Jocelynbaker – Mommy Becomes Slave Leia

Mommy surprises you dressed as Slave Leia when you get home! She knows how stressed her boy is, and wants to do something special. She knows how much you love Princess Leia and gets a naughty idea in her head. Mommy wants to be used as your little sex slave, just like Leia. First she uses her wet mouth to tease your dick, getting you nice and hard and pleasing you until you blow a load all over her face and tits. Mommy isn’t done yet, though. She wants to make sure she relieves ALL your stress. She uses her big soft boobies to wrap around your dick and milks you again this time all over her chest. You swear you don’t have anymore cum left for Mommy but that isn’t going to stop her. She mounts your dick and bounces on you until she cums hard. Then she lays back and tells her sweet boy to fill her cunt with that big dick. You’re happy to oblige and stick it in her thrusting as hard and deep as you can. Her tits bounce and flop everywhere as you blow your final load inside her sweet pussy. Look at the huge mess you made pouring out of your Mommy. Seems like Mommy needs to dress as Leia more often!

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Harley Sin – Mommy Cumslut

Your mommy gets rid of daddy to the living room. He never leaves the TV once his show is on. Your mommy is ready for her dessert, you homemade cream pie. Your mommy is a cumslut, she has to have it, so you’d better come fast. Your mommy sucks your cock right there in the kitchen with you dad in the next room. She jerks you just the right way, she knows how to get your cum fast! You blow the biggest load all over her face, twice. Your mommy loves it, she licks it off her fingers, rubs it all over her face. There’s so much she rubs it all over her tits, and has to feel it on her pussy. Your cock is still so hard, she has you jerk it for her while she rubs her pussy. She wants to feel your cum everywhere. Your mommy cums so fast, she can’t help with with your semen all over her… and she still has a few minutes before your dads show is over.

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