Brea Rose – Mommy Helps With Your Obsession

I found your porn on your laptop and it looks like you have a mommy/milf obsession. I tell you that I am going to help you overcome your obsession and what better way than for your mommy to act out all of those naughty things for you. I stroke your cock, tease you, lick it, spit on it and eventually give you a blow job with loads of dirty talk.It then cuts to me fucking my ass with a big dildo talking all about the porn you watch and how this will help with your obsession. It cuts back to me finishing off the blow job with a cum countdown for you to cum all over my face! Lots of dirty talk!!

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Download Brea Rose - Mommy Helps With Your Obsession.mp4
Download Brea Rose - Mommy Helps With Your Obsession.mp4

Brea Rose – A Gift From Your Aunt

It’s your 18th birthday and I need your help with picking out an outfit for me to wear for your party. I try on some revealing dresses and then some lingerie and ask for your opinion. I can see it’s making your cock hard so I tell you to start stroking it while you watch me. I then offer you a helping hand and stroke your cock and give you a blow job until you cum in my mouth, don’t tell your mom about this!

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Brea Rose – Fucking Your Best Friends Mom

You are staying at my house and my son and husband aren’t home right now. I walk past the bathroom door and notice you have left it slightly open, i can’t help but look in! I can’t believe I can see you naked it the shower, its really turning me on. I slip my hand inside my panties and rub my pussy until i cum. Later that day I am cleaning the living room while you are on the sofa, I have no panties or bra on and tease you by bending over in front of you and cleaning around you. I ask you if your girlfriend is missing you but you tell me you don’t have one and you have no confidence with girls. I tell you that you should be confident!! I tell you that I am going to teach you a thing or two before sitting down next to you and admitting to seeing you shower earlier and telling you about how turned on it made me. I lift my dress to expose my pussy and start rubbing it in front of you. I see how hard your cock is getting and tell you that I am going to suck it and fuck you. I suck your cock before climbing on top cowgirl and riding you, I then turn around and fuck you reverse cowgirl before you cum deep inside of me. I tell you that i’ll be your girlfriend while you are staying at my house.

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Brea Rose – A Surprise For My Son

It’s my sons birthday and he’s away at uni so i decided to sky*e him. I decided to wear something sexy for him, he is really confused as to why i’m wearing this but I tell him I know it turns him on and I’m caught him watching me get undresses a few times before. I then go on to strip out my lingerie and tell him all about how i’ve been fucking his best friend Tyler. He is really confused and upset but I tell him not to be and I tell him that I know this is turning him on and he should get his dick out and jerk off over him mom. I then tell him Tyler is here with me right now and we are going to give him a little treat for his birthday. I suck and fuck Tyler while my son watches over sky*e. The funny thing is my son has a really small cock and I can’t help but laugh. I compared Tylers cock to his and tease him about his small cock while being fucked by Tyler. At the end I tell Tyler to impregnate me with his cum so that we can give my son a new brother or sister!

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