Mixxxie – St. Paddys Day With Mom

I had such a good time at the party. But I’m pretty disappointed now. Your dad took me to the bedroom but he couldn’t even get it up then he couldn’t stay awake! What a loser. Now I’m all horny and alone. Well not totally alone. You are here too. Look at how wet my pussy is. It’s OK I’m your mom you can look. I see that your dick is pretty hard. You can show it to me it’s OK. Do you want a better view of my entire body? Well that seems to be making you even harder. Why don’t you come rub your dick on the outside of my pussy? Oh that feels so good. OK you can put it in but just the tip. Wait, your cock feels so amazing I need the whole thing. Give me that big cock and cum deep inside of me. But we can never tell anyone what happened here.

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Mixxxie – Spring Break with Mom

I’m so glad you came home for spring break. I’ve missed you so much! You know how your dad is always on the road and leaving me alone. I get so lonely without you here to keep me company. I can’t believe what a man you are now. I can’t help but think about all the things I want to do to you. I start stripping and tempting you with my sexy body. Telling you to pull out your cock. I finally convince you to come with me and I have to jump on your cock right away. Riding you and making my tits bounce around. I turn around and keep riding and grinding on your cock while my ass shakes and jiggles. I turn back around and let you keep fucking me until you feel like you’re going to cum. Go ahead and cum inside of me sweetie, I want to feel it. We have a pretty fun spring break ahead of us. Oh did I forget to mention that I’m not on birth control?

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MizzErotique – Mommy is your Breeding Girlfriend

Mommy wants to be your girlfriend and notices how into school girls you are. She comes to you and propositions you. She wants to be your girl. You can breed her anytime you want and she wants your cum now. She sucks and fucks you and begs for your seed.

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Bettie Bondage – Mothers Lover

You’re finally going to do it. You’re going to breed mommy. She’s always wanted a good, sweet, young son for a lover–that is, after all, why she had you!! “God,” she sighs, “I’ve been dreaming about this day. When my good boy’s cock was ready to penetrate me, to fill me up with cum! You know this is natural, right, honey? That mothers and sons having sex is so perfectly right…its so right, I can’t wait any longer! I need you to come join me in my bed. I’ve been stroking and sucking your cock every day for a while now, but today we’re going to commit to full, breeding sex, honey! You’re going to put your cock deep inside me and spurt your semen right into me!”

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Cherie DeVille – Happy Birthday Virtual Sex

Mommy loves you so much and I think you’ve grown into an amazing young man. Do you remember when your dad suggested we have sex so I would have company? I saw you as his replacement and he let you in. You would never let your Mother go because what we have is too special and I want to spend my life with you. I put on this sexy outfit and your father paid for it because I wanted him involved when you saw it. It makes daddy is more pathetic when he buys the lingerie you’re going to fuck me in. (POV virtual implied) Take out your cock so I can face fuck myself. Gagging on your large cock, I always forget how much bigger it is than your dad’s shrimp dick. You fill me up in a way he never could. It’s time you cum inside me and I want to breed with you. No condom, so put your seed in me. Your precum makes Mama’s tight pussy even wetter! The more I orgasm, the more I will suck that jizz up and get pregnant. Pound your mommy because we make the best team and love each other so much that it can’t be wrong. I’m cumming all over your cock so fuck me harder doggystyle. You know how to satisfy me unlike your dad who has premature ejaculations. Go slowly so Momma can feel every inch. Let me ride you cowgirl style and my large boobs bouncing in your face. Don’t tell me to be quiet because I don’t care if your sissy daddy hears me yell your name. Worship my large tits and lick them like when you were younger. These are all yours because I haven’t fucked your father in years. My red fingernails grab onto my face and big breasts as I climax on your shaft. I cum by grinding my clit on you, so wait for me to shudder again. Put me on my back and this is how I want you to climax in me. Go deeper and blast your load in your Mum’s pussy. Look at me in the eyes because I love you so much. I’m rubbing your seed all over your Father’s side of the bed so he can smell what a real man smells like. My eyes roll to back of my head and blushing like a schoolgirl but I need your load. Go clean up and we can cuddle while I get this spunk deeper inside.

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Make Mommy Pregnant – Meana Wolf

Sweety it’s no big deal… your father and I just are a little on edge right now. I’m sorry you overheard our argument. The truth is… we’re trying to get pregnant. I know it’s crazy right? But I’m still young, and having you was the best decision I’ve ever made… and now that your dad and I have gotten married it only seems right to have another baby. Can you keep a secret though? You know I love him… but I’ve been lying to him about when I’m ovulating… I know it’s wrong but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love him but I chose him because I knew he would be good to us and love and take care of us…not necessarily because of his genetics. Not like your dad, I know you never met him but he was so handsome and strong. You remind me so much of him. Your perfect body… your full thick hair…I’d want my second baby to be just like you. Son, I know this is a strange thing for a mother to ask… but maybe you could help mommy? Maybe you could help our family… if you made mommy pregnant than everyone could be happy. You’ll get a little sister or brother, your dad gets a son or daughter…and mommy gets the perfect new baby, just like you. It will be our little secret… just this one time baby… just make mommy pregnant. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your ovulating mother will do whatever it takes to get pregnant again… but she doesn’t want her new husband’s sperm. She wants her son to fill her up with his young, healthy, perfect cum. She wants you to fertilize her fresh eggs and put a baby in her tummy. It’s so natural… you can smell that she’s ready to be inseminated… you shoot your giant load deep inside your mom’s creamy pussy as she cums on your rock hard dick. It’s your little secret.

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HayleeLove – Impregnate Mommy

Mommy has been searching for a young stud to breed her fertile pussy. She’s noticed lately that you have become quite a fine specimen and she is sure that your sperm will be potent enough for the job. You can’t say no to Mommy, you’re too much of a Mama’s boy for that! Let Mommy ride your hard cock till it bursts all your seed into her cervix. It’s so difficult to last long even though you know how taboo this is. The idea of impregnating your mom is ridiculously hot though and before you know it you’ve had your balls drained deep inside her.

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Download Haylee Love - Impregnate Mommy.mp4

XxNaughtyGirlxX – Step Mommy Worships Your BBC

A Custom Video: well it’s a bit weird like. I would like it if you played the role of a mom who has a white son and daughter plus a black step son (all of age if you like). I would like it if in the video you saw your black step sons massive black cock and couldnt help but fall on your knees for him. You say about how now understand why so many white girls come home with him, He fucks your face and pussy. You beg him to be your master, beg him to turn his mommy into a submissive slut for black cock. You ask him what he can do for you. He tells you he wants your son and daughter. As he fucks you and dominates you, you tell him all the filthy things the 3 of you will do to him, how you will turn your daughter into a black cock sucking whore like yourself and sissyfy your son into sucking and fucking black dick as well. You say humiliating things about your sons white cock and how all white men and women should kneel for superior black seed. You tell him you want his baby, you want to breed a superior race.

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Download XxNaughtyGirlxX - Step Mommy Worships Your BBC.mp4

XxNaughtyGirlxX – Impregnating Mommy

Mommys been sad lately.. you creep into her room while she is resting to ask her why. She tells you she has wanted a baby for long but being a single Mom.. she hasnt found the oppurtunity.. thats when you help Mommy…

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Download XxNaughtyGirlxX - Impregnating Mommy.mp4

Ami Mercury – Breed Me, Son

Breeding, Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, Pregnant, Taboo
Honey, I know the divorce has been hard on you. It’s not an easy thing to go through. But now that you are 18, I think it’s time I told you the real reason your father and I separated. You see, I wanted to have another baby, but he didn’t. So we decided it was best we go our separate ways. But that’s okay, now that you have grown into such a strong, handsome young man I think you’d be the perfect candidate to give me what I want… That’s right, son, Mommy wants you to get her pregnant. I strip for you and tease you with my breasts and big, round ass. You try to deny your attraction, but the thick bulge between your legs gives you away. Don’t be shy, honey, Mommy knows you check her out sometimes. I’m your mother, after all, I know EVERYTHING. I notice you gawking at my ass whenever I bend over. Is that what you think about when you touch yourself at night? Oh, of course I know about that too. Who else would clean up all of those dirty socks under your bed? So what are you waiting for? Isn’t this your wet dream come true? Come over here and get Mommy knocked up! I want to feel your long, hard cock up inside my dripping wet pussy. I know for a fact you’re bigger than your father, so you’d probably be a lot better at it than him. Your father was shooting half-blanks, if you know what I mean. It’s a wonder I was able to ever get pregnant at all! But you… I’ll bet you’re ripe with juicy sperm that could put a nice, fresh bun in my oven. Oh please, son, get Mommy pregnant. I want to have a baby so bad. I promise I’m so much better in bed than some of those immature girls you’ve been dating. I’ll do crazy things they’ve never even dreamed of. I’m a confident woman who knows what she wants. We’ve got a whole summer alone together before you go off to college, why don’t you give Mommy a little bundle of joy before you go away? I promise I won’t tell anyone that it’s yours. It’ll be our little secret. I’ll just tell everyone that I got knocked up with some guy I met a bar. It doesn’t matter to me, I just want to be turned into a little breeder slut.

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