Brooke Woods – Gold Digging Stepmom Sucks Dad And Son Off

The story – You, me and your son are at the company Halloween party and I am PISSED after finding out you are giving your son a fat bonus and not me. I decide to get revenge, I seduce you both and start sucking both your cocks, comparing the two. Son is smaller than dad, I start humilating you for your small cock and comparing you to your dads much bigger cock. I tell you that I know you and your girlfriend have been going to the sperm clinic to try and get pregnant, but I snuck into the clinic and switched your cum out for someone else’s. This is turning both of you on so much, daddy cums on my face and tits and then I keep sucking his son off until he blows a huge load all over my already cummed on face and tits.

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Brooke Woods – Blackmailing Mommy to Fuck

The story: your my son and you overhear me making plans with another man while your dad is out of town. You threaten to tell him if I don’t help you with your hard cock. I agree to play with it , but then you want me sucking it and fucking it. Ends with you cumming inside my pussy after I told you not to!

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Brooke Woods – Hockey Mom Bukkake

The story : we’re away for a hockey tournament and mommy is the chaperone . Every night I’ve been taking care of you and helping you relax . I’m worried that the rest of the team is playing so tight and I ask you how I can help. You suggest I could help the other guys too. I fell you to hold a team meeting tonight . I show up in a scandalous , sexy outfit. I then suck and fuck you(my son) and your friends / teammates until I have all your cum all over me .

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Brooke Woods – Valentines Day Fuck With Ur Friends Mom

it’s Valentine’s Day , your my son’s best friend , and we hang out while you wait for my son to get home and I wait for my husband to get off work . I offer you some champagne , and as we sip it , you confess to me your a virgin . I tell you older women are much more experienced , and then I come onto you . You can’t resist my big tits. I suck your cock and show off some more before we fuck hard . Best Valentine’s Day ever !!!

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Brooke Woods – Fucking Son And His Friend

Custom: So I have many ideas on how it would start. But I think my favourite scenario would be son’s friend is spending the night . Either in the same bed or his friend is on the floor next to the bed. And mommy comes in to check on them before she goes to bed and notices her son’s friend is either hard or soft dick is exposed and she gets turned on either way and comes in. And she starts to do naughty things to her sons friend while the son isn’t awake. and he wakes up while shes has his young dick in her mouth. mommy says he can share her with his friend. Son and friend get double BJ from mommy, spit roast mommy, and soon after she encourages them to both cum for her son cums inside her and friend finishes on her tits.

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Brooke Woods – Mommy Helps You With Your Throbbing Cock

Brooke Woods – Mommy Helps You With Your Throbbing Cock
Big Tits, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Solo Female, Taboo
This was a custom video and I also added some of my own stuff to it where I make my son lick my pussy and stick his cock inside of me. The original story: I would love it if you could do a M/S video where mommy comes into her boys room to say good night and he tells her that he thinks something is wrong with his penis because it started to get bigger and now it’s all hard and aches. She climbs on his bed sitting beside him and tells him it’s okay he’s starting to become a big boy now and its totally natural. He replies that it hurts really bad. Mommy suggests some mommy kisses to make it feel better just like she used to. And pulls back the covers and kisses it (If you could do just little pecks). Then after a few pecks you ask if that made it feel all better. But he says no. So mommy suggests extra special mommy kisses and you start out with pecks (just a few like two) and slowly work to a BJ. So after the BJ scene mommy asks again if it feels any better. And his reply would be “a little”. So mommy suggests ome last thing and she crawls up beside him opens her rope and makes him suck on her tits while she jerks him off. And when you act out when he cums just before he’s about to finish ask him if he wants to cum all over mommy’s big tits and shift positions so your tits are by his dick.

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