Casca Akashova – Helping Mom Through A Rough Time With My Big Dick

I know my Mom didn’t give me birth but she is amazing, I would do anything for her. I have noticed her attitude has been really down lately, I ask her what’s wrong and she just tells me all her problems. I know my Dad hasn’t been the greatest to her lately either. I let her know I am here for her and I will help her with anything, she tells me she is gonna go lay down. A few minutes later I decide I should check on her, make sure she was doing ok. I thought I heard something but when I walked in I can not believe I found her playing with her vibrator. I was in shock, she tells me to sit down. I can’t believe my Mom was just pleasuring herself, she is acting like everything is cool. Even though I was in shock my cock was raging hard I always thought she was hot. My Mom has the biggest tits and I always wanted to play with them, I guess now is my chance. I fuck my hot Mom with my big dick, I just wanna make her feel better…

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Casca Akashova – Mother Soothes Sunburned Son

A loving mother is taking care of her son after a nasty sunburn and discovers he’s experiencing a different kind of discomfort than she realized…

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Download Casca Akashova - Mother Soothes Sunburned Son.mp4

Casca Akashova – Mom Finds Mr Right

A newly divorced mom is having a very difficult time in the dating market. She Can’t seem to find the high quality and attractive man she’s looking for… Luckily, her helpful son is always there to offer unconditional love and support…

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Download Casca Akashova - Mom Finds Mr Right.mp4

Casca Akashova – Mom Uses Son for Stress Release

I have been really slacking off while my Mom has been out of town, she really is my step-mom and is being really cool letting me stay there. She got back from her business trip a little early and I had no time to clean up the mess me and my puppy have done to her place while she was gone. I am in deep trouble and I know it by the way she yelled from the other room. I try to give her every excuse in the book but she is not having it. My mom tells me if I am gonna make it up to her I am gonna have to work and fuck her at first I am in shock but I quickly start to enjoy it, I gotta admit I always wanted to fuck my Mom.

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Casca Akashova – You’re A Disappointment To This Family

I have been having a hard time in school, in better terms, I was failing. I knew I could never let my Dad know I would never hear the end of it from him and his wife. I was trying to be on my best behavior but my Stepmom Casca realized and knew I was up to something. I had to admit to her that I was failing, she lost it on me and kept yelling at me. I need her to promise not to tell my father, she agrees but only if I do one thing for her… fuck her…

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