BuniBun – Edging With Mommy

Your mom calls you into her bedroom to have a talk with her while your father is out and its just the two of you. She really wants to talk to you about something…..Your mom knows your headed off to college in less then a week and she just realized shes never given you the sex talk before. She wants you to be informed on how to be protected with sex and how to please a woman properly. She explains that she knows when your in college theres going to be girls everywhere and your probably going to be having lots of sex and she wants to make sure your prepared. She also explains that she and your father are really hoping you get a nice stable girlfriend in college and that maybe teaching you how to please a woman in bed and informing you about sex might help your relationship with your future girlfriend be more longer lasting as many women feel unsatisified in bed because there man cums too quickly. Your mom explains that theres many things she can teach you, like how to eat out a woman, how to hit her G spot etc…..but today mommy wants to teach you how to edge yourself. She shows you how to edge yourself and how YOU can masturbate properly to make yourself last longer in bed with the next girl you decide to fuck. Your mom jerks you off with her hand, then she moves to blowjob and lastly tittyfucking. She wants to see how well you can restrain yourself with cumming. In the end you suprise mommy with a cumshot while she tittyfucks you.

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BuniBun – Fucking Mommys Ass

Your home for the Holidays from college and your mom is cooking you your fav meal for dinner. Your in the kitchen with her talking about your new recent life in college while your moms getting dinner prepared. As the two of you are talking, your mom tells you how much shes missed you since youve been away at college. She reminds you about the naughty time the two of you had before you first went off to college and tells you how much shes missed fucking you since then. She starts teasing you in the kitchen with her titties but almost gets caught! She doesnt want to risk getting caught being a tease to you with your father in the other room watching the Superbowl, so she tells you to come into her bedroom with her where she wants to show you a suprise. In her bedroom she pulls down her jeans and shows you that shes had a vibe plug in her ass the entire day and while shes been cooking dinner. She tells you how good it feels while she plays with it and tells you how bad she wants you to fuck her ass this time. She pulls the toy out of her ass, sucks it and tells you she wants to suck your dick abit before you fuck her. She sucks you off while stripping out of her clothes at the same time and then after wants to put on something a little more sexy and then she and asks you to fuck her ass.

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BuniBun – Fucking Your Hot Mom

Your mom call’s you into her room while she’s doing laundry, she wants to talk to you about something. She sits you down and explains your not in trouble, infact just the opposite. Shes noticed youve been a really good boy lately doing all your chores, being home on time with your curfew etc and wants to treat you to something special, also because your going off to college soon and she wants to give you something. She asks you what you want but your hesitant to tell her something youve really been wanting. You go back and forth with your mom as she pesters you to tell her what you want but you are too shy to tell her. She then notices you have a major hard on and asks you if you were having naughty thoughts about mommy. Your mom realizes now what she can give you….what you REALLY want. She gets you to come abit closer and she starts touching your cock all over, jerking you off and being a naughty tease for you. Do you want mommys slutty lips around your cock? she starts sucking you off telling you “mommys gunna take care of you sweetie” as she sucks your raging hardon for your hot mom. Do you want to fuck mommy now? first she has to take off her panties and show you her tight holes. She shows you her pussy and tells you she wants you to fuck her and she isnt going to take no for an answer. She rides your cock giving you a nice view of her ass, then a front view of her riding your dick. Then on the floor and finishing off in doggy as she tells you “its ok you can cum inside mommy” as you blow a load inside her. After cumming inside and fucking your mom she hears your dad pull up in the car outside and you both scatter to put your clothes back on like nothing happend. Mommy then tell you maybe later tonight when your dads napping she’ll sneak in your bedroom for another fuck session.

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