RheaSweet – Mom And Son Almost Caught

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I’m so happy that my son has come home to visit for the holidays. It feels like so long since I have seen him. He sure has grown up into such a handsome man. I’m sure all he’s getting lots of attention from the ladies. He tells me I look nice in my nightgown. Oh this thing? He sure is being sweet. It sure is nice to have a young handsome man around telling me I look nice. I tell him I should go get changed, but he pulls me into him. Something has gotten into him… and it feels like something has gotten into me also. The way he’s looking at me and touching me feels so good, but it’s so inappropriate. Still, I can’t say I don’t like it. Mothers and sons shouldn’t be doing these kind of things. Plus the entire family is just outside the door. Someone could walk in at any minute. Can you imagine what they would say? But my son is so hard for me. And he’s making me feel so wet. I just have to feel my son’s cock for a minute. Just a couple of strokes. Oh, he is so hard for Mommy! Well, I can’t leave him in this state. Mommy will take care of him. I have him lay back on the bed while I pull his huge cock out. As I’m stroking it, I can tell he wants to see Mommy’s titties. I pull out my titties and ask my son how they look. I can tell by his reaction that he loves it. Imagine if someone walked in right now and saw Mommy stroking her son’s huge cock. Oh, I have to taste him now. I get on my knees and suck my son’s cock. He tastes so good! I suck on his cock until I can’t take it anymore. I think we should risk it. I think I want him inside me. I need my son’s cock in my wet pussy. I climb on top of my son so he can see Mommy’s ass while I ride him. He throws me on to the floor and fucks me. It’s taking all I’ve got not to scream out in pleasure. I feel I’m getting close to cumming. So close, but I hear someone coming! My son doesn’t slow down. He fucks me harder, and I can’t take it anymore. I want him to cum with me. I cum so hard all over my son’s cock, and I can feel him throbbing as he fills his mommy up with his cum. Oh no, now someone is opening the door! Hurry we have to move! I put my slip back on as his father comes in. I keep my husband busy while my son’s cum is dripping down my leg. Whew! Did he suspect anything? I don’t think so. I don’t think he knows his son’s cum is in Mommy’s pussy. Well, that felt amazing. I will be thinking about this all day.

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Pink Drip – MILF Mansion

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She’s so excited to have been invited to be apart of Milf Mansion season 1. A chance at love AND a grand prize! Too bad there’s trouble in paradise when one of the eligible bachelors turns out to be you…her SON! No one can find out that you’re actually related. And no one can find out that you instantly got hard for your Mom as she wears a tight dress with a micro bikini top. Mommy is going to do what she knows best, cleaning up your messes and making you feel good! Maybe if you both lay low enough you could still win this…let’s hope the cameras don’t catch us.

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Paintedrose – Secrets In The Dark Taboo Auntie

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Auntie is house sitting while your parents are out of town. One late night of hanging out turned into passionate all night sex education all week and now your parents are coming home early and Auntie says she doesn’t know when you can be together again. You’re struggling to rest and Auntie comes in and asks if she can lay with you because her room is cold.. and.. and.. she misses you. You two decide to just cuddle but you start kissing and touching while spooning and then she sucks on your tongue like it’s your dick. Next thing you know you decide to just make out but you’re stiff as a rock so Auntie can’t resist putting you in her throat. She loves you – and your stiff cock. Auntie needs you inside and says that she has to be on top because otherwise your parents might hear. She tries to be quiet but the bed is rocking and you’re struggling to contain yourself while she has to cover her mouth to not holler out when you orgasm together with her on top!

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Shannon Heels – Ur Mommys Naughty Boi

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Son! How dare you follow me into my private room without me telling you *slaps* I get so angry with you and shout at how disobedient you are. Before changing and apologising. I’m sorry for shouting, don’t cry, give me a cuddle. It’s just stepmommy can’t have you in here, this is where I like to pleasure a lot of men, where stepmommy gets pleasure. I suppose I’m going to have to educate you eventually. This is where I like to have a lot of sex, with a lot of men. You shouldn’t be thinking about stepMommy in that way. I start to get horny and I think about taking advantage of this situation. You haven’t seen stepMommy like this for a long time, have you? I bend over and show you my arsehole, spreading my bum wide. Do you like that stepson? Why don’t you undo your trousers, and pleasure me. Just fucking do it already!! Eurgh… I’ll guide you through it, I promise. stepMommy is here to look after you. You trust your cock inside me and cum inside your stepmommy. You are such a good boy aren’t you. We won’t tell your father about this.

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Sloansmoans – Son’s Birthday Bukkake

Happy birthday to my most special boy, you, my son! … Mommy has some BIG surprises for you. Your friends are all over for your birthday party and their parents are all distracted by the festivities so I take it upon myself to sneak you and all of your friends into my bedroom. You’re all confused as you stand in a circle around me but I quickly begin to strip down and tell you that it’s about time that you had your first official ejaculation. And mommy’s going to give it to you while all your friends watch! Don’t worry though because I’m going to give them all a turn to spill their first cummies all over your mommy. I take my panties off and gift them to you as another surprise. I encourage you to smell them and lick them and taste them as I run through your friends. After I’m done draining each boy I tell you that the last surprise is mommy is going to let you fuck her since watching me get cummed on while smelling my panties has you rock hard again. I guide you and show you how to fuck (missionary POV). I cum all over you and right as you’re about to creampie me, all your friends’ parents walk in! They’re in shock. but I don’t give a fuck, I tell you to keep fucking me until you cum. You’re a good boy and listen to mommy… Hey, wait a minute, is that one of your friends in the back that I missed??? Oh no, mommy has to fix that and it doesn’t matter who’s watching…

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Tilaxoxo – Babysitter Takes Your Virginity

I play an older girl at your place babysitting you. Your dad gives me a strict schedule to follow and to have you in bed my 10 pm. I am able to get you to do homework, in which you caught me taking some explicit photos, get dinner and get you in the shower as stated on the schedule. After your shower, I accidentally run into you and I see your big cock which turns me on. I decide to read you a bedtime story which ends in me taking off my clothes. Your dad texts me but I ignore him because we are having way too much fun! I know you are a virgin so I am going to take it slow with you. I already have some experience so you can trust me. I slowly put your cock in my mouth while telling you to relax. Afterwards, I slide you deep inside me and won’t have you stop until you cum. You finally get the hang of it and take over fucking me doggystyle. You explode all over me and I love every moment of it. Don’t tell anyone about this, especially your dad!

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RheaSweet – Mommy Catches Son and Daughter

I went to tell my son that dinner was ready but when I walked into his room I found my daughter sucking his cock, I couldn’t believe it! Doing that sort of thing under my roof and without me! They don’t know it yet but Mommy can be just as bad. I tell my daughter that if she is going to be sucking cock, I better make sure she is doing it right and I sat on the bed waiting for her to continue. She was very hesitant which I understand so I started to comfort her. I tell her to give Mommy a kiss and that seemed to help relax her. I ask to see and play with her little boobies. Mommy hasn’t seen them in a long time. I am so turned on to the idea of her sucking my sons cock so I bring up the idea of having her suck him again. My daughter seemed much more willing to wrap her mouth around her brother for me. I can tell my son is loving it so much. I suggest that she should climb on top and slid her brother inside and she agrees. My daughter takes off her panties and slowly slides her brother inside of her. She loves it and so does he. I can’t help but play with myself while I watch my son and daughter fuck in front of me. I start wondering what my daughters pussy juices taste like on my sons cock and ask if she wants to ride her brother face while mommy has a taste. She moves to sit on her brothers face and ride his tongue over her clit and I take my sons cock and finally get to taste my daughters pussy juice along with my sons precum. My daughter starts saying that she is going to cum so I urge her to cum on her brothers face. She can’t fight it and cums in his mouth and down his chin. I am so turned on watching my daughter cum on my sons face that I decide its my turn to cum. I slide on top of my sons cock letting my wet pussy drip down his balls and ride him until we both cum. My daughter telling my son to fill up mommy’s pussy.

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NikkiSkye – Caught Mommy Masturbating

It’s nighttime and your Dad is still away for work and your sister are at a sleepover. I thought you were resting, I tried rest but couldn’t, so I decided to cum then try again. But you were up, you were spying on Mommy, you scared me, you shouldn’t be in my room, you shouldn’t be watching me. But no one else is here….. should we?

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RheaSweet – Mommy finds your Porn

I was looking through my sons computer when I stumbled upon a bunch of porn. When I started looking closer I realized it was all Mommy porn. I knew I needed to talk to my son about it but I also know that its my job as a parent to take care of all my sons needs. I watched a few of the videos so that I knew what he wanted. As soon as his father left I approached my son and told him about how I find his porn. He was very surprised when I asked him if he wanted to act out some of fantasies he has.

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