Sydney Harwin – Mommy Wants A Creampie

You’ve always enjoyed sex with Mommy behind your Dads back. Tonight, he’s working late and you encourage your Mom to fool around in his absence. Your Mommy likes to flirt and has worn something extremely cute just for you. She gets on her knees and blows you in the kitchen before leading you through to the sofa. She sits and puts a condom on you (don’t want to get pregnant, son) and slides you inside of her. It feels good, but it would feel BETTER without the protection. The rubber stops you from feeling your Mommy properly and in the heat of the moment she takes it off and throws it across the room, sitting her pussy back down on your bare cock. She can’t believe how fucking good it feels and starts to fuck you harder and rubs her clit until she makes herself orgasm. You feel your Mommas pussy contracting around your cock as she cums, bringing you close to the edge. Mommy begs you to cum inside of her- “Cum inside Mommy, cum inside Mommy, cum inside Mommy” and you just can’t help but shoot your load as deep as you can for the FIRST TIME inside your Mother. She wants to show you the mess you made and spreads her pussy so you can get a good look at her creampie.

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Becky Bandini – Step Mom Has Decided Were Going To Be Nudists

Becky Bandini – Step Mom Has Decided We’re Going To Be Nudists Part 1
Jay is out having a swim when his hot step-mom comes out to join him. When she drops her towel…she’s completely naked! He is uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to think until she explains that she is adopting a nudist lifestyle. Maybe she can help him get more comfortable with the idea…

Becky Bandini – Step Mom Has Decided We’re Going To Be Nudists Part 2
Becky is in the kitchen making Jay lunch wearing only an apron. He didn’t think she would still be living the nudist lifestyle, but here she is looking sexy and it’s making him uncomfortable. She still wants him to get onboard with her decision and hopes she can help ease him into it a little more…

Becky Bandini – Step Mom Has Decided We’re Going To Be Nudists Part 3
Becky goes out to the home gym to workout while Jay is out there. Of course, she’s still completely naked and very distracting! She makes it too hard for Jay to resist and he finally gives in to his hot step mom.

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Ryland Babylove – Quarantined Mom Handjob Seduction

We’ve been quarantined for a while now, and I’ve noticed you getting erections. As your mother, it’s my job to take care o your needs and urges and well…I’ve got a surprise for you to help make you cum and relieve some of that tension….but maybe my hands are a better fit for the job… mommy knows best afterall.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Cums Over

Mommy is lonely now that you have a new apartment all to yourself. Of course, she still wants to make sure she gets to spend some quality time with her baby boy — and she’s willing to try anything to keep your attention. It’s not long before mommy seduces you on her first visit, taking her big tits out of her sexy outfit before stripping down completely for you. She bends down to suck your hard cock, and then invites you to fuck her wet pussy from behind. You pound mommy more in missionary before cumming in her pussy in doggystyle.

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