give you a pair of her panties! She has her scent in them. Nothing smells better than Mommys sweet cunt. So lucky to have such a sexy Milf for a Mom.

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