Ryland Babylove – Quarantined Mom Handjob Seduction

We’ve been quarantined for a while now, and I’ve noticed you getting erections. As your mother, it’s my job to take care o your needs and urges and well…I’ve got a surprise for you to help make you cum and relieve some of that tension….but maybe my hands are a better fit for the job… mommy knows best afterall.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Cums Over

Mommy is lonely now that you have a new apartment all to yourself. Of course, she still wants to make sure she gets to spend some quality time with her baby boy — and she’s willing to try anything to keep your attention. It’s not long before mommy seduces you on her first visit, taking her big tits out of her sexy outfit before stripping down completely for you. She bends down to suck your hard cock, and then invites you to fuck her wet pussy from behind. You pound mommy more in missionary before cumming in her pussy in doggystyle.

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Jessica Starling – Impregnate Mommy BG POV Creampie

Mommy wants you to put a baby inside her! It’s okay though, it’ll be our little secret. You can’t resist mommy in this sexy blue lingerie, can you? Let mommy seduce you, suck your cock, then get on top and ride you. Then, you can pound mommy in missionary until you fill up my pretty pussy with your cum and get me pregnant!

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Kelly Payne – Blackmailing Mom Gets Orgasmic

Mommy is getting ready for a sexy night out with Dad. You decided it would be a great opportunity to show mom what you found the other day… You try to get your moms attention as she nags you to leave her alone… you insist. She finally agrees and follows you to your room where you hand her your phone. Which is a porn video of mommy from a few years ago… She tries to deny its her, do you tell her there’s more and insist she take another look… No denying it… She admits it but so what… You ask if dad knows. Of course, he doesn’t! Seeing that you hit a nerve you decide that you got her right where you want her… willing to do just about anything to keep your mouth shut. You tell her you want her… she’s caught off guard… she notices your boner. Somewhere between upset and shock she attempts to scold you, plead with you… then accept she is going to have to do what your asking… Even the dirty taboo talk your telling her to repeat… First you have her show you how bendy she is… then you have her bring herself to a squirting orgasm, which she clearly enjoys before snapping out of pleasure and back in reality. Eventually she agrees to suck your cock, which leads to a sexy titty fucking… where mom is turned on by seeing you explode jizz all over her tits, she climbs on top of your sensitive cock and rides you limp, until you get hard again… wanting you to cum inside her this time. Caught up in pleasure… enjoying your cock so much as she moans out in blissful pleasure. You cum inside her…. And mom realizes your father is going to be home any minute. You hold on to her and continue to thrust your sensitive cock inside her, she finally pleads with you to stop. Reminding you to delete those videos as she exits your room quickly before your father gets home.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Wants it in Her Ass

Mom comes into you sisters’ room, expecting to find your sister… and catches you doing something… odd. Mom ask’s why you’re in your sisters’ room and what your hiding behind your back. You show her a handful of your sisters’ underwear and try to convince her you were doing laundry, when she doesn’t buy it… you admit you’ve been sniffing your sister’s underwear. Completely shocked, mortified, concerned… not entirely sure how to feel your mom sits down besides you and tries to understand why? This is taboo. It is wrong. She is having a difficult time wrapping her head around what she just saw. You talk her into smelling your sister’s underwear. It is arousing, exciting… She hesitates and lectures you more on how wrong this truly is… and then tries sniffing the panties with you. She admits eventually it is quite arousing but… it is still wrong. Then she notices your boner. She is feeling incredibly overwhelmed and unsure as to the appropriate way to respond to this situation you have put her in. You have her touch your cock… which eventually leads to mom stroking your cock, and then playing with herself and having you sniff her panties. All while going back and forth in her mind… what is morally right and what is feeling so pleasurable. Eventually mommy cannot resist, and the pleasure takes over… she tells you to smell her pussy and asshole. She want’s her son’s cock even if it is wrong, and she wants it in her ass. Fuck mommy’s asshole and fill her with your cum.

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Joslyn Jane – Stepson Catches Mom Cheating On Dad

My stepson walks in on me sending sexy photos to my boyfriend. He promises not to tell my husband if I fuck him. I start sucking his dick and then he fucks me doggy style. I ride his cock and then he fucks me over the countertop, in the kitchen. He finishes on my face.

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Missbehavin26 – Cuckolding My Son With His Bully Pt 2

Script: Hi, I ordered the cuckolding mom/bully video this is part 2 of that one No blackmail, no humiliation similar style. This one I want to only see the side view (no need for PoV camera) You’re glad your son enjoys watching his mom suck cock, in fact you’re glad your son enjoys it. Dad is okay with it as well, and you often have them over for dinner so your son can watch his mom suck cock while dad takes care of the dishes or whatever (again nothing is behind his back) No need for any teasing, just nice beautiful cocksucking that you do excellently Clothing, please be vibrantly sexy, hard color (blue or red or black, look sexy with hair done beautifully)

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Summer School With Mom – Lady Fyre

It’s summertime & your mom is preparing your next school lesson. It’s very hot in the house, and mom is bent over at the computer, wearing only a shirt & thong. You walk into the living room, see her bare ass & your cock gets hard. She doesn’t notice you at first, and by the time she turns around, you have a raging hard-on. She realizes that you don’t know what’s going on with your own body & decides that this can be your next lesson.

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Katie71 – Escort Stepmom

Stepson finds out that his stepmom was an escort so he books her. After she came downstairs and all ready to go meet her client then he breaks the news that he is the appointment. I decided what the hell lets fuck him and see how he is in bed. I was pleasantly surprised his cock was thicker and bigger than his fathers. I sucked his cock, titty fucked him. rode him cowgirl/reverse cowgirl and had him blow his huge load all over my face. it was amazing and he paid me too.

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