Cyndi Sinclair – Bros Trick Mom Into Hidden Cam Threesome

Patrick and his brother, Conor, stand in the hallway, plotting on how to get rid of their Mom. Patrick tells Conor if they seduce her and fuck her, record it, and show it to their Dad – he may finally kick her out, and they will be rid of her forever! Conor is hesitant at first, but he’s willing to try it if Patrick really thinks it can work. Patrick and Conor walk in the living room to their Mom, Cyndi Sinclair, and they sit next to her on the couch. The boys insinuate that they want to fool around with their Mom, and Cyndi is entertaining the idea. She stands and strips for them, and Patrick and Conor get hard. Cyndi starts to suck their cocks, and fucks them both right there on the couch at the same time. After they finish and cum all over her – the boys tell Cyndi there was a hidden camera the whole time, and they are showing the video to their Dad!

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