Kelly Payne – Blackmailing Mom Gets Orgasmic

Mommy is getting ready for a sexy night out with Dad. You decided it would be a great opportunity to show mom what you found the other day… You try to get your moms attention as she nags you to leave her alone… you insist. She finally agrees and follows you to your room where you hand her your phone. Which is a porn video of mommy from a few years ago… She tries to deny its her, do you tell her there’s more and insist she take another look… No denying it… She admits it but so what… You ask if dad knows. Of course, he doesn’t! Seeing that you hit a nerve you decide that you got her right where you want her… willing to do just about anything to keep your mouth shut. You tell her you want her… she’s caught off guard… she notices your boner. Somewhere between upset and shock she attempts to scold you, plead with you… then accept she is going to have to do what your asking… Even the dirty taboo talk your telling her to repeat… First you have her show you how bendy she is… then you have her bring herself to a squirting orgasm, which she clearly enjoys before snapping out of pleasure and back in reality. Eventually she agrees to suck your cock, which leads to a sexy titty fucking… where mom is turned on by seeing you explode jizz all over her tits, she climbs on top of your sensitive cock and rides you limp, until you get hard again… wanting you to cum inside her this time. Caught up in pleasure… enjoying your cock so much as she moans out in blissful pleasure. You cum inside her…. And mom realizes your father is going to be home any minute. You hold on to her and continue to thrust your sensitive cock inside her, she finally pleads with you to stop. Reminding you to delete those videos as she exits your room quickly before your father gets home.

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Delphoxi – Fucking Ur Bully’s Mom

There’s a bully that has been making your life miserable ! You hear he may be getting a scholarship so it’s a good time for you to pull out so blackmail. You head to your bully’s home with a video of him roughing you up! You show the video to his very hot and caring mother while he isn’t there and she is simply shocked that her sweet boy has been doing this to you! he apologizes and urges you not to go to the principal because this video of the bullying would definitely ruin his chances of accepting that scholarship. The bully’s mom urges you to settle this privately and you agree to keep things quiet as long as your bully’s mom give you some of her sweet MILF hairy pussy in return! She loves her son and doesn’t want him in trouble so ur bully’s mom gets to work sucking you off before climbing on to your cock and riding you!

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MizzErotique – Mom Bangs Your Bully

You come to your mom and tell her you are being bullied, she tells you to show her and you reveal the texts he has sent to you. Your bully has texted you how he’s going to fuck your mom and titfuck her and creampie her, etc. Momma goes and takes care of it calling over your bully to confront him. He shows up, pompous and attempts and blackmail. Then the sons POV he hears his mom banging the bully through the door. Then she comes in disheveled to say everything is fine.

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Sweetkiss_69 – Stepmom Blackmails Stepson

Do you know why i called you in here, no hes not home.. Its just me nd you all weekend. And guess what i found in your room again? My panties.. Do you remember what i told you would happen? Well if you please me then i wont tell him about you sneaking and jerking to my panties… What do you mean no? Dont you want to feel the pleasure you’ve been jerking to in my panties? Your already hard cock does.. So what will it be do i tell or will you fuck me? thats a good boy now lay there as i ride your hard pantie loving cock or else…

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Bettie Bondage – Mom is Your Trained Anal Slut

Training your mother has been tough, but worth it. She was reluctant at first, but she really had no choice, did she? She was going to be her son’s anal whore, whether she liked it or not. Lately, though, you’re starting to sense that maybe she does like it after all. The way she’s always ready to take your cock, how her ass is always prepped and ready to accept a hard fuck. She may whimper and whine but her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you use and fuck her ass. You know a trained anal slut when you see one! Today, she comes home from work and before she can even get her work clothes off, you have her on her knees, giving you a deep and sloppy blowjob. She’s been a great throat slut, too, and you love watching the drool form and drip down her chin. Once your cock is dripping wet, you push her against the wall and get to work on deeply fucking her ass. She protests, per usual, but its foolish. You can feel the heat off her pussy, the way she pushes back on to your dick, to get you deeper inside her. She knows just how to milk your cock into her ass, and before long, you dump a heavy load into dear, sweet, slutty mom’s dirty hole.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Bad Bet

You and your parents have a Friday night tradition: game night. Every week, basically, you sit down and play something. Lately, though, your mom has wanted to play poker, not Life or Monopoly or anything. And she wants to bet real money, too. The thing is…she isn’t very good. She’s bad at bluffing, and she plays way beyond her means. This week is no exception, and although you’re used to her putting big money into the pot, the ante is really upped this time: she’s got the deed to the house, her car title…everything is on the line! She’s so sure she’s got it in the bag, that this hand is the one that’ll win the whole thing…but everything’s already in the pot. Your dad leans over, suggests something else for her offer…she blushes. You can’t imagine what’s happening but there’s a bit of back and forth between them before your mother stands, shimmying in her skirt, pulling down her panties before dropping them ceremoniously onto the pile of money on the card table. What?! NO, she can’t be this desperate, can she? I mean, yeah, she may feel like she needs to win some of this back…but is she really proposing…no, she can’t be??…but her steely reserve makes you take the bait. You’ve always had a thing for your mom, wrong though it is, and there is no beating this hand. Of course, when you set your cards down on the table, she balks. She tries to back out, but you’ve won, fair and square, and it’s time for her to pay up. Besides, watching her beg, squirm, blush…it’s all just turning you on more. You head into the back bedroom and watch as she tries shyly to talk you down. But there’s no going back now, you tell her. “Just a handjob?” she begs, and you nod, knowing that a handjob is just the beginning. She may not like it yet, but you’re going to fuck her holes however you please, and as much as she may hate giving head, you’re going to cum right into your mom’s pouting mouth. She’s always been a sore loser.

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Bettie Bondage – Aunt Betties Pornhub Account

Ever since your Aunt Bettie moved in with you at your parents house, you’ve had this feeling, like she’s a total slut. She’s always dressed up like she knows she’s hot, and like she knows YOU notice! But this…finding her porn channel?? Even you didn’t expect such a sexual windfall. Obvoiusly it’s a secret, and that means…blackmail fodder. You couldn’t have dreamed up a better scenario! You decide you’re going to take her computer, and browse through her whole catalog. Of course, you’ll do this right when you know she’s getting home, and will be looking. Just as you planned, she comes barging in, demanding to know where her computer is…and she finds out. It’s right on your lap loudly playing her porn. And your cock is out. She can act indignant, outraged, but she’s got no choice. She’s going to be your slut for the evening…and if you learned anything from all those videos, she’s going to love it, too!!

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AuroraXoxo – Blackmailing Cheating Mom

You caught your mom cheating and you filmed the whole thing. Now you get to blackmail her into fulfilling your fantasy of watching her touch herself. She’s disgusted the entire time, but eventually cums, and you finish by cumming on her pussy!

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Porn Movies

A few weeks ago, you were browsing around some tubesites, looking for good MILF porn, when you stumbled across something you really didn’t expect: your own mother! You searched around diligently, trying to find more. You’ve always had a thing for her, and finding out she did a TON of virtual-type taboo videos has you constantly wanking. It was only a matter of time before she walked in on you, jerking your dick to her. You’d been hoping for it. Wishing for it to happen. Even if she didn’t sink to her knees and beg for your cum, you wanted her to see how much it turned you on! She was shocked at first, demanding to know why you were jerking off to your own mother. Of course, you didn’t stop for a second, stroking while your mother tried to explain what the videos were about. She kept asking you to stop but you could tell she wanted to watch. Having seen all those videos, you know your mom’s a total slut. And sure enough, as you kept stroking, she started to stare. But she wouldn’t admit wanting it! So you had to up the ante. You told her you’d tell everyone, send out links, if she didn’t give you a handjob. Of course, she acted all outraged but it wasn’t long before she was asking if it’d be alright if she used her mouth instead…maybe even more…she can’t deny her son what she wants herself.

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Melanie Hicks – Blackmailed By My Sons Bully

Wade’s mom runs to the front door seeing her son’s bully walking down the street. She calls for him to come in for a moment, she would like to have a little chat with him. He comes over, is rude as always, asks what she wants. She tells him that what she wants is for him to stop pushing her son around. He isn’t as big as Wade and he comes home from school every day crying and not wanting to go back. He asks what’s in it for him. She says just being a better person should be enough. He says, well, it’s not. He needs more. He tells her she’s the hottest MILF on the block. He wants to see her naked. She doesn’t want to, but she is desperate to help her son and takes off her robe. She strips for him and he takes out his hard cock. He tells her to stroke it for him and make him cum. She says that wasn’t part of the deal. He gets up to leave telling her he can’t wait to see her son the next day at school. She tells him to wait, comes over to him, gets on her knees, and strokes him until he cums all over her hands. Mom is hanging out getting dressed when she looks up to find her sons bully. He just let himself into her house! He is bold and demanding. He tells her today he wants a blowjob, or he is going to continue to bully her son, and also tell everyone what happened the day before. Mom is disgusted, but she is stuck in a corner with no choice. She wants to help her son, and also keep their escapades a secret from the neighborhood. She gets on her knees and sucks her sons bully’s cock until he makes her swallow his load. Mom is on the couch relaxing when she looks up to find her son’s bully. He has let himself into her house yet again. He is really horny today and wants her pussy. He threatens her again by both beating up her son and also telling everyone what’s been going on between them. She feels desperate and scared so she lets him fuck her until he cums all over her tits.

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