Cassandra Calogera – Horny Mom needs Cock Now

In this clip I play a horny Mother who’s husband has been away for a month working in the city. The clip starts off with me calling my friend to tell her how excited I am that hubby is coming home tonight and how I can’t wait to fuck him. Then the scene moves to me doing dishes and my son comes home and delivers the bad news that my husband has been asked to stay longer for work. I vent to my son about how hard it is on my to have my hubby be away for such long amounts of time…and perhaps too much information for my son but I vent to him about how Mommy has been so horny while Dad has been away. Of course my son is grossed out at the thought at first, but I remind him that even though we are his parents we have sexual needs too. He still seems grossed out so I mention to him the fact that I’ve seen him check me out before and when he denies it…I make a bet with him that I could get his cock hard in 5 seconds. I “Accidentally” Spray water all over my white T-shirt exposing my huge tits, this of course does the trick and my sons cock is hard instantly. I tell him I want to see his hard cock while I slide off my shorts and rub my pussy. I tell him I’m going to get down on my knees and suck his cock then put mommies big tits around his cock. Of course I want to get fucked too so I jump on my sons cock and ride him before telling him to cum all over mommies tits like a good boy.

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Cassandra Calogera – Mom Helps Son Through First Heartbreak

My poor son got dumped by his girlfriend this week and is going through his first heart break. He has been sulking around the house looking so depressed and I just can’t stand seeing my son so upset. I don’t know what words to say that will take his pain away…but I do know what I can do to at least get his mind on preoccupied on something else. I call him into my room and tell him to just let Mommy help put a smile on his face again….Mommy will help you forget all about this girl…

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