Bratty Jamie – Mom Still Has It
Mom comes home from a night still tipsy and surprised her son is up so late still. She tells you all about the bar she made out with one guy and about to go home with another until of course her friends wanted to go home, ugh last time mom car pools with someone. Hey at least she still has it right? She is so horny and of course tipsy now but she notices her very own sons throbbing cock well son lets take care of that for you.

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Bratty Jamie – Moms De Stress Secret

It is nap time in this household as I get my bed ready and lay down there you are standing in my room my son saying he can’t sleep. You haven’t been able to sleep for days because of stress. Well Mommy needs a nap so she lets you in of her secret the best way to de stress is to masturbate. It frees your mind and completely relaxes you and her let me help you with your first time.
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