Brea Rose – Blackmailed Mom Bukkake

My son and his friend’s tell me that they found some photos of me online and lots of guys at their school know about it, I don’t want my husband to find out so I say I will do anything for them to keep quiet. My son tells me to get on my knees as he wants me to suck his and all of his friends cocks! This is NOT what I had in mind. I do as I’m told, in disgust at first, jerking and sucking their cocks until I take load after load on my face. It does start to turn me on that my son and his friends think I’m a MILF and I turn them on so much. I take lots of facials until I am cover in cum, all over my face, in my eyes and in my hair. I think I can hear my husbands car outside, I ask the boys for help cleaning up and they just laugh at me and leave the room!

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Brea Rose – Mom Threesome With Son And Best Friend

My son and I are on vacation, I asked him to pack my bikini for me, I ask him to pass it to me so I can get ready for the pool but its a micro bikini?! Where the hell did he find this, this wasn’t the green swimsuit I asked him to pick! I literally have nothing else to wear so I have to wear this tiny micro bikini, I am so embarrassed. We get back from the pool and I can’t believe all the guys that were hitting on me, I feel so bad for my son he shouldn’t have to see his mom in this way! Later on my son goes out and his friend that we met by the pool comes by my room and tells me he has photos of me in the bikini that he is going to upload to some MILF websites! OMG I am so embarrassed, I really don’t want him to post the pics, he says he will delete them if I suck his cock and fuck him, I agree. I am sucking his cock and my son walks in!! This is so bad, I explain the situation to my son and tell him to go back outside but he insists on staying. My son strokes his cock as he watches me suck his friend’s cock! His friend then fucks me doggystyle and I have my son’s cock right in my face, it is so big and I can’t believe how hard he is. I know its wrong but he is turned on and I wrap my lips around my son’s cock while being fucked from behind. I then lay back and spread my legs sucking the friends cock, I can feel my son pushing his cock against my pussy, this is so wrong! my son fucks me missionary as I suck his friend’s cock. I then encourage them both to cum all over my face and giving me two big facials!

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Brea Rose – Step Mom Takes Your Virginity

You have just gotten out of the shower and are getting ready for your date tonight, I come into your room talking about your date and I tell you I have a suggestion. Why don’t you jerk off beforehand, as I know you are a virgin and if this is your first time, you might cum too quickly. I tell you I could give you some “inspiration” as long as you don’t tell your father. I strip out of my dress and out of my lingerie and play with my pussy while encouraging you to jerk off for me. I tell you all about the first time I fucked your dad, and how he cheated on your mom with me. I then have a better idea, why don’t I take your virginity, seeing as though you are already jerking off in front of me? I get on your cock and ride you, saying really filthy things (Sex is all POV boobs and face in shot only), I cum on your cock and then I beg you to cum inside of your step mom, don’t be scared of getting me pregnant! I ride you harder and faster encouraging you to give me your virginity and empty your balls for me, you might be too tired for your date afterall.

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Brea Rose – Sniff My Panties Son

I found your sister’s panties under your pillow, I confront you about it and I am really shocked. You told me that you fucked your sister and I don’t believe you. I ask if you want to smell a real woman’s panties, I take them off and get you to sniff them. I then ask if you want to smell the real thing and you sniff and lick your mom’s pussy. I can’t take it anymore and I want my son’s cock. I jerk and suck your cock before spreading my legs and letting you fuck me missionary. I then get on top and ride my son cowgirl until we both cum together!

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Brea Rose – Mom Takes Sons Virginity

I am doing a charity cam stream to earn as much money as possible, I know I need to put on a really good show to earn lots of money for charity. So I have my son with me who is a virgin, he is very submissive and will do as he is told, I have dressed him up and I cuff his hands and attach his collar to mine. I encourage you to tip me and ask you what you want to see us do together, the guys say they want to see me fuck him, but I tell them they must tip me a lot to do that, but they do it, these guys must love giving to charity! I put a condom on my son and he fucks me for all the guys to see, but they want to see me fuck him without the condom, and they know i’m willing to do anything to earn as much money as possible for charity. So I take his condom off and tell him its perfectly fine, as i encourage him to fuck his mommy until he cums, who knows, maybe he will even get me pregnant!

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Brea Rose – Mommy Helps With Your Obsession

I found your porn on your laptop and it looks like you have a mommy/milf obsession. I tell you that I am going to help you overcome your obsession and what better way than for your mommy to act out all of those naughty things for you. I stroke your cock, tease you, lick it, spit on it and eventually give you a blow job with loads of dirty talk.It then cuts to me fucking my ass with a big dildo talking all about the porn you watch and how this will help with your obsession. It cuts back to me finishing off the blow job with a cum countdown for you to cum all over my face! Lots of dirty talk!!

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Download Brea Rose - Mommy Helps With Your Obsession.mp4

Brea Rose – A Gift From Your Aunt

It’s your 18th birthday and I need your help with picking out an outfit for me to wear for your party. I try on some revealing dresses and then some lingerie and ask for your opinion. I can see it’s making your cock hard so I tell you to start stroking it while you watch me. I then offer you a helping hand and stroke your cock and give you a blow job until you cum in my mouth, don’t tell your mom about this!

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Brea Rose – Fucking Your Best Friends Mom

You are staying at my house and my son and husband aren’t home right now. I walk past the bathroom door and notice you have left it slightly open, i can’t help but look in! I can’t believe I can see you naked it the shower, its really turning me on. I slip my hand inside my panties and rub my pussy until i cum. Later that day I am cleaning the living room while you are on the sofa, I have no panties or bra on and tease you by bending over in front of you and cleaning around you. I ask you if your girlfriend is missing you but you tell me you don’t have one and you have no confidence with girls. I tell you that you should be confident!! I tell you that I am going to teach you a thing or two before sitting down next to you and admitting to seeing you shower earlier and telling you about how turned on it made me. I lift my dress to expose my pussy and start rubbing it in front of you. I see how hard your cock is getting and tell you that I am going to suck it and fuck you. I suck your cock before climbing on top cowgirl and riding you, I then turn around and fuck you reverse cowgirl before you cum deep inside of me. I tell you that i’ll be your girlfriend while you are staying at my house.

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Brea Rose – A Surprise For My Son

It’s my sons birthday and he’s away at uni so i decided to sky*e him. I decided to wear something sexy for him, he is really confused as to why i’m wearing this but I tell him I know it turns him on and I’m caught him watching me get undresses a few times before. I then go on to strip out my lingerie and tell him all about how i’ve been fucking his best friend Tyler. He is really confused and upset but I tell him not to be and I tell him that I know this is turning him on and he should get his dick out and jerk off over him mom. I then tell him Tyler is here with me right now and we are going to give him a little treat for his birthday. I suck and fuck Tyler while my son watches over sky*e. The funny thing is my son has a really small cock and I can’t help but laugh. I compared Tylers cock to his and tease him about his small cock while being fucked by Tyler. At the end I tell Tyler to impregnate me with his cum so that we can give my son a new brother or sister!

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