Candle Boxxx – Taboo Stories

It’s story time, with mommy. Candle sits down to read your bedtime story. She tries to start reading to you but you just want to talk about her boobies. You tell her you want to see them. Finally she gives in and gets undressed for you. She shows you her beautiful big boobs. That’s when she notices you have a little hard on, you have an erection for mommy. She encourages you to play with it and she even gives you her body as a pop up story book to play with!

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Candle Boxxx – Mother knows best

Candle’s son is quiet and shy and hasn’t yet had a girlfriend. She worries he is holding back because of some hang up or another. Sometimes you’ve wondered if he might be gay. Because you have hopes of him starting a family one day (and also of making you a proud mom by being a fine husband and lover to some lucky girl), you decide to intervene and bring him out of his shell.
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