JackieSynn – Secrets At The Sleepover 2

Jackie has a new round of young boys staying the night at her house with her son. They don’t know her son’s naughty little secret though, Jackie helps him cum every night using her big juicy tits! Jackie teases the boys and tells some nasty stories about her days as a teen having sleepovers. All of her filthy stories make their big boy boners absolutely throb and they can’t help but to take them out and start stroking them. Mommy makes her son lick up all of their cum loads, sucking each of them dry as she tells dirtier and dirtier stories. After mummy’s boy has swallowed all of those loads, it’s his turn to bust all over Mom‘s fat foxy tits! Sleepovers at Mrs Synn’s house are the best!

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Savannah Steele – Momma Savie After Workout JOI And CEI

Custom: I’d love if Savie Steele were in workout gear like yoga pants & a sports bra. She “catches” me peeping at her after she gets home from the gym. Tease me a lot with her sweaty ass & big tits. Include lots of face. A lot of Savie spitting onto my cock (telling me to rub it with her spit) I’d love if she pulled her tits out of the bra at the end. Then a cum countdown & make me cum on her boobs & then make me lick it up.

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Julie Snow – Mommys Covid Cure CEI

Mommy is so relieved that you only had a mild case of Covid. She was reading online that scientists found Covid antibodies in Semen, isn’t that amazing! There is a group of doctors that have written about Semen Consumption to prevent Covid by giving antibodies back into the body. Since it has been proven that you can get reinfected with Covid, the doctors recommend that you eat your semen once a week and anyone in your household that tested negative should also consume your semen to give them antibodies. Since I have never had Covid, we need to set aside time to get you to ejaculate and then immediately eat the cum. Have you ever masturbated before? No? Okay, do not worry, Mommy will help teach you and even put her hands on you to help get the semen out. This will be so helpful in keeping us healthy.

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DionDRossi – Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk Off

You’re growing up so fast – but you’ll always be Mommy’s special boy…. Mommy’s noticed her little boy is all grown up, your body is changing and youre turning in to quite the handsome young man. Let Mommy guide your exploration as we learn to jerk off together. Match Mommys hand as we stroke ourselves to orgasm. After you cum all over your hand Mommy will even teach you how to lick your fingers clean.

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Tara Tainton – My Mother Makes Me Do It While Dads in the Next Room

Your mother… she makes you… Well, she always has. It’s always been this way. Ever since you came of age… “It’s for your own good” she says. You don’t know if it’s what every young man goes through or just… Well, why even think about that? This is your life. Your mother. Your relationship with her. This is what you have to do. You have to commit sexual acts when she demands it of you. For whatever reason she demands. HOWEVER she demands. That’s just the way it is. You’d never think of disappointing her.

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Kelly Payne – Momma’s Sweet Boy Has To Earn Breastmilk

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Mommy tells you very sweetly how you’re her big boy now, and big boys don’t have breastmilk anymore, and how some people already think you are to old to nurse. But mommy knows how much you love it and how good it makes you feel so she has an idea. If you want to enjoy mommy’s sweet and warm breastmilk your going to have to make mommy feel good first, your old enough and mommy can tell you exactly how she wants you to make her feel good. Starting by licking her pussy and making her cum, then taking out your cock and fucking mommy in different positions, mommy even sucks your cock while she plays with her pussy. Mommy wants you to cum inside her, and entices you even more to make mommy cum, because the more mommy cums the more yummy milk fills up in her tits. After you cum inside mommy, mommy wants you to do one more thing before you have as much milk as you want… Lick mommy’s pussy again, taste both of us, she encourages you throughout. After you make mommy cum again, she then rewards you with as much breast milk as you’d like.

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