Blondie69669 – Mom and Son Fantasy

Roleplay/Fantasy taboo video with me as your mom. I am closeup to your face, so I can look longingly into your eyes. Your mother starts out kind to you, nurturing and reserved… but I persuade my son that’s it’s okay for mothers and sons to fuck… no one has to know… and it’s okay sweetheart. I love you so much, I’ll do anything for you… ANYTHING. Son, it’s okay to fuck and marry your mother. Fuck your mother son, fuck your mom. It’s okay to fuck your mom, son. Give your mom a bab y, son. Cum in your mother, son. Cum in the hole that made you. Come back inside your mother’s hole. I develop into such a desperate slut for my son! I lean back and spread wide open nude, your mom’s pussy gaping… toes pointing… rocking back and forth. You’re up close in my heavenly hole while I spread. And my legs spread wide when I spread my toes. I wear dark red lipstick and dark dark gray eyeshadow. I know you love Mom’s smokey eye and the closeup face shots of me laying down while we’re missionary position, you’re looking deep in my eyes while you’re pumping me. I know what you love, Son. It’s okay to fuck your mom, it’s okay to fuck your mother… fuck your mother, son, fuck your mom!

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