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I catch you spying on me. How can you spy on your mother like that? But I see how hard it got you, and I take pity on you and let you jerk off to me by giving you encouraging jerk off instructions, and even spread my ass nice and wide for you. You obviously liked it because it didn’t take you long at all. As you’re about to get dressed, I notice your phone and snatch it. WTF is this?! You were taking naked pictures of your mother?! I snap a quick picture of you, completely naked, as you’re trying to get dressed and blackmail you with it. I can either send it to your entire contact list…or….you can help mommy out like she helped you out. You get on your knees and lick your mom’s ass. Mmm, it feels so good for her, and even though you just came, your cock gets really hard again. But mommy would never let a boner go to waste. You get on the bed and mommy rides you until we both cum!

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Emmas Secret Life – Mom Help Me And My Friends With Our Big Cocks

Custom: The idea is you’re a chemist, working on experimental viagra, you have some at home in the fridge because of reasons you don’t have to go into details with, but maybe you planned to do some off the books experiments with your husband. Either way my friends and I find it and sip it thinking it’s kool-aid or something, but with developing/still growing boys has some unexpected side effects. It makes our cocks/balls larger, don’t have to show that transformation or anything, just we turn up to you for help and you see our bulges – and it also makes us aggressive. So commentary from you would be how we’re young, your sons friends, too big , worried about your job/pregnancy Would actually like just my friends to come in first and start, and I come in after they’ve used you a bit. I lingered because I ended up sipping more before we all realized what it was and my cock/balls/everything is bigger than them. Would like a bit more of a freak out about me joining as I’m your son and could impregnate you, stuff like that.

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Miss Switch – Mom Fucks Sons Bully

You work with her son, but she invites you over to try and get you to cease the bullying of him. After you arrive, she invites you in. Offering you money that you decline, she begins offering you anything to have you leave her son alone. You suggest she show you her underwear, and she agrees reluctantly. However, you don’t stop there. You continue until she is completely naked. You tell her your last request is to make you cum, but she says she is married and her son will be home any minute. However, when she pulls your cock out, she realizes you are even bigger than her husband, and she gets excited. Sucking it enthusiastically, she eventually gets ontop of you to make you cum faster. Moving into missionary shortly after, her son catches her fucking her bully! You continue fucking her, as she casually greets her son with your cock inside of her. She tells her son to watch, as she knows he is attracted to her and can learn a thing or two. Finally, the bully cums inside of the mom, bringing a big smile to her face as she shows off her creampie to her son. At least now he won’t be bullied at work anymore.

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Bettie Bondage – Sleepover Blackmail Gangbang

I never would have fucked him while his friends were over, but he was so hard! What am I supposed to do, just leave my son with a raging boner, desperate for release?? Of course, I didn’t know they were watching, standing there. Recording it all! It shouldn’t be such a surprise, to hear them say it: if I don’t fuck them, they’ll send this video of me making my son cum inside me to everyone on the PTA. All my friends. My BOSS! What choice do I have? No, there is nothing to be done, except to spread my legs and let them fuck me. Cum in me. Fill me completely with young, hard, thick, throbbing cock…with creamy, delicious cum!! Oh, but is that enough? Is it enough to make me their complete cum slut?? No! No, after all that, they bring my son in and make him fuck me again, fuck my pussy so filled with cum it oozes as he thrusts. I beg him to forgive me, plead with him to forgive me, desperate for him to understand…as I feel his cock twitch and dump yet another young load inside my horny cunt…

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Kelly Payne – Son Catches Mommy Cheating

You come home early from school and hear moaning coming from your parents room, you go to their door and listen… and slowly crack the door open little by little. It’s your mom but… that is definitely not Dad!? Intrigued you stay and watch, becoming more and more aroused by what your watching, risking getting caught by pushing the door further open to get a better view. Your mom is so distracted by pleasure neither her or this mystery man even notices you spying on them. Even after he finishes you stay by the door… listening, wondering who this man could be. You hide breifly as you hear your mom telling this stranger to leave through the back door since you and her husband will be home soon. And then it happens, she notices you standing by the door, she plays dumb not entirely sure what you just saw, invites you in to chat. You admit to her you saw everything, accuse her of cheating and she becomes defensive and angry. Hearing dad open the front door… she panics and begs you to not tell your dad. She runs to the kitchen to greet your father and you follow behind her joining her at the table…. Deciding you have all the leverage you need to convince your mom to do practically anything, your cock is still hard and throbbing… you know your moms still in the same lingerie under her robe… you reach under the table to touch her … she resists and reacts disapprovingly but you again, push your hand under the table… shes helpless … either she does as your wanting or your going to tell dad. Lucky for you dad has to go back to work, and after he leaves you rush off to your parents bedroom ready and eager to convince your mom to give you exactly what you saw. She decides to please you and give you want you want as long as you promise not to tell dad, she tells you about the man and shows you how wet she is. She bends over and invites you to fuck her…

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Harley Sin – Reluctant Mom Blackmailed

Your mom notices you’re acting funny. She wants to know if you finished cleaning up the attic. You tell her you found her pictures. She knows exactly the ones you’re talking about. She begs you not to tell dad. He’d divorce her. You tell her you’ll make her a deal to keep her secret. You want her to do the things from her photos, with you. She’s speechless. What did you just ask her? She says no, she’ll deal with the consequences. You go to call your dad right then and there. She gets so scared, she reluctantly agrees. You tell your mom to take off her clothes. She tells you it’s not too late to stop. But you have no intention of stopping. You have your mom suck your cock, you even face fuck her until she gags. She says you don’t have to do this, but you have to have her. You rub your cock against your mommy’s pussy. She notices how big you are, it’s been a long time since she’s had sex with anyone. She asks you go slow, you notice her pussy is getting wet. She denies it. But she’s softly moaning, and starts grinding you cock harder. She starts to cum. She says she can’t help it, you’re fucking her in just the right spot. You creampie your mommy, and you want to see it dripping out of her…

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Rae Knight xxx – Discover Moms Online Cam Profile

I come in your room to say hello and I find your laptop open to my cam profile!!! OMG how did you find that??? I can explain!!! Please whatever you do, don’t tell daddy!!! He can’t know that I go online and make young guys cum all day long. You have to be quiet!!! PLEASE!!! I’ll do anything just to keep this between us!!! What?! You want me to show you what I do for my fans? Oh no..but you are my son!!! Ok Ok…I will give you a show just like I do for all the young boys who watch but you can’t mention this to daddy. It has to be a secret!!!

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Kelly Payne – Blackmailing Mom Gets Orgasmic

Mommy is getting ready for a sexy night out with Dad. You decided it would be a great opportunity to show mom what you found the other day… You try to get your moms attention as she nags you to leave her alone… you insist. She finally agrees and follows you to your room where you hand her your phone. Which is a porn video of mommy from a few years ago… She tries to deny its her, do you tell her there’s more and insist she take another look… No denying it… She admits it but so what… You ask if dad knows. Of course, he doesn’t! Seeing that you hit a nerve you decide that you got her right where you want her… willing to do just about anything to keep your mouth shut. You tell her you want her… she’s caught off guard… she notices your boner. Somewhere between upset and shock she attempts to scold you, plead with you… then accept she is going to have to do what your asking… Even the dirty taboo talk your telling her to repeat… First you have her show you how bendy she is… then you have her bring herself to a squirting orgasm, which she clearly enjoys before snapping out of pleasure and back in reality. Eventually she agrees to suck your cock, which leads to a sexy titty fucking… where mom is turned on by seeing you explode jizz all over her tits, she climbs on top of your sensitive cock and rides you limp, until you get hard again… wanting you to cum inside her this time. Caught up in pleasure… enjoying your cock so much as she moans out in blissful pleasure. You cum inside her…. And mom realizes your father is going to be home any minute. You hold on to her and continue to thrust your sensitive cock inside her, she finally pleads with you to stop. Reminding you to delete those videos as she exits your room quickly before your father gets home.

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Delphoxi – Fucking Ur Bully’s Mom

There’s a bully that has been making your life miserable ! You hear he may be getting a scholarship so it’s a good time for you to pull out so blackmail. You head to your bully’s home with a video of him roughing you up! You show the video to his very hot and caring mother while he isn’t there and she is simply shocked that her sweet boy has been doing this to you! he apologizes and urges you not to go to the principal because this video of the bullying would definitely ruin his chances of accepting that scholarship. The bully’s mom urges you to settle this privately and you agree to keep things quiet as long as your bully’s mom give you some of her sweet MILF hairy pussy in return! She loves her son and doesn’t want him in trouble so ur bully’s mom gets to work sucking you off before climbing on to your cock and riding you!

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MizzErotique – Mom Bangs Your Bully

You come to your mom and tell her you are being bullied, she tells you to show her and you reveal the texts he has sent to you. Your bully has texted you how he’s going to fuck your mom and titfuck her and creampie her, etc. Momma goes and takes care of it calling over your bully to confront him. He shows up, pompous and attempts and blackmail. Then the sons POV he hears his mom banging the bully through the door. Then she comes in disheveled to say everything is fine.

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