NikkiSkye – Caught Mommy Masturbating

It’s nighttime and your Dad is still away for work and your sister are at a sleepover. I thought you were resting, I tried rest but couldn’t, so I decided to cum then try again. But you were up, you were spying on Mommy, you scared me, you shouldn’t be in my room, you shouldn’t be watching me. But no one else is here….. should we?

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RheaSweet – Mommy finds your Porn

I was looking through my sons computer when I stumbled upon a bunch of porn. When I started looking closer I realized it was all Mommy porn. I knew I needed to talk to my son about it but I also know that its my job as a parent to take care of all my sons needs. I watched a few of the videos so that I knew what he wanted. As soon as his father left I approached my son and told him about how I find his porn. He was very surprised when I asked him if he wanted to act out some of fantasies he has.

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Kelly Payne – Unexpected Punishment

Mom comes to check on you after her and dad had just been out on a date and left you home alone. She comes into your room and sees you trying to hide under the blanket, slightly embarrassed. She is not exactly sure what she just walked in on, but it becomes quite obvious as she notices your dirty napkins. Mom is pissed. You know the house rules, you know mom and dads’ rules. Nothing sexual should be happening in this house until you are married. Mom is so upset she starts scolding you and tells you how lucky you are she found you and not dad. She tells you to lay down. Your very confused but she is so upset you do as your told. Mom pulls back on your blanket and exposes your extremely hard cock, she angrily grabs it and starts stroking it, still telling you how disappointed she is. And that she is going to show you just how unready you are for such things. She strokes your cock, rides you, fucks you, sucks you, telling you not to cum. You better not cum! Women like to be pleased and if you think your ready to be such a pervert than mom is going to teach you how to do it right just like she taught your father. When she finally allows you to cum, she makes you cum inside her and as she gets dressed, she tells you that her and your dad have been trying for another chilld but it has not happened, so if you think your ready to procreate than you may as well help out the family. She confirms with you sternly…. We do not need to tell dad about this do we? No. She leaves the room still seemingly upset with you, did your mom just use you for your cum?

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Nicole Nabors – Caught Watching Mommy

Your mom comes into your room to make sure your getting ready for bed. She catches you on your phone and than hears what your doing. Your watching porn. She cant believe it! She demands you give her your phone. Shes shocked at what she sees! Your watching her porn, your moms porn. How did you find this!? Your suppose to have a block on your phone!? Omg! Shes embarrassed and angry with you. She cant believe your getting off to her fucking herself! But secretly this turns her on… She notices your starring at her tits. She takes them out for you. This turns you on so much. She tells you shes your mom and you know she would do anything for you. She tells you, if you let her take care of your needs, she will let the porn thing go. She climbs on top of you and tells you to suck and play with her big tits. She rides you so hard cowgirl and then let’s you fuck her missionary. She then climbs on reverse cowgirl so you can see her big ass bounce up and down on your cock. Finishing with her in cowgirl again begging for you to impregnate her..

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