Carmen Valentina, Sydney Paige – Mom And Babysitter Fuck Son

Mom is interviewing a beautiful blonde to be your new babysitter, she explains that you have a special bedtime routine that the babysitter needs to be comfortable with, mom shows babysitter your routine then has her try it out for herself.

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Nikki Brooks, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Take Sons Virginity

Mom & aunt explain a new family tradition to a very young son, they explain that their father took their virginities at this age & it was time for him to experience it, mom & aunt comfort him – they don’t want him to be uncomfortable or embarrassed, they remind him that they love him, mom starts off by touching his pee-pee while auntie undresses.

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Nikki Brooks, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Play Doctor With Young Son

Mom finally bought son the doctor play set he’s been wanting, mom & aunt teach him how to use it, they have an ulterior motive but the son is so naive & innocent that he wants to do anything they tell him to do, they tell him to strip down, they teach him how to check someone’s heartbeat all over their body, they check his temperature & then examine his little wee-wee, virtual handjob, they pull on his cock to examine it, they check his temperature by putting his pee-pee in their mouths, virtual blowjob from mom & aunt, they teach him to examine their special spots.

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Whitney Morgan, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Catch Son Masturbating

Mom & aunt accidentally walk in on son masturbating to his adult magazine & mom’s bra, son is embarrassed but mom reassures him that it’s natural & that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, mom & aunt begin flipping through his dirty magazine to see what was so intriguing to him, they discover he likes older women, mom doesn’t want her son to have blue balls so she helps him.

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