Selena Ryan – You Better Get Mommy Pregnant

Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Breeding, Ass Eating

Selena is your Mommy with whom you share a dark, forbidden love. Your relationship with Mommy is so taboo in fact, that you’ve already knocked her up before! The clip opens with you home early from school, you got suspended for getting a blowjob in the bathroom. Mommy is furious, but not because of your suspension, she’s angry because you’re cheating on her! Isn’t Mommy your girlfriend? As punishment, Mommy makes you eat her ass, twerking gleefully all over your face as you tongue her juicy dumper. Mommy rubs her clit hard and cums all over your face while you lick her beautiful butthole. After plenty of twerking and ass spreading, Mommy is ready to ride your cock. For the next part of your punishment, Mommy demands that you get her pregnant again. She rides you reverse cowgirl, twerking on your dick, and dishing up plenty of sick, twisted taboo dirty talk until she milks you for a thick creampie. She pushes the cum out in her hand and rubs it all over her pussy. Mommy isn’t done yet, she wants another load to be sure you knock her up! You fuck Mommy in missionary, her pussy glazed in your first load. Mommy’s dirty talk is the raunchiest, most taboo dirty talk you can imagine! Mommy is the only woman for you and she makes sure to remind you, taking another messy load and rubbing it all over her beautiful body as you cum together. Nothing makes your nasty Mommy happier than getting pregnant by her own son!

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Paintedrose – Claiming Mom’s Taboo Hole

MILF, Taboo, Dirty Talking, Breeding, Mommy Roleplay

Mom confronts you about finding her homemade porn downloaded on your PC. I didn’t mean to snoop, I was putting your laundry away and I was shocked to see that you’re into the extra forbidden taboo! Son, I have a confession – I like it too – I LOVE it! I like it young, stiff, and eager to please! I am so glad we can talk about it now that I know you’re into it. Society calls it forbidden but our desires don’t need to be shamed. Come to bed so Mommy can teach you about forbidden fucking, lust, kink, breeding creampies, fuck positions, filth talk while fucking and how to keep Mom yours by continually breeding her shaved and ready fuck hole.

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Morina – Mom Lacks Self Control

Breeding, Mature, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Virtual Sex

I’ve been out on a treatment to help me heal after my recent neck surgery. It has had side effects on my libido, amping it way up, and I’m even ovulating again! I’ve been avoiding you because being around young studs gets me hot and bothered, especially those around your age, son! In this video, we are able to work things out nicely, and you’ll be taking your father’s place as the man of the house after this…

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Natashajane – Breeding Step Mommy Cum Play Role Play

Duration: 0:08:30 Resolution: 768×432 Format: mp4 Size: 119.83 MB

I come into the bedroom to find you (my step-son) all ready for me…I tell you how I want you to breed me again since your dad is away and never fucks me. I want you to give me triplets and a HUGE load of cum! I enjoyed playing with your messy creampie as I fingered it deeper inside me to make sure I get pregnant.

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BellaBates – A One-Night Stand With Mommy

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You are going with your mommy to your cousin’s wedding, but your bags get lost on the flight. You have to spend one night in a hotel where there was only one room left, with one double bed. Your mommy doesn’t have a change of clothes and she wants to wash her clothes, she offers to wash yours too, but asks you to borrow your undershirt for the night. You tend to masturbate every night before going to bed so you can s-leep. But now you didn’t dare. Because of this, you have a big boner all night. Your mom wakes up to your hard cock between her thighs. You tell her the reason why you can’t s-leep and why your cock is so hard. Your mom wants you to be able to s-leep, so she suggests you rub your cock between her thighs. “There’s probably nothing wrong with it if it doesn’t go in?” she guesses. In the morning you have a big boner again… Your mom lets you fuck between the thighs again… and maybe a couple of times in one other place as well. As long as this happens just once, in this hotel room and will remain a secret between you and your mommy only.

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BellaBates – Son, Breed Mommy

Duration: 0:28:58 Resolution: 3840×2160 Format: mp4 Size: 2.09 GB

You have come to visit home from university. In the morning you come to the bathroom at the same time as I am naked on the toilet, but I tell you that you are free to take care of your morning activities. I notice that you are bothered by something. I ask you and you tell me about your girl problems. I know you are still a virgin and have no experience with women. As we talk, I notice that you are starting to take an interest in my naked body. I say you can come take a closer look… In the bathroom, you did something to mom that I want to pay you back at night. Fortunately, you were still awake.

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Penny Loren – Breeding With Mommy On Valentines Day

Its Valentines day and also your Mommys Birthday. You decide to treat her as dads been working way a lot, and you know Mommys been down lately as she desperately wants another son or daughter before she gets too old. Dad is never around and has been neglecting her in a big way. You arrange to take her out for a coffee in town but at the last minute tell her to meet you at a posh hotel. You have pulled out all the stops for your amazing Mommy, a Rose, A Chanel handbag she’s been wanting for years and a bottle of champagne. You also have a very taboo present for her which you have been planning to give her for ages, today being Valentines and her birthday is the perfect day. You want to make your Mommy Pregnant as you know this is her only chance as your dad is only interested in his job and is never around. You love her so much and have fantasised about Fucking your Mommy for years. You want nothing more than to shoot your massive load of hot son cum into Mommys Cunt and make her pregnant. Keep it in the family and keep it pure. It feels so fucking right.

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Veggiebabyy – Mommy Takes Your Virginity VDay Breeding

Valentine’s Day is meant to be special, and I want to make sure you’re treated right today. Let Mommy take care of you. Play with my tits and finger my tight, wet pussy. Then, get comfy on the couch while I do all the work. It’s normal to cum quickly in a situation like this, and I want you to impregnate me, so just relax while I fuck the cum out of your cock and show you your creampie dripping out of my pussy.

Duration: 0:09:28 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 918.84 MB

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