Brianna Beach – Mothers Helping Hand

Baby, are you almost done?.. I need to use the bathroom… Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve bee in there for a half hour. Do you need help with something? I’m your Mom, you don’t need to be embarrassed…. Oh, baby I don’t know about this… I know you must be very uncomfortable not being able to relieve yourself with your broken hand but… I just don’t know baby.. Okay, I’ll help you, but just this once…

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Brianna Beach – Mom Shares Her Bed

Where do you think you’re going? Do these friends include a girlfriend?.. Relax I’m just messing with you. But is your room clean? You know your Grandparents will be here tomorrow morning right? Well you better have it spotless before you go to sleep… Don’t worry about that. They’ll only be here for a few days, I’m sure you’ll survive sleeping on the couch.. Alright honey have fun, I love you too. I’ll see you in the morning.

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Brianna Beach – A Mother’s Needs

Baby did you find my book yet? Ah, thank you son… You can stay and rub my feet… Honey what is that?.. I was afraid this might start happening. No sweetie you’re not in trouble… Maybe we can try something new if you promise to keep it a secret. Yes I know you’re very good at keeping secrets. And Mommy does need a little extra attention today… Would you like to taste Mommy? Don’t worry honey, just do exactly as I say… Yes just like that, you’ve always been a quick learner…

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Brianna Beach – Mom Makes a Sex Tape

My husband is out with some friends, he thinks I’m at a yoga class… So I don’t know why I’m even doing this, I guess I just needed to confess to someone… I’m about to do something I’ve never done before, I feel nervous and excited at the same time… My son just left for college… And his best friend, has turned into quite the attractive young man… Our flirtations have finally reached a point where we both know what we want. His name is Alex, and he’s on his way over…

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Brianna Beach – A video for myson

You are off to college. Mom wants to make sure you are not fucking those college girls and are saving all of your cum for her. She talk you through masturbation while telling you how nice it would be if you were in her pussy! When it is time to cum she shows you right where to put your big load!! Continue to download »