Brianna Beach – Moms Best Friend

Big Boobs, Blonde, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, PAWG

Alex, we need to talk. Stop it, you can finish watching that video later. I’m your mother’s best friend. I care about you. And I have another idea that I know will help you. Just promise you’ll try it.. My daughter wants to go on a date with you… Why not? You’ll have fun, just give it a shot…

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Brianna Beach – Shy Step Mom Wants To Learn

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I just want your opinion, if that’s okay.. I know I’m your step mom, so this is probably a weird thing to ask… But could you tell me if you think my lingerie looks good? I just want your dad to like it. I think it might help to try something new…

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Brianna Beach – The Secret Video

Blonde, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, PAWG, Taboo

You said you we’re going to delete that video… But what if someone did see it? We can’t let anyone know about this. We need to put all this behind us. You have a girlfriend now. You don’t need to think about your step mom anymore…

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BettieBloem – Mommy Comes Onto You

This is a deliciously taboo Mother/Son adventure, where it’s my first time coming on to you, my son. Clearly nervous, it all begins with a sweet kiss to you where I admit to my handsome young man that Mommy is horny, very horny for you. Teaching you to kiss is where it begins, but one thing leads to another until your cock slaps my titties, my lips wrap around your cock and finally, no matter how fucked up it is, you slide into my pussy! May I climb atop my very own son and ride your dick with my titties in your face until I ask you to fuck me doggy where you deposit your cummies safe and sound inside your very own Mother.

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Brianna Beach – Accidents Happen

I just haven’t been feeling the best lately, you know with dad still out of town… I was just wondering if you could come to bed with me tonight. If you want too. I’ve just been feeling a little lonely. I know you’re too old to be sharing the bed with your step mom…

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BettieBloem – Mommy’s Love

When her son and his friends are dared to create a videolog of them having intercourse with a woman ,Mommy saves the day–suggesting SHE be that woman. Watch as she sucks ‘n fucks both her Babyboy and his friend until all cum magnificently for a job well done! Mommy’s love knows no limits!

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BettieBloem – Mommy Knows What You Did

Mommy knows what you did! Taking my panties, depositing your semen into them and hiding them in your mattress is gonna get you a video of me rubbing my fresh cummies all over my stretchy thongs that I want you to watch as you stroke your meat for me, JOI, you’re such a goodboy to follow my instructions, and now you know what Mommy looks like when she cums!

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Brianna Beach – Teachers Pet

No, no, no.. It’s time to do your homework. Not time to play video games. It’s good I’ve moved in. You really need a lot more supervision. I know you don’t like it. Better get used to it. I’m going to be more than your teacher pretty soon. I’ll be your step mom…

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BettieBloem – Cum For Mommy

You see Mommy playing with her breast and approaches apprehensively as you’re summoned onto her bed. She has a plan, and your job will be to obey. The curiosity for Mommy’s hairy cunt and her JOI will having you stroking so good! Remembering that someone else controls that cock, and edges you at her will until it pleases Mommy otherwise will make Mommy so proud and earn you a Round Two to cum to her pretty ass and legs in thigh highs! Lots of dirty talking encouragement. GoodBoy gives her two big loads!

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